“A procession is a participants’ journey, while a parade is a performance with an audience.”

The morning is lovely; the sun so very bright. The air is sweet. When Gracie and I went to the backyard, I felt the early morning chill as I was awake and stirring before the arrival of my newspapers. My neighbors across the street were also awake. Their shades were up. The dogs from the corner house were barking.

I’ve had coffee but nothing else yet. I’m thinking maybe an English muffin. I eat a piece and Gracie eats a piece, but what she doesn’t know is pills are hidden in the nooks and crannies. When it comes to food, Gracie is easily duped.

Okay, my weather prognostication skills are faulty. It is still chilly, and it has gotten cloudy. The sun is on and off.  It is 61˚ and won’t get much warmer. At least it isn’t raining.

I watch far too many Forensic Files. Yesterday I cut my finger, but it didn’t hurt so I didn’t notice. A while later I saw the blood, cleaned my hand, and put a band-aid on the cut. I found blood smears on the door and bathroom faucets. Immediately I thought DNA evidence.

TCM is my viewing choice of the day. I just watched 36 Hours which I had never seen. The theme today seems to be Nazis and spies of all sorts out to thwart them. James Garner was this movie’s hero as was Rod Taylor, a Nazi who helps James Garner and Eva Marie Saint escape a fake hospital run by Nazis pretending to be Americans to get information about D-Day from Garner. Taylor convinces Garner it is 1950 and the war is long over. If you want to know more and wonder about Eva Marie Saint, you’ll have to watch the movie. Next up is 1942’s Journey into Fear starring Orson Wells.

My town has a parade tomorrow. I’m hoping it isn’t raining as I really do enjoy these little  hometown parades. The Memorial Day parade is the shortest. The middle school band provides the music, and every other year the high school band joins them. On the off year, the band goes to Yarmouth, the other half of the school district. Veterans, girl scouts, and boy scouts march. The boy scouts lug the same float they lug every year. There is always one jeep, the same one every year with the same driver. The end of the parade has fire trucks with their sirens blaring. It doesn’t matter that the parade is always the same. I think that’s my favorite part.

It’s game night Sunday!

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16 Comments on ““A procession is a participants’ journey, while a parade is a performance with an audience.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    Im6 and I have been gossiping about the new Sgt Pepper. I opened the deluxe edition this morning and first pounded through the two discs of outtakes and then into the new remaster which is just plain stunning. Finished with the 67 mono mix which is 4/6 and includes a few very nice surprises.

    It was expensive, $125, but with the book and inserts and 6 discs and the 3D cover and the effort put in to this, it is, for me, worth every penny/dime.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I know im6 broke down and bought it. Now your description makes me thinks about getting it.

      Why did you use the word stunning?

      • Hedley Says:

        Kat – it’s a new stereo master that seems to pull every instrument out with clarity. You hear things for the first time and I am sure I have played the original album 2,465,042 times or thereabouts. There is no sign of brickwalling.

        As a regular consumer of Special Deluse Editions, this one is the benchmark. The slip cover is a 3D image holding an EMI tape box. The 6 CDs are housed in an exact replica of the original album cover. There are posters and a decent book. We played the demos then the remaster and finally the 1967 mono. Everywhere there are surprises.

        I had two reactions to the package
        1. I got my money’s worth even at $125
        2. Which Beatles album should get this treatment next ?
        (Answers on a postcard please to MDH, c/o The Detroit Lions, Detroit, MI)

      • katry Says:

        Okay, I went and ordered it. I figured if im6 did, I should follow his example as he doesn’t usually buy deluxe albums. I even bought it before this new comment, but after reading this, I’m glad I got it.

      • im6 Says:

        im6 didn’t order the deluxe edition. I don’t have a deluxe budget. But I did splurge for the remastered version which also includes some extra outtakes and bonuses, including Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane remasters. How large is that 3D cover? The size of a CD or the size of an LP? As Hedley knows, I saw 67 copies of the 3D image were on sale, but at $2750 each, I had to pass (out).

      • katry Says:

        Here I thought you were my inspiration. I’m okay though. I’ll just eat a lot of peanut butter and marshmallow for the next month.

      • Hedley Says:

        Im6 and Kat
        On the SDE, the 3D cover is pretty much a full 12 x12 and spectacular.

      • katry Says:

        I bit the bullet and ordered the $125 version.

  2. Bob Says:

    Unfortunately, Memorial Day has lost it’s original roots of decorating the graves of fallen soldiers and honoring their service and sacrifice. The purpose of the day has been overtaken with big sales, trips to the lake or beach and parades. Sadly, we are still losing young men and woman to continuing warfare in the Middle East.

    Our former neighborhood had a pool club which opened on Memorial Day weekend. The neighborhood celebrated with a kid’s bike and tricycle parade through the streets. The parade was led by a city fire engine and ended at the pool club with an afternoon of snow cones, hot dogs and pool games.

    When I was a kid the highlight of the day was watching the Indianapolis 500 race and the President placing a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. The race is being held today and the wreath lying is now a short photo op on the evening news.

    Today is going to be cooler and cloudy after the passage of a cold front that brought thunderstorms sometime in the middle of the night. Cooler here means mid eighties temperatures. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      The parades honor servicemen, at least around here. There are no balloons and no hoopla. Mine ends at the war memorial where there are speakers about the meaning of the day though you are right about the rest of it, the barbecues and such.

      All you mentioned in the second paragraph happens around here on the 4th of July.

      I haven’t ever watched the Indie 500. I don’t know anyone who has. I read where there will never be an unknown soldier again with DNA testing and such. They have even been able to identify the names from the bones of WWII soldiers and of servicemen lost in Vietnam.

      Mid-eighties is a massive heatwave.

      • Bob Says:

        BTW They do the whole thing again on the Fourth of July. My old neighborhood was near Addison airport. The airport has the Cavenough flight museum with lot’s of flyable WWII aircraft. Every Memorial Day evening and Indepedence day evening they fly the aircraft and reenact WWII air battles including formation flying. There’s nothing like the sight and the sound of WWII era radial engines on aircraft like B-17, B-24 and B-25 bombers. P-51, P-47, P-38 and FU-4 fighters. It’s live history.

      • katry Says:

        A WWII aircraft was at the Hyannis Airport having been flown in by pilots who flew a similar plane during the war. I took a tour of it and was astonished by how small it was inside in places.

        There are no July 4th parades here on the cape. Where I grew up had a huge one the next town over. People put their chairs out early in the morning to get the great views. When I was in the drill team, we marched in that parade.

  3. olof1 Says:

    Our day started out hot and sunny. We did get somne rain after noon but it was a bit of a disappointment really, not even the grass went wet 🙂 It is cooler now though and I must admit that I’m enjoying it 🙂

    We almost never have parades here, if there is one it is in Stockholm or Gothenburg and of course the local Pride parades can be in any little town. We really should have more of those things, we are rather boring to be honest 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      The sun has now disappeared and its place taken by clouds. There may be a shower later. It has gotten warm.

      It has been chilly for so long I wouldn’t mind a warmer day.

      On July 4th and St. Patrick’s day there are parades all over. There are also Pride parades in many of the larger cities. I figure this is a country which loves its parades.

      Have a great evening!

  4. Birgit Says:

    As you can guess war related parades aren’t a good idea in my home country. Except for some nazis who don’t want to know that the war is over. Our neighboring town had a big soccer parade today to celebrate the win of the national cup final yesterday. Beer might have been involved in this party.

    Good luck and have fun tonight!

    • katry Says:

      July 4th is the parade, barbecue and beer (for those who drink beer) holiday.

      Memorial Day is usually a small parade in most towns which ends with ceremonies at war memorials. It is a day to honor those who lost their lives serving the country.

      People do travel as it is a three day weekend with Memorial Day celebrated always the last Monday in May.

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