“And in this moment, like a swift intake of breath, the rain came.”

The weather is back to dark and damp and really chilly, down to the low 50’s. It is raining now and the rain isn’t going anywhere. It will stay rainy and raw through tomorrow and there may even be thunder. I really need a sweatshirt even in the house.

With all this rain, the grass seed on my lawn is sprouting. The green shoots of flowers have appeared in the front garden. Some have even bloomed into purple and white delicate flowers. I don’t know their names. I never do.

Next week I will purchase the herbs and flowers for my various gardens, pots and window boxes. I have a list of some flowers to buy, all perennials. I know which herbs as I buy the same ones each year, herbs I use in cooking. I love being able to go to the herb garden and snip what I need for dinner. Doing that always makes me feel like the consummate cook and gardener.

I just had my first sign of summer despite the cold and the rain. My guy came and turned on the irrigation and the outdoor shower. I figure it will be a long while before I’ll use the shower outside given the cold and especially because the shower area is a spawn of Satan hangout. It has a huge pile of stripped pine cones. They cover the floor and the bench. This is on my factotum’s to-do list.

Critter Control came yesterday. My cellar is inundated with mice, a few of which have made their way to this floor as well as to upstairs. One lives in a kitchen cabinet. The critter guy left food traps where the mice munch, eat their fill, leave the traps and shortly thereafter depart from this world. The cabinet mouse’s poop in the utensil drawer was the straw.

I did errands yesterday then rewarded myself with Chinese food for dinner. I got jumbo shrimp for a dual purpose. I ate some and shared pieces of the cooked batter with Gracie and some of the shrimp with the cat. I sneaked her pills into Gracie’s portion. She didn’t figure it out, and it was an easy way to give Gracie the pills. We’re having leftover Chinese for lunch today and I’ll trick Gracie again.

It was after midnight when I took Gracie out for the last time before bed. Every house was dark except mine. The house across the street had disappeared. Clouds hid the moon and the stars. I could barely see my driveway, but luckily my star and the white lights off the deck and fence still shined and lit the way to the backyard.

It’s time to finish. I’m getting hungry.

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4 Comments on ““And in this moment, like a swift intake of breath, the rain came.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    It is raining and it’s cold. I am over consuming the news feeds of the events in Manchester and the aftermath. It all seems so repetitive , hashtags, they will not defeat us, the response teams were magnificent…I fear it has become a normalized condition. The Queen went to the hospitals to see the children. I am very far from being a Monarchist but I was moved by this.

    Such an odd week, the theft at the Chapel, the funeral of a friend who passed at 60 (yikes) and Manchester

    Sgt Pepper is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, perhaps for the long weekend the sun will come out, the FabFour will sing and my spirits will be elevated.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I was also moved by the picture of the Queen you posted on Facebook.

      It is cold here. I have an afghan over my legs. The rain stops and starts. The big storm will last all day tomorrow.

      I watched all the newsfeeds about Manchester. The British handle these attacks with great aplomb.

      You’re right: you don’t need the sun if you’re listening to Sgt. Pepper.

      Have a better weekend!

  2. flyboybob Says:

    Here the critters come down from the attic because we have no basements. 🙂 The get in from the trees through any small opening. They are called roof rats.

    • katry Says:

      I hope roof rats is just alliteration, and they are mice. I don’t like the mice, but I hate rats.

      The critter guy found round holes near the foundation.

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