“I happen to love coconut, particularly for that sweet and crunchy texture it adds to any dish.”

The rain is back. It starts and stops. The tops of the trees are blowing. Going outside is uninviting. The house was a bit cool when I woke up. A little blast of heat was it needed. I needed coffee.

The morning has gone quickly. I read the papers, but Monday is a scant news day. Sunday papers use all the news to fill the extra pages.

Last night around 11:30, I took Gracie out. Every house was dark. There are no streetlights so I couldn’t even see the brown house on the corner. The dogs usually bark from inside that house, but this time they were quiet. Gracie was quick.

I had coconut ice cream with hot fudge sauce, whipped cream and jimmies for dessert last night. The ice cream was filled with coconut pieces and was scrumptious. The first palm tree I ever saw was in Ghana. Coconuts hung from its leafy top. They were still green. I stood under the tree a while looking up, amazed I was actually seeing a palm tree. It had jumped from the pages of my geography book to real life.

I haven’t any ambition for the day. My plants need watering, and the cat litter needs changing. I figure that’s about all I’ll do. I also figure that’s enough.

Knee socks were popular when I was in high school. I had several pairs in all different colors. I wore them even after the elastic around the tops had broken. They became really thick ankle socks.

My TV watching has been a bit strange of late. I watched all the episodes of The Keepers about pedophilic priests and a nun who was murdered and how the two cases may have intersected. I also binged watch all of Anne with an E, that would be Anne of Green Gables. It was quite a change.

I’m going to get cozy and read. I think it a perfect day to do both.

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13 Comments on ““I happen to love coconut, particularly for that sweet and crunchy texture it adds to any dish.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    I am very agitated today. Last night, some one broke in to our Chapel and stole the safe. I assume that the only contents were the collections from the Saturday and Sunday services for our 1,200 families.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Stealing from someone is low enough, but stealing from a chapel or church is the lowest.

      I hope the thief gets caught and punished.

      • Hedley Says:

        I am so flipping mad. I have to keep trying to regroup and not wish the down escalator (without the escalator) on the perpetrators.

      • katry Says:

        My Dear Hedley,
        I think this whole thing deserves mad, angry and infuriated.

    • Bob Says:

      Maybe they will blow themselves up trying to break into the safe. Hopefully, the church had insurance.

      • katry Says:

        I wouldn’t even think about a church having a safe. I would figure most of the money was moved by the end of Sunday.

    • Birgit Says:

      Sometimes it’s difficult to believe in humanity.

  2. Bob Says:

    Coconut is wonderful on so many things and the milk can be used in many Asian dishes. One of my favorite is coconut cream pie. The first time I saw a coconut tree was on a trip to Miami Beach. In the late 1950s my family would take a road trip every summer and for a few years we went to Miami Beach. In those days it was the winter playground for New Yorkers. We went in the summer which was off season.

    I remember the first time my mother bought a coconut from the grocery store and my father had to use a hammer to break it open. In 1956 we thought that was so exotic.

    Partly cloudy skies today with a high of 77 degrees. It rained early this morning and there’s a chance for rain here for the next couple of days.

    • katry Says:

      They sell coconuts along side the road in Ghana. They machete the top so you can drink the milk.

      Indian dishes also use coconut water. I do love coconut shrimp. I get it at a local Thai restaurant.

      I can’t imagine how hot it must have been in the summer in Florida.
      It is the off season for good reason.

      It would have been quite exotic in 1956. I don’t think that many supermarkets carry fresh unopened coconuts.

      It was cold and rainy all day today.

  3. Birgit Says:

    While browsing the UbuWeb last night I found and saw the pseudo-documentary ‘Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America’, a wild mix of B-movie aliens, monsters, real politicians and more. It’s so weird that I can’t even say whether I like it or not. I had to think of you and your TV movies.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Birgit

      I do love black and white science fiction movies, all of them B-movies, so this is right up my alley.

  4. olof1 Says:

    I really like coconut but I’ve never had coconut ice cream. I’m not even sure I’ve ever seen it when buying ice cream either. One of my favorite chocolate bars are filled with coconut, a bit like Bounty but less sweet, so I’m pretty sure I would like coconut ice cream too.

    I saw my first palm tree when I was quite young because we have a huge green house in the center of Gothenburg where they have tropical plants but the first one outside it was when I went to LÖanzarote, one of the canary islands but that was a dade palm.

    Still wonderful weather here but less hot. They say it’ll continue for the rest of the week but I don’t dare believeing it, I would be so disappointed if it wasn’t right.

    Have a great day!


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