“Happiness is when you are content with who you are, what you are, and where you are.”

The morning has already been a strange one. Gracie woke me up at seven. It was legitimate. She ran into the backyard. I got the paper. Notice I said paper. The Boston Globe wasn’t there. I put my coffee on and sat down to read the Cape Times. I heard a rumble. It sounded like a big truck on my street, but then the rumbling started again. It was thunder, mighty loud thunder. My lights went out. It was only for a few minutes but was a major nuisance. I had to reset my CD player, my microwave and my coffee maker which had totally stopped in mid-brew. It took me longer to get everything on time than the electricity had been off.

After the election, I decided not to be the political news junkie I had been, but that was like my making my yearly New Year’s resolutions which I never seem to keep. I can’t stay away from what is happening. The worst is yesterday’s Trump comment, “There’s a chance there will be a major, major conflict with North Korea, absolutely.” I wonder, though, how enthused South Korea is about all this since they just received their bill from President Trump who wants South Korea to pay around $1 billion for the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery. South Korea said no. The Korean nuclear problem is, of course, Obama’s fault. Flynn’s disregard for the law is also Obama’s fault. Building the wall has now become a metaphor. We should have known Trump meant building up security around the border.

I have to go to the dentist this morning to have my teeth cleaned. I have a few errands after that. Gracie and I went to the dump yesterday. It wasn’t on my list, but the trash in the trunk needed to go. It had been a bit long. I had to open all the car windows.

Gracie and I went to the dump yesterday. It wasn’t on my list, but the trash in the trunk needed to go. It had been a bit long. I had to open all the car windows.

When I was a kid, my father used to drag the trash barrels to the sidewalk on the morning of the trash pickup. He’d get mad if he found the empty barrels still on the sidewalk when he got home. We didn’t really care when he blustered at us about our laziness. We looked interested, but it was a blah, blah, blah thing. That’s a skill kids learn early.

I’m back, and I am a bad mother to Gracie. I put her in her crate and left. When I got home, there was dog poop on the PeeWee pads I keep down for the cat. There were a couple of small piles off the paper and a trail into the kitchen. Gracie was standing in the living room wagging her tail for all she is worth. It seems I closed but didn’t latch the crate. Gracie is a nervous wreck loose in the house when I’m not here. She loves being safe in her crate. I was just surprised Gracie figured out what the pads were as she never used them.

It’s time to take off my outside clothes for my comfy clothes. I’m having Chinese food for lunch, leftover from dinner last night. Gracie is happy, Maddie is sleeping. All’s right wit the world.


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8 Comments on ““Happiness is when you are content with who you are, what you are, and where you are.””

  1. flyboybob Says:

    It’s hard to stay away from politics especially with this President. It’s hard to know if he’s just ignorant or has early onset of Alzheimer disease. He can’t remember what he said or did yesterday much less what he promised on the campaign trail. I was amazed by the photograph of him which is in this Huffington Post article which I’m attaching. He turned gray faster than any of his predecessors except for the one’s who wore powdered wigs. 🙂


    What rational person would expect the job of the President to be easier or as easy as running a real estate business? No one over the age of 12 years would make that assumption.

    We shouldn’t be surprised because his own ghost writer, on the book The Art of The Deal, said in an interview before the election that Trump doesn’t like to read and hasn’t read a book since he left college. He also has admitted that he doesn’t need daily security briefings and any briefings should not be longer than nine bullet points. 🙁

    Too bad the world is more complex than nine bullet points.

    Of course he and President Obama agree on one thing, they both miss driving their own cars. Obama brought it up with Jerry Seinfeld on his web program, Comedians driving cars having coffee.

    Today is warmer and cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms.

    • katry Says:

      I think he should have stayed in his old life. I wouldn’t have minded. He had fun then.

      He has had so little to do with politics I figure he must have thought the presidency and running a yuge empire would be the same. I also think he believed that the president has ultimate power. He slept through problems of democracy and the system of checks and balances.

      He’s just going to have to suck it up.

      Today has turned out to be a lovely day.

    • katry Says:

      This was a wonderful video of her growing up and the wonder she found. The videos were fun to watch. The cloud and the boat were just perfect visions.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Congratulations, only 1361 more Trump days!
    I’m interested in politics since I was young , inevitable when you grow up in WWII country during the cold war and live in one of the main target areas. I still read and hear a lot but it’s frustrating. If you look beyond the headlines here our politics is wrong in so many ways but it doesn’t look like the coming elections will change anything to the better, it might even get worse. Who cares for the future when some people can make money now? Sounds familiar? I’m not ready to ignore politics yet but I’m tired.

    • katry Says:

      Your first sentence is like a knife to the heart!!

      I am hooked again on politics.

      I first became interested in politics during the Kennedy election. I was still in elementary school, but I considered him mine as we were both from Massachusetts. I think I live in a great state. It is probably the most liberal in the country. During the 1972 election, we were the only state which McGovern carried. I take great pride in that. After Nixon’s resignation, cars here had bumper stickers which said, “Don’t blame me. I’m from Massachusetts.”

      Trump is filling his pockets at the government trough. He will make big money if his new tax code passes.

  3. olof1 Says:

    Yesterday was rather uneventful but the walk this morning was a bit dramatic. We were walking down by the creek when I noticed that a Roe buck behaved very odd. Turns out it had managed to tangle itself in one of the wires to the electric fence, the electricity is thankfully not on right now.

    I was walking on the other side of the creek and leashed the dogs to a hunting tower and went over to the buck. It sure wasn’t happy to see me but was so tired that it didn’t care that much, at least not until I started to use a key to sort of saw off thge wire, it must have created a nasty sound in its head via the entangled antlers.

    I managed to cut off both sides of the wire so now we have a deer running around in the firest with electric wires entangeled to its antlers 🙂 It is very a very young buck so I do hope the stress wasn’t too much for it. I’ll post a few photos I managed to take before I started cutting the wires.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      That poor buck. I suspect it may still be scared. The whole experience sounds traumatic. I do hope it gets rid of the remaining wire.

      I think I would call your experience eventful. What a way to start the day.

      Have a great day!

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