You all come back now, ya hear?

Music later!!

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4 Comments on “You all come back now, ya hear?”

  1. Bob Says:

    In April of 1953 we moved from Broolkyn NY to Dallas Texas. We drove in my father’s new Buick Special four door sedan. We stopped for lunch in a cafe in Tennessee and when we paid the bill on our way out the cashier said, “Ya’ll come back now”. My mother was almost out the door and she turned around and said to the woman, “Yes, is there something we left behind?” The woman looked at my mother as if she had three heads. Brooklyn and Tennessee were culturally a million miles apart in 1953. The separate water fountains and bathrooms marked colored and white were shocking to our northern sensibilities.

    • katry Says:

      I remember this from the end credits of The Beverly Hillbillies. They were standing in front of their mansion and waving.

      I too would have been shocked to see the separate bathrooms, but I would have also been amazed by the number of Blacks in the south as I seldom saw Blacks. There were none in my town or in my school which was in the next town.

      • Bob Says:

        During the Jim Crow era the blacks outnumbered the whites. That’s why the whites resisted blacks voting until the voting rights act. Since then many cities in the south are controlled by black politicians. Blacks who fled to the north during the early part of the last century, their children are moving back to cities like Atlanta which is a minority majority city. The suburbs unfortunately are still lilly white.

      • katry Says:

        The cape wasn’t diverse until the 70’s. There were a few Cape Verdeans, but that was it.

        New England has a fairly static population though I think Massachusetts may have had a tiny bump upward. There is now a large population of Brazilians. My neighbor hires several men for the summer, and he knows everyone in case you need some sort of workman.

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