“Birds are the eyes of heaven, and flies are the spies of hell.”

Okay, I am confessing that I watched shark movies yesterday. The worst, by far, was Avalanche Sharks. Supernatural sharks materialized in the snow after an avalanche. Their fins skimmed the snow as if they were in water. The victims knew what was coming. The sharks were drawn, I suppose, to the Bikini Snow Day contest. Even sharks couldn’t resist those bikini-clad coeds. The sharks, from under the snow, fed on the skiers. Many shots were of skiers screaming as the shark munched on the lower parts of their bodies. I was rooting for the sharks.  One line was so horrific I wrote it down. The speaker was describing the death of his former girlfriend, “There wasn’t enough of her to make a sloppy Joe.”

The morning was sunny and warmish at 44˚, but since then clouds have covered the sky. Rain is predicted for tomorrow; of course, it is. Tomorrow looks to be the warmest day in a while.

I’m so eager for baseball to start, I’ve been watching Red Sox spring training games. Yesterday I was thrilled to hear Jerry Remy back in the booth. He and Don Orsillo, the former play by play announcer, were amazing together. They called a great game though they did tend to go off topic if the Sox were winning in a rout or losing by the same. The pizza slice video was my favorite. I don’t remember why the two men in the stands started at each other, but it culminated in a pizza slice being thrown. Don and Jerry were laughing so hard they could barely talk. They showed that video several times. They always laughed. Don left the Red Sox as his contract wasn’t renewed. He went to San Diego. I still miss him.

Tonight is game night. We always have something easy to hold for dinner as we play through. This week I am the dessert bringer or rather the dessert buyer.

The first fly of the season is in the house. It is probably enjoying the heat. I usually chase flies with a rolled-up magazine, hoping to swat them to oblivion. This fly looks little, a small target. I’ll have to hope my skills didn’t rust over the winter. That fly is mine!!

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8 Comments on ““Birds are the eyes of heaven, and flies are the spies of hell.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Yes, that line is surely a classic that should be remembered for all time. And never repeated. 🙂

    Today started out looking good. Now it looks sad and damp. We’ve been out a few times. Nobody wants to stay out there very long as there is nothing interesting happening. I decided to do laundry.

    No flies here at the moment but there were a few several weeks ago. I did find the first small bathroom spider of the season. The water pipes come up through the floor from the cellar and the spiders just follow them. I let the spider remain. They take care of the flies.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I watched until the end. Even the effects were totally cheesy. It is a summer movie on the deck type. Those tend to be wonderful classics or horrible B and down the alphabet movies.

      I hate damp. It makes the cold bone chilling and in the summer it brings a less than sterling day.

      I always let spiders live. Like you, I am glad they eat insects.

      I have mice. The ones upstairs are gone, but there is at least one living in a cabinet. It ate Corn Flakes and poked a hole in the potato chips, both of which were in that cabinet. Lee, my cleaning guy, is going to help me with cleaning the cabinet and catching the mouse.

      Cloudy now.

      Have a wonderful day.

  2. olof1 Says:

    It reached over 59F here today and it’ll be much the same tomorrow and on Tuesday, after that it’ll go downhill with lower temperatures andboth rain and snow. The snow won’t sty thankfully.

    I agree with todays healine! It is so true and we have plenty of spies here during summer 🙂

    I laughed out loud when reading about that film 🙂 🙂 How does anyone even come up with ideas like that? 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I love your temperature. It would feel quite warm after all this cold. We’ll stay in the 40’s for the next few days.

      Too many spies here too. I hate the green fly season. House flies are bad enough.

      Bad is being generous about that movie. I had seen Sand Sharks and realized the two movies shared similar plot lines though it was sand instead of snow. Come to find out Avalanche Sharks are a sequel to their sand relatives. Bad, bad movies!!

      Have a great evening!

  3. Bob Says:

    I watched a little of the Spring trading games of our Texas Rangers from Arizona. Either they are heading to the basement of the American League West or they are just trying out players who will be relegated to the depths of the minor leagues forever. When I get the urge to go to a baseball game I skip the high prices and long distance to go to The Ballpark in Arlington. Instead, I would rather see the Texas league Frisco Rough Riders. They are the double A team of the Rangers and for the same ticket price I can actually see the game up close in an intimate park rather than seeing it from the upper deck stratosphere in Arlington. The free parking in the much closer Frisco Dr. Pepper ballpark.

    Partly cloudy and 83F degrees.

    • katry Says:

      I think the Red Sox will have the chance for a great season. The bats were big time this summer. Many were batting over 300. They picked up Sale, a needed left-hander. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.

      I think minor league games are well worth the money, no matter the level. Some fields have giveaways and lots of promotions. They make the experience fun.

  4. Bob Says:

    Thought you might find this interesting:

    Located outside Accra in Ghana, Clement Djameh and Fash Sawyerr brew beer at the Inland Microbrewery using sorghum and plantains. YAAASSSS. Djameh grew up surrounded by beer culture, but most of it was influenced by Germany (the country previously occupied Ghana’s Volta Region). He studied beer in Germany, returned home, and worked for commercial breweries for decades before going the field-to-bottle route. The only non-African ingredient they use are hops. While they currently only brew to order, their focus on traditional African recipes (as opposed to the more Euro-centric brews favored by most larger craft brewers in Africa) is gaining a wider audience among locals and tourists keen for a taste of authenticity.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Bob

      When I lived there, you could get Star Beer and Club Ale. Often the beer wasn’t delivered to my town because the brewery had run out of bottles.

      They listed a few local brews, pito and palm wine. I can’t think they’d be good in bottles, but maybe they’re worth a try.

      I’m glad to see Ghana is branching out even more.

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