“Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to.”

Today is sometimes sunny and sometimes windy. The big storm yesterday was a disappointment. Not that I wanted snow, but I was hoping for a nor’easter and the loud  drumming of rain against the windows. I wanted to see branches fiercely blowing left to right and almost reaching the ground; instead, it just rained.

Today is quiet. Even the dog is bored looking out the front door. She kept hoping for foot traffic where there was none. She is now napping on the couch.

I went to bed earlier and woke up earlier. I’m working on getting up before nine, okay, maybe by nine thirty.

When I was a little kid, I always wanted to stay up to greet the new year. I seldom did. I’d fall asleep before the ball dropped or Auld Lang Syne played. When I got a bit older, I managed to stay awake but found out it was no big deal. Blow a horn and yell Happy New Year was the sum total of my celebration. Come to find out, all the celebrations are almost the same. Add a kiss and a drink then yell Happy New Year.

Nothing much is going on around here. I scoured the paper looking for diversions. All the local New Year’s Eve festivities were listed. There is an indoor farmer’s market tomorrow and an antique fair on Sunday. None of these tempt me to brave the cold.

In the Globe today was a picture with the header, “Seniors ring in New Year with a bit of rock and roll.” At the party yesterday they counted down to noon. They ate mashed potatoes and chicken. They twisted and shimmied and danced away the afternoon.  That, I guess, is full circle.

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20 Comments on ““Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to.””

  1. flyboybob Says:

    When my kids were young I could fool them by watching the ball drop in Times Square on TV locally while it was only eleven o’clock. They figured that one out very quickly. 🙂

    I’m not looking forward to the new year as a result of the election. I’m not a sore loser but I am worried about the Republicans desire to take us back to the glory days of 1957. They haven’t had all the levers of government since Herbert Hoover and we all know how well that went.

    Since the election every bigot feels free to spout their hate publicly that they have been holding in for the last eight years. I’m just saddened that so many of my fellow countrymen still hold such negative racial, religious and ethnic hatreds. The mean sprinted ideas such as to take away 20 million folks health insurance with no idea or regard for their well being just to fill a campaign promise while they dream up some other plan which will probably be much worse.

    I’m concerned when the President Elect characterizes his cabinet choices as people who have all made a fortune. Or, who thinks that we should put the Russian hacking scandal behind us because it helped him win the Presidency. I’m almost wishing for another term of G.W. Bush again. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      The President-Elect can’t let a negative comment go by without Tweeting, but he is just fine letting bygones be bygones with the Russians and their hacking. Had he been the victim I am sure all hell would have broken loose.

      I don’t remember when I started to stay up late watching the real New Year arrive. I remember some parties when I was in my 20’s but not many lately. I’m okay about not going out.

      I think the ideal party would be a game night with lots of appetizers, the makings for sandwiches and some sweets. I think champagne is the ideal drink, and I just happen to have a bottle!

  2. Hedley Says:

    It’s a football free for all. I am planning to park in front of the TV for hour after hour as the delights of football from both sides of the Atlantic clog up my Samsung. It’s all a teaser really for Sunday as we start the New Year with Tottenham Hotspur and finish with the Detroit Lions.

    Mrs MDH and I have a high powered New Years Eve planned. 5:30 services down the Chapel followed by a 7:30 dinner reservation down the Silver Spoon in Rochester, should be home in plenty of time to see the end of Brutus getting hammered by Clemson.

    I noted that once again it’s Dick Clark’s Rocking New Years Eve, no doubt starring Ryan Seafoam. I wonder if it is taking the dead celebrity syndrome just too far or did he copyright the New Year ?

    I simply refuse to place the title of President in front of the strangled haired one.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I will watch the Pats play the Dolphins, a must win for the Pats to give them home field advantage. They have had only woebegone opponents so this is a test.

      I think services and dinner are a great plan. I may treat myself to dinner, a take-out dinner, from a favorite place. I’m leaning toward seafood.

      It is a copyrighted title I suspect.

      I also refuse to call him President.

  3. Birgit Says:

    No New Years Eve without the British comedy sketch Dinner For One on TV. We all know it by heart and alcohol is involved on both sides of the TV screen. Skål!

    • Hedley Says:

      Listening to Kate Act III and playing cards…beer and football to follow and maybe the last episode of Versailles.

    • katry Says:

      I don’t know Dinner for One. I’m sorry about that as the alcohol sounds like a great idea!

    • katry Says:

      I just spent the afternoon installing my Alexa Dot. It wasn’t difficult but hunting down passwords I didn’t remember took the longest time.

      • Hedley Says:

        I’m not sure what to make of Alexa, she does start talking at random moments. Good for the weather and I probably need Amazon prime to take full advantage.

      • katry Says:

        She talks at random when she hears a question or something which sounds like her name. I have to call her Miss A!

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    There was a deluge of rain up here. Sometime during the night it changed to snow. There was even a loud, long roll of thunder.
    The town plow woke me up at 4AM. I glanced out the window and wondered what he was plowing since there was just a thin coating of snow on the ground. But he continued to plow my very short street for about 20 minutes. Loudly. And mostly in front of my house. Finally, I got out of bed and went out on the porch just to check whether I could believe what my eyes saw through the window. I could.

    I very seldom managed to stay awake for the New Year even when I was young. It was no big deal. A couple of times I attended First Nights in various towns. Those were usually interesting. For the past several years, I stay home on NYE. The big party is New Year’s Day when a friend has an open house for all her fiber arts friends. We gather and do our particular crafts, talk, laugh, eat lots of food and catch up with people we haven’t seen all year. It’s a great way to end an old year and start a new one.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      By bedtime, the rain had stopped here. I was a bit disappointed as I expected a heavy rainfall and sounds on the roof and windows.

      The news at eleven had reporters standing in the rain so I have no idea why the guy was still plowing. Maybe he was trying to move the slush off the road before it froze.

      I attended first night in Boston once and in Reading. I would have liked them better if they were warmer.

      Now I’m up but not for the festivities but because I’m just not tired. I think celebrating the new year is better than partying in the old. I like the idea of a New Year’s Day party.

      Have a great evening!!

  5. olof1 Says:

    The wind has been blowing quite hard here all night, as usual I’ve only heard it roaring. I do wonder how it is inmy neighbors house which take the full blast of it.

    I’ve never really been a new years celebraater. It is hard for a morning person to stay up that late 🙂 I think I would have tried to stay up if we actually could have noticed that we left the old and entered the new, not even the weather changes so why bother 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I’m thinking the windows are probably rattling at your neighbor’s house. They can hear the roar even better than you!

      I’m usually awake anyway so I get to greet the new year, though that’s not really such a big deal!

      Happy New Year, Christer!

  6. William Sandford Says:

    We’ll be going to Lisa’s house for appetizers and Chinese food, then the Three Stooges marathon until midnight. The girls usually stay up and are more wide awake than we are. After a glass of champagne and the neigbors’ fireworks, we’ll make a short drive to Marty’s house, stay the night, and drive him to Manchester Airport for his 11 a.m. flight to Fort Lauderdale.

    • katry Says:

      It doesn’t surprise me that the girls stay awake longer than you. That’s just too easy!

      I have some champagne, and I’ll salute the New Year. With all that’s coming, I can’t think it will be a better year. January 20th comes too soon!

      Happy New Year, Bill and Peg!

  7. William Sandford Says:

    Forgot to say “Happy New Year!” Does Gracie stay up to watch the ball drop?

    • katry Says:

      Gracie spends her days napping as does Maddie. I’m the only one awake all day; however, I’ll nudge her at midnight and give her a treat while I have my treat, champagne!

      Happy New Year!!

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