“For centuries men have kept an appointment with Christmas. Christmas means fellowship, feasting, giving and receiving, a time of good cheer, home.”

It was nearly 4 when I fell asleep. Gracie, however, had no problem as she was snoring away as soon as she hit the mattress. It snowed a bit last night, but I missed the best of it. I woke to rain. The snow is now slush, the sort where you leave deep footprints when you walk through it. Both today and tomorrow will be warm which is a good thing as the slush won’t turn to ice. I’m staying home. I’m going to turn on all the Christmas lights, watch Hallmark movies and enjoy a lazy Saturday.

My friends came to dinner last night. It was a wonderful evening. The meal was great says the cook. The conversation was funny. We just sat at the table a while after dinner. I love to do that, just sit and talk. My friend did all the clean-up which I completely appreciated as it takes a while to make the dinner, clean up as you go along then clean everything. Her doing the dishes was a gift. We then played a word game and sat in the living room so we could enjoy the tree. I had a come from behind victory. We also exchanged gifts. Usually we don’t get together for presents until after Christmas so we figured early was due. I was thrilled with my present, an Amazon Echo and a speaker. I’ll play with Alexa today. My friends too loved their presents, and my friend Claire, the dishwasher, especially loved her present from Ghana.

Woolworth’s and the annual parish Christmas fair were my go to places to buy gifts for my parents then my sisters and brother if I had any money left. My mother was the consummate actress. When she opened my gift, she always looked so excited and happy.  I was thrilled that I’d found just the right gift at such a bargain, usually about 50¢. My father  loved his handkerchiefs, white ones, Woolworth’s best.

My favorite of all the Christmas movies is A Christmas Carol starring Alastair Sims. It hasn’t been on yet so I keep looking. I watched the old Miracle on 34th Street the other night. The book is dated 1947 the same as I am so that makes it special. The old Bishop’s Wife is another favorite. Come to think of it, even the worst of Christmas movies are favorites of mine.

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2 Comments on ““For centuries men have kept an appointment with Christmas. Christmas means fellowship, feasting, giving and receiving, a time of good cheer, home.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Looks like you dropped off a couple of hours after I woke up. 🙂 I awoke a couple of minutes before 2AM. I hung around in the dark for an hour or so and gave up. I played games on my tablet until I started feeling sleepy again. I managed to get another couple of hours sleep. Before I had dogs, I would turn on the light and read or knit. If I do that now, the dogs think their day has begun and start lobbying for food and walks.

    I woke up the first time to snow showers. The second time I woke up to just plain snow, falling steadily and piling up on all surfaces. I swept the snow off the walkways and stairs and cleaned off the car. About an hour later it looked like I hadn’t touched any of it. The plow guys came and did the driveway and the redid the walks and steps. Yay! Then the snow turned to rain. Boo.
    Just before sunset, there was a brief flash of light as the sun slipped below the cloud deck and then sank below the horizon.

    Alistair Sims is my favorite Scrooge, too. I haven’t seen it a few years.

    Woolworth’s and Newberry’s were my go to places. My mother usually got a china animal figure. She always seemed pleased. The only one I remember was a mother cat with two kittens attached to her by chains that linked all their collars. They were covered in angora-like white furry stuff.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Usually, I can’t get to sleep instead of going to sleep and waking up. It happens after an exciting day or when I have company in the evening. I guess I’m still hyped.

      I heard the rain on the windows when I woke up. I was surprised to see the snow covering. The mushy water on the walkway was deep. It rained until the early afternoon, but it stayed cloudy and dark. No sun at all.

      Alastair Sims is on Thursday at 11:30 at night on TCM. I’m going to DVR it so I can watch at a better time.

      We had no Newberry’s, but we did have Grant’s. Sometimes I’d go there shopping. I’ll also shop at Middlesex Drug Store. It had counters of stuff to buy some of it reasonable. Besides. they had a great soda fountain. I remember that cat and her kittens.

      Have a great evening!

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