“Snow was the most beautiful thing Amitola had ever seen. It fell so gracefully and drizzled her skin like a cold whisper.”

My friend called last night and said it’s snowing, and the tips of the snow have such beautiful ice crystals you have to see them. She was so right. The ice crystals looked like white lights shining in the darkness from the deck. The rail and the deck box too were bright and shining. I watched the snow fall until I was too cold to stand any longer by the back door. This morning it’s raining. The wind was fiercely blowing when I got the papers and is still blowing, but it’s a bit subdued. It’s warmer than it has been the last few days.

My days have names. Yesterday was tree day. Today is decoration day as the trees branches have nicely fallen. I need to start hauling up my Christmas bins from the cellar. I hope to get to the boxes closer to the wall as there are some decorations I haven’t used in a while, and I like to alternate. I need to find my collection of tall, plastic, lit from the inside, Santas from the 1950’s. I also have Christmas Carol figures somewhere way in the back. I haven’t used them for the longest time. My mother used to say she had enough decorations to decorate several trees. I could say the same.

I have to shop because cookie day is coming. I need a list of ingredients and a lot of energy.   My Christmas cards are still waiting. They are on the table in front of me making me feel a bit guilty that I haven’t started even though I have the cards and the stamps. There are still presents to wrap for my Cape friends, but I have all week for that.

The smell of pine is already filling the house.


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2 Comments on ““Snow was the most beautiful thing Amitola had ever seen. It fell so gracefully and drizzled her skin like a cold whisper.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    My decorating day was last week. Today was xmas cards to the post office day. I waited until the rain stopped before I did that. The line at the post office wasn’t bad but the credit card machines went down. They were only taking cash and checks which hardly anyone had. 🙂 I did, so I was good to go. By the time I got to the window the credit card machines were up again. I got some stamps and stuck them on inside the post office but I had to go to mail boxes outside to mail them. The inside ones were stuffed full and couldn’t take any more. I never have these problems when I go at the last minute. 🙂

    I don’t have to make cookies yet. Ten more days and then maybe I’ll make cookies. We’ll see.

    I once saw snow like that. It was so cold and still that moisture was crystallizing out of the air and falling like tiny bits of glitter in a snow globe. I stood there in the freezing cold completely entranced with it all.

    The snow changed over to rain pretty quickly here so almost everything that accumulated got washed away.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I ended up switching my days. Today was card day. I wrote them all out then added the Christmas stamps I had bought last week. They’ll go in my mailbox for my postman to pick up.

      When I went to get dog food, I stopped into Agway’s greenhouse and found single white poinsettias in red and white pots so I bought 4 of them. They are on the dining room table and in the kitchen. They really add to the room.

      My cookies will be next week too, but I have to do Peapod so I might as well order my cookie stuff then.

      That snow was so beautiful twinkling like white Christmas lights. Like you, I couldn’t tear myself away.

      The same here with the rain. It was a warmer day than I expected.

      Have a great evening!

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