“November… leads the months their wintry round”

The rain alternates between a mist and a heavier rain, a windshield wipers rain. My deck was closed this morning despite the weather. The furniture is covered, the rug is gone and the flower pots have been emptied and stored. It looks sort of dismal, deserted. One chair is uncovered just in case we get one of those rare warm November days perfect for deck sitting.

In keeping with the Saturday television traditions of my youth, I am watching a really bad science fiction movie called Ferocious Planet. Scientists and soldiers have been transported to a different dimension. Prehistoric looking creatures have already killed two, biting them in half, and have destroyed the lab with them in it. Somehow, though, everyone survived despite one of the guys having a rebar sticking out of his chest. There was blood, but the cheesy effects didn’t hide that the rebar was really being held between his chest and arm. He later gets cut in half, special effects again. This is so bad I can’t wait for the rest of it!

My sister in Colorado has snow and temperatures at night in the teens. That is too much winter too soon.

I have been saving pumpkin recipes for a while. The pumpkin cookie recipe I printed yesterday sounds delicious. I even have all the ingredients. I’m thinking tomorrow might be a baking day.

I have no intention of doing anything today. My house is clean, my laundry done and the larder filled. The weather doesn’t entice me to go outside; instead, I’m thinking of being cozy in bed watching movies on my iPad. I doubt I’ll even get dressed.

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8 Comments on ““November… leads the months their wintry round””

  1. Bob Says:

    The cold front that brought snow to Denver, the Midwest and rain to the east dropped our temperature today to the upper 40s and low 50s with clear skies and a cool north breeze. We usually get our first freeze around Thanksgiving and the leaves begin to fall from the trees. We haven’t reached the freezing pilot yet.

    Ok, what’s a larder? I’m assuming it’s something like a cupboard. Rainy days are perfect for staying in bed and watching meaningless TV programming. My spouse is watching “Say Yes to the Dress”. 🙂

    I’m usually a news junkie but the news of Trump’s cabinet choices scare the crap out of me. So far he has chosen Joesph Goebbel’s first cousin to run the White House staff and Himmler’s nephew to be national security adviser. I’m concerned about the fate of my daughter’s Medicade and SSI as well as the future of my Medicare and social security. When they talk about draining the swamp does that mean they want to replace it with a banana republic. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      My sister who lives about 15 miles north of Boston said she had a lovely day. It was 60˚ and sunny so she was out all day going to church fairs. I never saw the sun, and the day stayed damp and chilly. I didn’t go out.

      A larder is more of a storeroom for food. They were usually in cool places and were common before refrigerators.

      I watched TV, bad science fiction and spy movies. I also took a nap.

      Like you, I haven’t been able to watch the news. His cabinet choices also scare me. They are racists and misogynists who make those horrific prejudices well-known. I fear for our first amendment rights. Nixon had his hate list and I believe that Trump does too.

      • Bob Says:

        Interestingly, yesterday the President elect tweeted that he spoke with his good friend Bill Ford and that he convinced Mr. Ford not to move Lincoln production from Kentucky to Mexico. Of course the tweet was a lie since Ford never intended to move Lincoln production from Kentucky. It’s like the joke of the divorce attorney asking the question in court, “Tell me sir when did you stop beating your wife”. 🙂

        My students yesterday were saying how the story showed the positive effect of Trump’s election. These are all highly educated professionals. One student has a PhD in political science from UCLA. Of course he’s a retired Navy fighter pilot.

        My biggest fear is that Trump will tire of being the President after a year when the fun wears off and resign leaving Pence to fill out his term. 🙁

        Trump still hasn’t ruled out reopening the private server investigation of Hillary. One among many of his nonsense campaign promises such building a 2,000 mile concrete wall and having Mexico pay for it.

      • katry Says:

        He needs to have victories so he twists around stories. I read where the decision had been made prior to any conversation between the two men.

        Your students should do a bit more research before they laud Trump. Never believe the first story. Hunt for more to verify or not.

        Pence is scary in far different ways. I don’t think Trump’s ego will let him resign.

        If he hunts down Hillary, he also needs to check Pence’s server.

  2. olof1 Says:

    We’ve had a rather nice day here, mostly cloudy but warm enough, it feels very cold when I open the door for the dogs now in the evening though. The weather sites says below 33F during the night and it is usually colder here so I’m hoping for a frosty morning.

    No bad or even good scifi movie overr here but even if they had shown one I would have missed most of it anyway, we have all been napping big parts of the day 🙂

    I did manage to do some of the laundry but I have more for tomorrow and I’m out of bread so I’ll bake a loaf tomorrow.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      You had a better day than I did; however, our nights haven’t gotten as cold. The weather outlook will change soon though as the cold weather is headed my way.

      I am watching the movies mostly on Netflix. They have more of a choice than my cable. They even have a category called B science fiction movies.

      I did nothing today just as I predicted. Like you, I took a nap and was Gracie joined me. The phone woke me up so it wasn’t a long nap.

      Saturday night TV is awful here so it looks as if I’ll be hunting for movies to watch.

      Have a great evening!

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I’m chuckling at the guy who survived despite having fake rebar sticking out of his chest. Sometimes cheesy movies are the best choice for a crappy day. 🙂

    My last load of laundry is in the dryer. The larder is full. I did nothing else on my to-do list. I had more fun things to do.
    But I need to find a dessert for T-Day.

    You stick out into the Atlantic so you got the edge of the storm. I was up in Beverly and the day was beautiful, sunny and warm.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Not only did he survive but right away he acted as if nothing had happened to him. He did have blood on his shirt.

      I did nothing all day. It was quite the satisfying day.

      I like a sweet potato pie or a custard pie. I always get a request for my chocolate cream pie.

      It’s true about sticking out in the ocean. Today it did give us an ugly day!

      Have a great evening!

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