“He who puts stew with jollof rice has trust issues.”

Getting up before the sun appears is getting annoying. Getting up before my papers arrive is also annoying. The only thing saving the morning is my first cup of coffee.

Yesterday was warm. Today it will be much cooler, in the high 50’s. Right now it is windy and damp and quite chilly. I’m glad I put the storm pane on the back door.

Today I am having breakfast out, and I have a dentist appointment, my six-month cleaning. Gracie and I will do the dump later in the afternoon. I’m also thinking Chinese food for dinner. I have a hankering.

My friends and I ate jollof rice just about every evening in Ghana. Think jambalaya. I even got to have it on the plane ride home. It was served with chicken curry. The hotel restaurant served the biggest mound of jollof, and we seldom left any on our plates. We never tired of eating it. I’m thinking I might just have to learn to make it. I do have several recipes. I just ordered my Halloween candy.

I just ordered my Halloween candy, what we used to call nickel bars. I remember how excited we were to get a bar instead of loose candy. Usually it was a Hershey’s. Last year one kid yelled to his father standing by my gate, “It’s a whole big bar!” He’ll be able to yell the same thing this year.

Gracie just scared me. She fell into the table from the couch. I grabbed her and held on for all I am worth. My first thought was she had collapsed. I was set to take her to the 24-hour vet, but she left my arms and got off the couch. She seemed to walk fine. The final test was a treat. She wouldn’t eat the first three choices but took the fourth and then went back for the other three. I figure out she had been too close to the edge of the couch and lost her footing. I have begun to breath.

I haven’t decorated my house yet for Halloween, but I did finish unpacking and putting everything away. I only have one wash left to do. The cloth I bought is in this room in a tall pile. The colors are vivid. My favorite is the black and red tie and dye. It will make a great shirt. The 12 yard bolt is for tablecloths, Christmas presents. I also have a 6 yard bolt of a beautiful blue and black pattern. It too will be used for presents. I brought back a tablecloth for myself. Peg found the material and had it cut in half and hemmed so it wouldn’t fray. Now I just need to have some dinner guests so they can ooh and ah.

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8 Comments on ““He who puts stew with jollof rice has trust issues.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    I’m about to make myself some dinner too but I just can’t figure out what I want. I might end up with just a couple of warm sandwiches. It is windy and cold here today and even if the sun shines it doesn’t help at all.

    Yes bars are always beter than loose candy even if one would get more candy. It sort of looks bigger I guess, I have to admit that I woulb be happy what ever I got though 🙂

    It is scary when somethinmg like that happens! My dogs are too Young to scare me like that but both Orvar and Hector did every now and again.If any of my dogs would fall like that now I would just assume that they had been to close to the edge of the couch.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It was windy here all day and a little cooler than I’d like. At least the sun was shining.

      People don’t give out loose candy much anymore. They give small bars instead. I remembered how great those big bars were so I figured I’d give kids the same excitement.

      I was so glad when I realized she had fallen, not collapsed. I grabbed her and held on, but she was ready to move so I was relieved. Now she is just fine!

      Have a great evening!!

  2. flyboybob Says:

    If it’s made of curry than I wouldn’t eat it. There’s something in curry that just makes my taste buds rebel. It’s the same with cilantro. To me cilantro tastes like soap. It must be a genetic thing because my sister also thinks that cilantro tastes like soap. Maybe everyone thinks that and I just don’t like the taste of soap or else I’m nuts. 🙂

    One can never get enough Chinese food. Here in the DFW area we have such a large asian population that we have a number of authentic Chinese restaurants. You can get Dim Sum any time of the day as well as things like Peking Duck. I know that they must be good because everyone but me in the restaurant are asians. We also have a huge South Asian population because of all the high tech businesses. There are tons of Indian restaurants but I won’t eat anything Indian except the Nann bread. 🙂

    Today it’s cloudy with a chance of rain but still warm. We don’t usually get our first freeze until the end of November. The trees haven’t even begun to turn.

    What do the people in Ghana think about our upcoming election? They obviously have the internet.

    • katry Says:

      I love curry so I found that dinner just perfect. Maybe it is one of the spices in curry as there are many. If I make it myself, I use all sorts of different spices which I’ve bought just to make curry.

      I love Indian food well beyond curry. Here we don’t have a huge number of Chinese restaurants, but we have a few good ones. We also have some really good Thai restaurants. Karoo’s is a South African restaurant which has wonderful food, not like Ghanaian but delicious. We do have plenty of seafood restaurants.

      Some parts o the state had frost this morning but not here. We will be in the 60’s for the next few days. It might even reach 70. Fall is the best season here on the cape.

      In Bolgatanga where I spent most of my time, few Ghanaians can afford a computer. We never did discuss the election.

      • Bob Says:

        Unfortunately, I am averse to very hot, spicy foods especially the Indian variety. When I flew to Hong Kong there were a lot of Indian passengers who ordered special Indian meals. When they all opened their economy containers the odor almost made me airsick. 🙂

        I have not figured out entire the which guy can eat the hottest pepper, macho thing. Even Jalopinos burn my mouth, my esophagus and continues the next day burning my anal sphincter. 🙂 A ghost pepper must be like a nuclear explosion. I guess I’m a pepper sissy. So what.

        I’ll bet the Donald can eat a ghost pepper with best of them. 🙂 Instesd of having another debate the two candidates can see who can eat the greatest number and of the hottest pepper. A lot of voters will cast their vote for Trump on November 8th based on reasons much dumber than my guy can eat a hotter pepper and live to tell about the experience.

      • katry Says:

        Not all Indian food is hot. I actually think there are fewer hot dishes than non-hot dishes.

        A contest of who can eat the hottest food is silly at best. I don’t mind hot food but mildly hot. Ghanaian food can go from mildly hot to burn your lips hot. I think the extreme hot ruins the flavor of good food. You can’t taste the food for the heat.

        I don’t get all the women willing to overlook his attitude and behavior toward women.

      • Bob Says:

        I have never been exposed to non hot Indian food. I agree with you that if the food contains too much pepper then you can’t taste the other ingredients.

        I assumed that since we already know that Trump has bigger hands than any other republican during the primary, I assumed he could eat the hottest pepper. 🙂

        His supporters all believe that he is the victim of the liberal establishment press. The far right wing has thousands of websites who all know the real truth…LOL

        Here’s an interesting article that explains what’s going on in thr Republican Party.


      • katry Says:

        I suspect you’d have to go to an Indian restaurant which has all sorts of choices.

        It is a conspiracy. We had and will have voting improprieties. Just ask Trump.

        I am afraid the Republican party will never come back from this. It is now the party of the lowest rungs of humanity.

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