I’m Ghana love you like nobody loves you come rain or come shine.

The trip so far has been amazing starting with the hour and a half wait in New York. It seems that one of the deportees who had boarded the plane before the rest of us had gotten combative, and security had to be called to remove him from the plane. The remaining deportees were then guarded by security.

I am finding that this trip is a bit different than the last two in 2011 and 2012. Ghana is far more familiar. I know it so well now. It is not that being here is commonplace, but it is that I recognize far more as day to day life in Ghana. I see the women carrying boxes, enamel bowls or fruit for sale on their heads. They stand at red lights or tolls selling their wares. I just shake my head, and they move on. The scurrying goats on the roadside are part of the ride. My sweaty hair is as usual for the humidity and heat. Last I night I did relish the kelewele before dinner and gave thanks to the chef. Tonight he is making Indian food.

We arrived in Accra on Wednesday and were met at Kotoka Airport. Accra is huge now, and we didn’t drive by any place familiar on our way to the Triple Crown Lodge where I stayed before. It is on a dirt road so the noise of Accra is elsewhere. We went shopping at Global Mamas, a fair trade shop. I bought just because gifts for my friends (just because I went somewhere gifts) and some Christmas presents. We had Lebanese food for dinner. On Thursday we also did some shopping then had Turkish food for a late lunch/early dinner. Friday we got to the airport for our flight to Tamale.

We boarded the bus to the plane, sat for a while then went back to the hanger, got off the bus then back on and then we went back to the plane, and we finally boarded. It seems there was weather in Tamale. The landing is by sight, not instruments, so we had to wait until it was all clear. That will change as international flights will soon land there. They are building a long runway to accommodate the large planes. The driver for Zania Lodge was there so off we went. It was rained which continued for almost the entire nearly three-hour trip (no Minnow though).

The lodge is extraordinary. It is built of many natural wood pieces and is decorated with Ghanaian handicrafts. The rooms are in chalets which look like safari tents. The walls are covered in cloth as is the ceiling. The shower is huge but hot water is at a premium. There is a cold chest of drinks. Local soaps and local lotions are stored in small calabashes. We are currently the only guests. The back of the lodge overlooks a watering hole but no animals there yet as water is plentiful. We went on our first safari yesterday and saw monkeys, Kob deer and, get ready for this, three bull elephants. Lunch and dinner were beyond delicious. The chef is Indian. I told him how much I like Indian food so it will be dinner tonight.

This morning we left for another safari at 6:30. We saw water and Kob deer, monkeys, a warthog and three more elephants. The driver turned the car so the back end was facing the elephants in case they charged and we needed a quick getaway. We stopped for a light repast packed by the chef. We had coffee, French press real coffee, with real milk and also an egg, tomato and lettuce sandwich to tide us over until breakfast. The safari was for three hours. We got back to the lodge to find the elephants were there, four of them. Guides kept moving us back when the elephants moved.

We watched for a long time. It was amazing standing there watching those amazing animals eat. We finally went inside for breakfast. We told the chef no lunch though he insisted on making salads. Nope!

 I took a nap after which seemed like a whole day, but it was only after 11. At 3 we are taking a tour of the area as it has a famous mosque among other sites. I am very much looking forward to the ride and to that Indian dinner.

Before dinner, we sat at the bar and enjoyed a couple of drinks chosen by the bartender. I don’t know what they were, but they were delicious.

This place is amazing. The builders and owners include a former Peace Corps volunteer who was posted near Bolga many years after us.

Here is just so lovely and so quiet. The staff is attentive and fills needs we didn’t know we had. Everything is inclusive. It is a treat we are giving ourselves.

Tomorrow we head to Bolga, and I’ll try to write again.

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33 Comments on “I’m Ghana love you like nobody loves you come rain or come shine.”

    • katry Says:

      I love their show and this song. Before I left a friend wished me Happy Trails.

      This is a great choice. I love the video.

    • katry Says:

      This is a wonderful view of Ghana. I see all these every day. I don’t know the town on the hill, but I wish I did.

      Some of the pictures I have taken so far would fit perfectly into these slides,

  1. olof1 Says:

    You’ve made me want to visit Africa south of the equator! I haven’t eaten all day (since 5am and it is now 6pm) so the food You describe made me even more hungry 🙂

    Have a great continuing of Your trip!


    • katry Says:

      You would like all the sights, sounds and smells. Africa is unique.

      I like much of the local food but some like kenkey and banku I haven’t ever liked. I think you might like them.


  2. flyboybob Says:

    I saw that your flight was delayed an hour and a half and I wondered why because the weather in NY was ok. We had a student from somewhere in Africa at our training center in NJ who just stopped coming to class. His hotel room held all of his things and they had not seen him in a couple of days. We notified TSA and ICE but he has never been seen. I suspect he is either at the bottom of the Hudson River or he is selling umbrellas on 5th avenue when it rains. 🙂

    I guess all these illegal immigrants must think that Donald Trump is dead wrong. If American isn’t great any longer why are all these folks coming here illegally. 🙂

    Sounds like a wonderful trip so far. I am not one who enjoys camping so taking a photo safari while staying in a beautiful lodge has some appeal. I believe that roughing it is Motel 6. 🙂

    Have a great trip and keep us informed when you can.

    • katry Says:

      The whole incident was crazy. I was told they were in handcuffs. I didn’t see them as I was in first class. That African was probably killed. Africans are quite trusting.

      I don’t know the status of theses people. I guess they outstayed their visa. I have a former student who has been turned down twice for a visa, no reason given. She has too much here to outstay a visa to America.

      This lodge is just wonderful. The rooms are huge and do give you the sense of a tent. The food is amazing. The safaris are in an air conditioned car.

      I’ ll try to write again from Bolga.

  3. Birgit Says:

    Sounds great! Even elephants!
    Have a great time and thanks for writing, your time in Ghana is precious.

  4. Birgit Says:

    For those of us who are unfortunately not Ghana, I found a nice video about Global Mamas in Accra. Enjoy the colors.

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Here’s something you can binge watch when you return and are missing Ghana although I doubt this will be very close to actual Accra.
    It got a decent review in the Washington Post. I watched some of the Season 2 opener and it looked interesting.

    Have a great vacation.

  6. splendidone Says:

    Found these wonderful photos online through tripadvisor–photos from real guests. Sure gives us a better picture of your travels! Enjoy! https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g479203-d8816226-Reviews-Zaina_Lodge-Mole_National_Park_Northern_Region.html

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