“A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.”

Rain! Finally we have rain, a gentle but persistent rain.

I shut off the air conditioning and opened the windows so I could hear the rain falling on the leaves. The day is extremely dark. I needed a light when I read the papers. The only light now is from my computer. The day is quiet. Rain does that, mutes most other sounds. According to the weather report, it will rain most of the day, and the Cape is under a flash flood warning.

It is only 72˚, the coolest day in a few weeks. I like having the doors and windows opened connecting me with outside. I was happy to turn off the air conditioner.

In the paper this morning I learned a new word for a grouping. The reporter wrote, “A flock of purple, white and red balloons was released.” Who knew many balloons were designated a flock?

I can’t imagine being on the road today. Tourists will be out and about trying to find something to while away the hours. Movie theaters and their parking lots will be filled so some cars will be parked outside the lots on grass and beside all the roads leading to the theaters. Souvenir shop owners love a rainy day.

During college summers I worked in Hyannis. It was crowded with people even on rainy days. Tourists didn’t seem to mind the weather. Cars crawled on Main Street in what looked like rush hour traffic. All on street parking spaces were taken. The store with the most customers sold penny candy, now a nickel or a dime. The Planter’s Peanut store also had a line of customers. I think they were drawn by the aroma. Every restaurant had lines. My favorite was the deli.

I’ll find enough around the house to keep me busy. I do need to make a dump run, but I’m not anxious to fight with the traffic. The dump is a few streets and three long lights away and one of them means waiting a few cycles before I get the green light.

A nap actually sounds good for today. I always think falling asleep to the sound of rain drops is the best nap of all.

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6 Comments on ““A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.””

  1. oldfolkie Says:

    It’s light rain for us today after getting about 6″ in the last week or so. Feast or famine, drenching or drought. That’s Northern Illinois in the summertime.
    After two years of being stationed in Panama and thirty-five years of carrying mail on a foot route I find the average rainstorm to be little more than a minor inconvenience. I seldom run to the car in the parking lot when the rains start… of course at my age I seldom run at all. I miss the oportunity to sit on the deck or in the yard but I do love the excuse to postpone mowing the lawn another day – or two.

    • oldfolkie,
      We probably got less than an inch, and I was thrilled for the rain. Much of the state is in a drought condition. I’ll take part of that rain you got!

      I lived in Ghana for two years and rain seldom interfered with my day. Only the first rains of the season were torrential downpours. On one of my return trips to Ghana I got caught in the torrent and was standing under a roof overhang when the shop owner invited me in. It was really a small shop with a little porch and a roof. I think her customers were surprised by the white lady in the shop.

      Many times the rain isn’t enough to get me off the deck. The tree branches and the umbrella are shelter enough.

      Today was my lawn cutting day-not by me but my landscaper’s guys. They didn’t come.

  2. I think we reached 71,6 as highest today and it was quite nice. Lots of sunshine but unfortunately very little wind so the flies were quite nasty as soon as we went out for walks. Still very few biting ones but one mananged to bite me twice anyway. I also placed my foot on a wasp today, the wasp wasn’t happy about it and stung me.

    I have actually no idea what we call that many balloons, a bunch perhaps 🙂 🙂 Now I must find the answer.

    My nap was interrupted when they moved the sheep and then separated the cows from the calves in the pasture beside my cottage. They didn’t move the calves especially far though, just to the other side of the fence so the cows caolmed down rather quickly but by then it was too late for all of us to fall asleep again.

    Have a great day!


    • Christer,
      Those flies hang around a long time. We have fly season then they’re gone except for the pesky house flies, but they don’t bother us outside. Yikes, today was insects versus Christer day, and you lost!

      I would have said a bunch also. I think the author made up the flock.

      Fern, Gracie and I took a nap. Gracie decided to get up after a while so Fern and I did as well. I never have a cow problem!!

      Have a great evening!!

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    A day late again.

    A bunch of balloons conjures up the bundles of balloons that street hawkers sell at parades. The tonnage of balloons that political conventions dump on their participants is way more than a bunch. It’s way more than a flock, too. I wonder if the companies that provide mass ballon drops have a technical word for it. Masses of balloons would be adequate for now, I think.
    After I typed that paragraph, I got curious and googled “group name for balloon drops” and here’s an article about the DNC balloon drop company. The technicians are called the “Inflation Team”. I love nomenclature. 🙂

    We didn’t get much rain on Friday. It was more of a heavy mist. It barely made dimples when it fell on surface water. And it was very humid. The windows stayed closed and the AC was running just for that reason.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn,
      I’m just glad you come by as I miss you when you don’t.

      That was a great article. I always love a balloon drop, and I did notice how great it was at the DNC. I also noticed Bill Clinton playing with the balloons. He seemed to be enjoying them. 100,000 at a dime a pop, wow!

      We did get more rain than that but everything friend quickly. I only needed the bedroom window AC.

      I have since turned on the full AC. I was hot.

      Have a great Saturday!

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