“Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever.”

It’s a later than usual start for me as I was on the phone with my sister. We talk every Sunday. Today we ended up chatting for two hours. For those of you thinking that in no way could you chat for two hours, believe me, the time goes quickly. We never ran out of things to talk about. We never do.

This morning, I tried to live for a bit without the air conditioning. I turned it off, opened the windows and the doors. I lasted an hour and a half.

There is a small breeze, but it is still hot and humid. When I let Gracie out the last time, I followed her to the deck. As soon as I walked outside, I was hit by the heat blast and stifled by the humidity. The day looked far better out the window. I figure I was taken in by that breeze ruffling the leaves.

My front garden has a few but is mostly in between flowers. Many of those flowers have so many buds I am anxious to see them bloom. The clematis has spread to three fence pieces and is filled with buds. Other flowers whose names I don’t know are tall and also filled with buds close to opening. In a short time, my garden will be glorious.

I ordered some Mexican hat jellies thinking they’d make good movie treats. I haven’t seen that candy in a while. The picture had a yellow, red, green and black hat. When I mentioned the candies to my sister, she said she liked the black ones. I do too. I also love Chuckles black jellies. Being my favorite flavor, I save them for last. Black jelly beans are also a favorite of mine. I was thrilled when they started selling only the black ones in a package. Anise cookies are my favorites. My uncle used to make the best-tasting anise cookies every Christmas. He said the secret was using anise oil, not anise flavoring. I actually hate black licorice. I like the red licorice but think the black tastes awful. My sister, strangely enough, has the same weird taste. She told me her son, Ryan, also hated black licorice but loves all the same black candy we do. She thinks it’s a strange gene the three of us have.

The only entry on my dance card this week is a follow-up appointment for Fern at the vets.   I guess I’m still in my solitary confinement.

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12 Comments on ““Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    Sunday means Big Rick and I was thinking tasks- so at 6.00 am I am outside doing weeding and heading some annuals. My phone tinged at 6.45 am Big Rick was on the way.

    We saw the boys at Stoney and then circumnavigated at a record slow pace.

    It’s Sunday, it’s Michigan, life is good

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I can’t imagine working in the garden at 6:00 am. I am seldom stirring that early. Big Rick too is an early bird, but I guess you two were trying to beat the heat.

      I figure a slow pace is good for Big Rick.

      My life is mostly good. I haven’t any complaints.

  2. olof1 Says:

    We’ve had quite a nice day here, sunny and just enough warm with low humidity and a prehaps a bit too strong wind but at least it kept the flies away. They say we’ll have much the same weather next week. Odd, after all I’m having my vacation so it should really pour down anmd the stoirm should be howling tyoo 🙂

    I, like most Swedes love black, salty licorace (the Finns are even worse), The sweet one goes down too but it just isn’t the same. I think I’ve only tasted red licorace once in my entire life and I’ve never seen it being sold anywhere here in Sweden, now I must find it because I can’t remember what it tasted like 🙂

    I have actually eaten those mexican hat jellies but they had another name here. I only remembered it because of the odd shape of the candy.

    I still have a few flowers in bloom in my garden but they are at the end of their time now. I don’t think any of the autumn flowering ones are ready yet though so I guess it will look empty for a while unless the late planted dahlias starts, I can see a few buds now.

    I’ll actually go to work tomorrow. I’ll wash the paint box with some stronger stuff than normal. I normally wash the box once a week with destilled water but every six months something stronger is needed and since the smell isn’t nice and rather unhealthy I can’t do it when lots of people are working. Won’t take long though so I should be at home just after noon I think.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      The sun keeps disappearing. It is cloudy right now. Several places off cape have heavy storm warnings with possible damage to roofs and cars. I’d like the rain but not the damage.

      The black licorice is not salty here. That must give it a distinctive taste. Twizzler is the company name for the red and black licorice packages.

      Their shapes are like Mexican hats. The jelly is soft so you never have to worry about your teeth. You do have to chew a bit.

      The flowers are meant to bloom at different times in the summer. That’s why I picked some of the ones I did.

      I hope you get extra time off to make up for your working tomorrow!

      Have a great evening!

      • olof1 Says:

        By working a few hours today I save the vacation day that I was supposed ton have. So instead of having five more vacation days to use when winter comes I’ll have six and I do think I’ll get some overtime today as well 🙂

      • katry Says:

        That’s a good plan. Sometimes work can get so tiring in the winter and says off are rare.

  3. Bob Says:

    I’m not a fan of jellies or jelly beans. If I’m going to ruin my teeth I’m going for chocolate. I must admit that in the 80s I jumped on the Jelly Belly bandwagon because of their large and unusual flavors. Unfortunately, I have so much money invested in crowns that I stay away from sticky candy. Earlier in the spring I ate a few Ike and Mike candies and loosened up two crowns. My favorite were sticky candies are caramels. I like my dentist but I don’t want to pay for his boat so I avoid them also. 🙂

    Another hot day with relatively low humidity. Later in the week the temperature should break into triple digits. The difference between the upper 90s and 100 is just a psychological barrier. When it gets this hot the only comfortable place is inside with AC running constantly. Even the swimming pool water is like a warm bath.

    • katry Says:

      I only like the black jelly beans. The rest are too sweet though some of the Jelly Bellies do have a real taste about them. I like caramels and there are soft ones which don’t break your teeth to eat them. They are sold one at a time at the store where I shop. I’m not a big Mike and Ike fan.

      We have both heat and humidity, but Boston is far hotter. It is supposed to break for one day then get hot again.

  4. Coleen Says:

    Went out to grab a coffee around 1pm because I slept late. Hit a wall of humidity…couldn’t wait to get back into the central air!

    It has been so hot here that I actually used the AC in the car…you know it’s hot when I do that…

    40th HS reunion yesterday…we don’t age at all and we all still look sixteen (insert mild sarcasm here).

    Where does time go, anyway? I’m stumped…

    Waving and staying cool…


    • katry Says:

      Hi Coleen,

      Gracie can’t even stand it outside for too long. She comes inside panting and seems thrilled to be back in the cool air.

      I turn on the car air before I go anywhere as it is usually so hot especially if Gracie is coming with me. I take her to places like the dump where I keep the air going while I empty the trunk.

      When I went to my 50th reunion, I wondered who the old people were. I knew I was so much younger looking.

      When I go back to Ghana this fall, it will have been 5 years since I first returned but 45 since I left as a volunteer. Time goes too fast.

      Waving and staying cool here as well!

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