Yellow Beach Umbrella: Three Dog Night

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11 Comments on “Yellow Beach Umbrella: Three Dog Night”

  1. im6 Says:

    Never heard this version before. Bette also covered it, but I’m really a fan of the one by Libby Titus, from her self-titled 1977 album. Libby is a really interesting artist if you’re not familiar with her. She’s written with Carly Simon (including the track below). She’s also married to Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen. Very much a cult artist. See what you think…

    • katry Says:

      I haven’t ever heard Libby Titus. I do like her voice very much. I’m quite happy for the introduction.

      Many thanks!

  2. GnuFOOL Says:

    son of the late Jim Croce

    • katry Says:

      It is so difficult to believe that Operator was released so long ago. It was his father’s song, but it is also his as their voices are a bit different. This is really good.

      Thank you for posting him!

    • GnuFOOL Says:

      krrp watching video, theres more and interview with AJ his son

      • katry Says:

        This reminds me of how much I really liked Jim Croce.

        His son does resemble his father. His voice on Time in a Bottle does sound a lot like his father’s.

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