Music and Take Down

I will start posting YouTube videos. I figure I’ll be safe from another takedown notice if I don’t post music or links. If  I’m taken down, I have an alternative site:

I have to work on this alternate setting yet. It is a work in progress.

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12 Comments on “Music and Take Down”

  1. Birgit Says:

    YouTube is better than no music at all 🙂
    I’ll probably have to listen and read later, heading for live guitar music soon.
    Btw, typo (missing m) in blogspot link. Main post published?

    • katry Says:

      I had spelled coming all wrong. I transposed the letters and left one out. Im6 wrote on Facebook and said that the blog didn’t exist. I looked and saw the mishmash. It is fixed now.

      Have fun today!!

  2. im6 Says:

    Seemed appropriate:

  3. Marie Says:


    The blogspot site looks nice with your header photo up. I doubt you’ll have any more problems if you post youtube videos at WP though.

    Should you have to make the move sometime, I’d be happy to help if you have any problems changing features in your blogger template.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks for the offer. I used to have a Blogger blog, but I forget just about everything. I may very well need help.

      I don’t know how I remembered the way to place a picture on the header. I played around a while then remembered.

      Thanks for liking my new site.

      I’m hoping videos will work!

  4. olof1 Says:

    Nothing wrong with Youtube videos 🙂

    Have a great day!


  5. Bob Says:

    What’s old is new again. Wasn’t that URL your previous location? I don’t think you will have a problem with YouTube videos. However, our courseware manager has told me that we can’t download or show YouTube videos to our clients or instructors because even they are copyright protected. Of course, he is being advised by attorneys who are protecting our company’s pocket book from folks trying to get millions from a publicity traded corporation. 🙂 I don’t think you have to worry.

    One reason YouTube videos are safer is because the sound quality is not very good. Music files, even compressed to MP3, are very good quality and cen be shared easily.

    July first is the average day for our first triple digit temperature. Didn’t hit 100 today, just 97 but with very low humidity. There’s always tomorrow.

    • katry Says:

      Yes, it was my previous location, but I got kicked off for posting music. Now I find I can use it again. Some of the videos on YouTube have been taken down and the message is they violated copyright laws so even YouTube is a target for robobots. I’d like to think I don’t have to worry.

      Many of the songs I posted came from iTunes. You are right about the quality on YouTube. Some of the music is difficult to listen to.

      We have far too much humidity. Just moving around makes me sweaty. Int is supposed to be a better night-I hope so.

      • flyboybob Says:

        Back in the good old days I used to copy music from records to cassette tapes and no one cared. Then came the movie industry with their big bucks and Congress passed the Millennial Copyright Act. Here’s a link that you can use to make sure you don’t get bumped again. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        Yup, the DMCA was quoted in regard to my blatant copyright violation.

        Think of all the mix tapes we used to make, but I think the different was we had no internet so we couldn’t get caught sharing.

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