Remember When: Alan Jackson

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3 Comments on “Remember When: Alan Jackson”

  1. im6 Says:

    I’ve never knowingly heard an Alan Jackson song before and confess to having been predisposed to not liking him if I did. But this is quite a nice song. All the elements seem to come together for a pure lump-in-my-throat experience.

    Having complimented Mr. Jackson, he still doesn’t come close to unseating my favorite lump-in-my-throat song. This one was popular and got played (and sung around campfires) a lot the summers I worked in Yellowstone. It evokes a lot of memories and a lot of tears.

    • katry Says:

      This is one of my lump in the throat songs. Even their voices sadden me. I think the title sets me right up. It is try to remember as if either one of them would forget.

      Remember When is that song as well for me. I’m glad you liked this song. It is a surprise to me you hadn’t heard it before.

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