“Never try to outstubborn a cat.”

We finally have rain. It’s a bit heavier than when I woke up, but it is still a drop by drop rainstorm. I can the drops hitting the roof. It is one of my favorite sounds. I feel cozy and protected in the house, the dark house as I have lit no lights, only a couple of candles.

It would rain on the day I have to go off cape. That’s the luck of the draw. I’m heading to dinner with friends I marched with in the drill team. Many of them were also my elementary classmates. I don’t see them very often. The cape might as well be a foreign country reached only by a long flight. Other than Bill and Peg, my friends from Peace Corps days, no one comes down here, not even my family. I always find that strange.

I think a rainy Saturday was one of the worst things that could happen to me when I was a kid. In the summer, we’d still go out because it was warm, and we didn’t care when we got wet. This time of year, though, was too cold to be outside in the rain. I remember moping around the house sighing at my plight and driving my mother crazy while I was doing it. Saturday was the only day of the week that was all mine. I had no obligations and had the entire day to what I wanted, but it was ruined in the cold of an early spring rain. Finally I would read to pass the time, but I wanted to be outside. I wanted the fresh air I didn’t get being stuck in school the whole week.

The rain has stopped. The only sound is one of my cats purring. She’s the one I had to chase around the house to give her the medicine in her ears. I have now switched to liquid thinking it might be easier. I’ll know in a bit because I’m going to try and give her some. After that I probably won’t see her for a day or two. Maddie doesn’t forgive easily, and she never forgets.

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8 Comments on ““Never try to outstubborn a cat.””

  1. Richard Says:

    Curses! Foiled again! And not the aluminum kitchen foiled, either … the day is miserably bright, sunny, and cool — yet there are people in the pool swimming and frolicking as if it were August … ’tis madness, I say! I’ll trade you our brightness for your rain. Deal?

    I was never crazy about rain on the weekends as a kid ’cos the weekend was the No School time of our life, and that Just Wasn’t Fair. As I got older, I learnt the corollary: Life Ain’t Fair. The rainy weekends did, however, give me time to read my Classics Illustrated, the favorite issue being the ‘War of the Worlds’ one … great artwork, that.

    Made some Hot Tuna (not the Jorma Kaukonnen type, either) … added an unribbed and unseeded Fresno pepper to the vegetable mix (onion, shallot, garlic, celery) that was caramelized in the pan prior to being added to the tuna / noodle / mushroom soup mix in the bowl. The Fresno, being possessed of all its little heat-generating parts ’n pieces, was considerably hotter than the ribbed and seeded version it would otherwise have been. All in all, the heat level’s fairly good, and not painful to the palate. I’ll make it again.

    Below is my brother’s recipe for Sweet & Hot Jalapeño peppers … I’m still deciding whether or not I’ll make this one, but I’m leaning toward ‘yes’ …





    2 TSP LIQUID SMOKE (your choice of flavor – I use Mesquite)

    Slice the jalapeños (leave seeds in unless you’re a wuss)

    Add vinegar, brown sugar and liquid smoke together in a large skillet

    Bring to a boil; let the sugar dissolve

    Add jalapeños

    Simmer on low for 15 to 30 mins, depending on consistency preferred (I do it longer than 15)

    Stir frequently so sugar doesn’t burn

    Add more ingredients as needed for size of peppers (I generally add two more tsp of liquid smoke and two tbsp of brown sugar)

    We even have music to celebrate The Peppers … it’s by Mr James Booker, and the title of his piece is ‘Whinin’ Boy’ … let’s hope that hasn’t been caused by his consumption of the peppers described above …

    • katry Says:

      If it makes you feel any better, it has stopped raining, but the day is still gray and ugly. It is warmer than I expected it would be.

      There should be a law that it can;t rain on weekends any time of the year. Granted I had errands and stuff like laundry when I was on my own but nicer days made it easier to be out and about.

      I am not a tuna fan having had to eat it for so many lunches when I was a kid, but I like a fresh tuna steak which I do sometimes order at restaurants.

      I love your brother’s recipe and will copy it. How long will it last in the jar? The only drawback is some of my friend’s don’t like the taste of liquid smoke. I guess they’ll just have to do without!

      What a great opening that song has, and I do love his voice-he’s a perfect whinin’ boy. I will definitely hunt for more of him-thanks!!

  2. flyboybob Says:

    Maybe you remember the little song, ‘Rain, Rain, Go Away Come again another day’. It was popular among elementary school age kids in the 1950s. Today, kids don’t care about going out to play. They are all texting or surfing the Internet and the rain is just a good reason mom won’t bug them to go out and play.

    I arrived home about an hour ago to clear skies and mild temperatures. It’s 83 right now. My week in Toronto was also very nice. It’s good to be home.

    • katry Says:

      I remember the song well. You forgot the next part: little Johnny wants to play.

      There are 9 boys on my street ages 10 and under. They are always out playing on their bikes or scooters or just kicking a ball. They are a noisy crew.

      As i got closer to Boston the sky got blue and it was warmer, 62˚. It is in the low 40’s right now, not bad for this time of year.

  3. olof1 Says:

    A rather pleasant day here, mostly sunny but a bit chilly. Rain is predicted for tomorrow, The Norwegian says less than the Swedish one and the Norwegian is more generouse with sunshine too so I hope they are giving us the right prediction 🙂 Nights are bitterly cold now though and it won’t get warmer until late next week.

    I can’t remember thinking rainy Saturdays were so bad, I mostkly where at my best friends home anyway. Otherwise a good book solved most rainy days. I could also be fishing since rainy days often are good fishing days.

    It is the same here, no one seems to understand that the road goes all the way to my cottage too and if they should manage to drive to the village they still can’t find my home 🙂 🙂 Just as good because that means I don’t have to clean my home that thoroughly 🙂 Today I should have vacuumed my entire cottage but swept it instead 🙂

    Have a great day and good luck with Maddie 🙂


    • katry Says:

      It wasn’t the best of days here, but it wasn’t cold. Even now it is 42˚. That’s the way it will be for the next few days: cold nights and a bit warmer days. The weather now is so unpredictable.

      It was difficult to find a private, quiet place to read on a rainy day. We had a small house and too many people. A couple of times I went and read in my dad’s car.

      I guess I shouldn’t complain about the lack of company. You’re right: I don’t have to clean or cook.

      Cat update: Fern took her two different medicines without a problem. Maddie runs away when I get close to her. I’ve got to figure this out.

      Have a great evening!

  4. Birgit Says:

    Partly rainy today but it was a fun and celebration Saturday. April 23rd is World Book Day and the 500th anniversary of German Beer Purity Law and coincidentally I celebrated both. First a book and record fair downtown, I bought an old Tom Paxton live LP, and tonight we saw a Eugene Chadbourne concert in a small typical local beer pub. Great music and beer and fun!

    • katry Says:

      You do have so many fairs, celebrations and festivals. I am jealous. The ones here tend to be far less fun with no concerts and no beer. Strawberries and daffodils, that’s it.

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