It Happened Again!

“We’ve received the DMCA takedown notice ( below regarding material published on your site, which means the complainant is asserting ownership of this material and claiming that your use of it is not permitted by him/her or the law. As required by the DMCA, we have disabled public access to the material.

Repeated incidents of copyright infringement will also lead to the permanent suspension of your site.”

Yup, I’ve been nailed. The artists mentioned include Dylan, Bert Jansch, The Pogues, Aled Jones, B.B. King, Andy Williams and Sarah Moule. All of the offending material was removed by WordPress.

I will figure a way around this but will refrain from posting music until I do.

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30 Comments on “It Happened Again!”

  1. sprite Says:

    Ugh! Maybe you can post YouTube videos in the meantime: (Clearly that’s more limiting, but it absolves you of the guilt of copyright infringement.)

  2. Richard Says:

    Welcome to the ‘Wonderful World of Next Tuesday’ … I hope you can resolve this matter, but from what I’ve seen happen at other sites you’re probably familiar with, that may prove to be a long shot. One thing they can’t say is that you acted in bad faith or for financial gain … In the meantime, there are YouTube-to-mp3 converters aplenty, and I don’t believe those people are being sued or given takedown notices … I hope you can get this behind you quickly, and in the meantime, we can just exchange ideas and curse a lot …

    • katry Says:

      I’m going to follow sprite’s suggestion and post YouTube. Meanwhile I’ll look around to see if I can find another place to put my blog should it be eliminated. I’ll like to give notice so you all can come with me.

      I use a good YouTube-to-mp3 converter which I will post.

      Cursing a lot is definitely in my future.

  3. Birgit Says:

    Too bad. At least they didn’t take your whole blog down.
    Even when you post YouTube links or whatever or no music at all from now on, would it make sense to delete your older music yourself just to lessen the possibility of further notices?

    In my crazy country a whole lawyer cease-and-desist industry with automatic web trawlers emerged because they can charge you for every letter they write. It’s expensive and not a fair game. Even self taken photos are risky, they might contain trademarked objects. This and another law (Impressum) makes it difficult to have a private website or blog here.

    • katry Says:

      That’s true! I have signed up for a couple of spots but have yet to develop a blog there. I will just in case.

      I think it would take a very long time to take down the music links as one of the offensive ones are a few years old.

      I guess I have little to complain about.

    • katry Says:

      I wish I knew more about code so I would construct my own page and answer to no place like Blogger or WordPress. They’d tell me what needed to come down and I could take it down without fear of being vaporized.

  4. Hedley Says:

    Was it Apple who unlocked the site and turned it in to the Feds ?

  5. Bob Says:

    IMHO, forget the music and just keep the blog. Just list the titles and let each person find the song on their own music library or find the YouTube video.

    • katry Says:

      It’s a good suggestion. I’d hate to lose this blog and you and my other Coffee friends.

      • Hedley Says:

        Bob is correct on this – whatever happens you have your KTCCaholics who show up every day and comment

        Bugger Apple

      • katry Says:

        You’re right-I do treasure my KTCCaholics. I haven’t met any of you in person, but I do feel I know you well. I’d miss the hell out of you!

  6. Jay Bird Says:

    Isn’t there a “listen only” mode you could use? I know nothing about this technology, but it seems plausible. (PS – I could surely use a good YouTube-to-MP3 converter, if you would be kind enough to post one. Used to be able to do that right from YouTube.)

    This is the same bullshit (pardon my “French”) that’s causing screen-blurs on logoed ballcaps and t-shirts. Absolute nonsense!

    In the meantime… “keep the coffee coming”. Your stories are wonderful and the old photographs are great. We are with you!!

    • katry Says:

      First off, here are some conversion sites. I use the first one the most but sometimes it won’t download, something about not owning the mums (Ha!). The second one will convert anything.

      It is totally nonsense. We get bombarded by product placement but that’s fine-it’s money in the bank. Every Hallmark Christmas movie had Folger’s on the counter. I wanted to scream.

      I don’t make any money. Actually, Coffee costs me money for added space and a few other things. I buy songs on iTunes, some of which I post. I think I have introduced people to artists they might never have found on their own and maybe they bought some songs.

      I do have a listen only mode-it is the slide.

      Thanks Jay. I’m glad to know my Coffee friends are virtually ready to storm the barricades.

      • Jay Bird Says:

        Ha! As you suspected, the first link didn’t download. Second one did. YouTube now has an amazing selection of tunes, increasing daily. But, there are still many in our genre (folk-ish) that are not available there.

        Many web pages now take so long to download because of the ads and multiple videos. I’m from a different era, but I can enjoy a printed story as much as a video.

        Storm the barricades we shall!!! The Bastille ain’t seen nothing!

      • katry Says:

        I am sometimes happy to find really old blues singers on YouTube but, as you said, not folkish. Once in a while I follow a breadcrumb which leads me to a treasure.

        I’m from the same era. I get two newspapers every day and love to sit and read and drink my coffee. I have tried digital but don’t find it a satisfactory facsimile.

        Light the torches, storm the barricades, make demands. We shall not fail!!

  7. fred lapides Says:

    Been doing my WP site for lots of years and yes i too get notice every so often. First one, some singer’s lawyer.
    Took down the tune. Then New Yorker. I took down article but wrote them to let them know i got it on the net and not via their site so they will have to hunt lots of places.
    Yesterday a photographer wrote and told me it was his photo I had used to accompan y an index of songs. I found the pic on google images. He told me “you owe me money.” that was end of that and I simply put up new pic and ignored him.
    You could put up code for youtube or just the link to the song at YouTube.
    My site runs no ads and nothing there commercial. I simply ask once a year for donations to help out.
    I wish you well

    • katry Says:

      Other than music, I once had a photo taken down (WordPress takes it down instead of me).

      Coffee costs me money. I certainly don’t make any, and I never thought to ask for donations.

      I’m leaning toward the youTube solution.

  8. peter Says:

    how is this one surviving ?

    • katry Says:

      I wondered myself when I went hunting for music blogs to see how they handled music. This one is linked to Coffee so I checked. There is no link to download though you can by right clicking. That may well be the difference. I can load the son and make it a link I suppose, but I was hoping to find a place where I won’t be hunted.

      • peter Says:

        Could it be the “disclaimer”? : “Disclaimer of sorts…

        “This blog is strictly non-profit, and intended for artistic and educational purposes only. MP3’s are up for a limited amount of time and serve the purpose of letting y’all having a taste of what I think is great music. To quote the mighty Captain Beefheart: if you got ears, you gotta listen.

        If you’re an artist or label with any objection to your work being featured here, please drop me a line for direct removal: ”
        Or urging support for the artists ?
        >>>> best of luck

      • katry Says:

        I am going to add that to Coffee. It may help. It certainly can’t hurt. I have read it on other blogs but never thought of it.

      • sprite Says:

        I just wanted to add that while adding a disclaimer is nice and might get you a pass with indie artists who are doing their own web trawling, it’s definitely not going to help you with the major labels, who are, I think, your big problem.

        Sharing music (in the sense of introducing people to new music, rather than in the sense of collaboratively “owning” it) is easy, but tough, in this modern era.

  9. splendidone Says:

    Love and support to you always.

  10. Spence Says:

    I’m in the UK and haven’t been aware of DMCA takedown before tho’ I’m sure something similar could happen over here at any time. Hope you can get a resolution to this (by whatever means!). By the by, I’ve been meaning to write to you for long and long enough to let you know that I enjoy reading your posts and checking out the music you post. I have one night a week (Friday, since you ask) when I crack open a few beers and indulge myself with a spin across several music blogs, YouTube vids, my own music collection etc etc. For several years now your KeepTheCoffeeComing is the one I kick-off with. Not sure how I first came to hear about you but so glad I did and now it’s written into my FrIday Night DNA! I hope you can resolve your music posting issues and whatever happens I’ll continue to checking out your blog. Many thanks and long may you keep going

    • katry Says:

      Thank you, spence. I’m a fan of the UK. When I used to go to Europe every couple of years, I always made London a stop on my way home. It was fun to go out to dinner and a play and do some shopping. It has been a while since I’ve last been as I have gone to Africa lately which tends to make my savings disappear.

      I’m going to use YouTube videos until I solve the problem of posting music. I don’t want to lose Coffee. I lost it once when Blogger made it disappear for the same DMCA reason. When I worked, I used to take a nap every Friday afternoon so I could go out and stay up late as I used to get up at 5.

      That you kick off with KeepTheCoffeeComing is a compliment I appreciate getting. This blog is important to me as I put so much of myself in it as well music I love or have just found and can’t wait to share. Do keep checking.

      Thanks for this!

  11. peter Says:

    Ramone666 is in Spain……wouldn’t ya know….

    • katry Says:

      I actually looked for hosting sites in different countries, but I didn’t find any I thought would work.

      No wonder Ramone666 gets away with itQ

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