“You’ll wake up on Easter morning, And you’ll know that he was there, When you find those choc’late bunnies, That he’s hiding ev’rywhere. “

We had more rain this morning then the sun came out for a while then it disappeared behind the clouds and the sky got darker. The sun made an attempt to reappeared but in a poof was gone again but only for a bit. The sun is now brightly shining in all its glory. The sky is blue and the clouds are gone. The sun has won the day in a spectacular fashion. It is even warm outside. My heat hasn’t come on all morning. Today I’m doing Easter things. I have a few eggs I’m going to color and a couple of baskets to fill.

At Christmas time we had Santa Claus to keep us on the straight and narrow. We didn’t dare cross the line for fear of getting coal in our stockings. The days before Christmas always felt interminable. Christmas Eve was really three days long. Falling asleep on Christmas Eve took forever, but then we woke to Christmas morning, the best morning of the year.

Easter didn’t have the giddy anticipation we gave to Christmas. We had nothing to lose being bad because Easter didn’t have the watchful eyes of Santa Claus or the dire consequences of being bad. The Easter Bunny didn’t seem to care so my mother had no threats to hold over us. We fought like usual and got yelled at the same as we always did.

Easter egg hunts were one of the fun parts of Easter. I remember a giant egg hunt in the field below our houses. All the kids in the neighborhood took part. We carried little baskets to hold our eggs. I remember finding a few here and there and one golden egg, but I gave it no mind and kept looking. At the end of the hunt I found out it was the prize egg. Inside was a dollar bill. This was when a penny had value and a nickel or a dime was wealth. A dollar was a king’s ransom.

The night before Easter was for egg coloring. My mother hard-boiled them, put newspapers on the table and filled paper cups with colored water from packets of dye. We used spoons to put the eggs in the colors and we’d roll the eggs all around so they’d get darker. My mother would display them on the table during Easter dinner. The week after Easter we’d always get colored eggs in our lunch boxes.

My mother would lay out our new Easter clothes on Saturday night. I loved getting new shoes for Easter because usually I only got new ones when the old ones gave up the ghost. We took baths, it was after all Saturday night, watched a little TV, went to bed and fell asleep. In the morning the baskets were on the kitchen table or on our bureaus or even in the living room. We’d eat some chocolate as we’d look through our baskets. That was always our Easter morning breakfast.

We’d go to church where every kid was dressed in new Easter clothes. The colors were light like a spring morning. I swear every Easter was warm and lovely. In the afternoon, after dinner, we’d go to my grandparents’ house in the city. My million or so cousins were also there. My grandmother had chocolate rabbits for us all.

On the way home, I always fell asleep.

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10 Comments on ““You’ll wake up on Easter morning, And you’ll know that he was there, When you find those choc’late bunnies, That he’s hiding ev’rywhere. “”

  1. olof1 Says:

    The wind did eventually destroy an otherwise wonderful day here, I’m so tired of this wind now. But as soon as one came out of reach for the wind it was just perfect.

    I don’t think eater egg hunts even excisted here when I was a kid but I’ve seen several posts on facebook now about it so it’s becoming bigger now.

    WE rarely colored eggs, I remember a few times when we did but that was mostly drawing faces on them 🙂 We went on candy begging as witches instead 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      We ended up with a fairly strong wind as well, but the day stayed sunny. I’m happy with that.

      Easter egg hunts have long been a tradition in this country. You made me curious so I went hunting, “Lizette Larson-Miller, a professor with the Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley, traces the specific custom of the Easter egg hunt to the Protestant Christian Reformer Martin Luther, stating “We know that Martin Luther had Easter egg hunts where the men hid the eggs for the women and children, and it probably has this connection back to this idea of eggs being the tomb.”

      Egg rolling is another custom, but we never did it. The White House has one every year. It dates back to 1862.

      Decorating eggs is fun.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Hedley Says:

    The Prince is in the house. The eggs were done last week, there is a chocolate treat for him from my recent visit to London. He and I have been busy with chores today and have a big evening ahead.

    We will be watching our Michigan State University at 6.00 and then repairing to St John Fisher Chapel for the Easter Vigil. Heck, I think I had better take a nap – where is my book ?

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I was wondering about the Prince as you hadn’t mentioned him a while.

      My sister and I once spent Easter in London. We ended up going to Windsor for a visit. A regimental band played. I gave my sister a chocolate egg.

      I did take a nap.

      Happy Easter!

      • Hedley Says:

        The Prince is running busy, his baseball season is upon us and his school activities are quite time consuming. Typical eight year old really. We are NOT discussing the Easter Bunny, no reason to open Pandora’s box.

        He and I do stuff together, we just walked Maggie the Westie and came in and demanded Mac and Cheese for dinner. Mrs MDH Was ready for our demands.

      • katry Says:

        My nephew was the same with Santa and his eight year old. Ryder too is a busy young man with outdoor soccer and baseball.

        I would have also demanded Mac and cheese, one of my favorites!

  3. Birgit Says:

    Spring can come now, this evening we chased the winter away with a big Easter fire at the nearby local farm museum. Two young witches and the local fire department helped, the community gathered, the weather was nice but cold and the sunset was beautiful. Eggs will be boiled and colored tomorrow morning.

    • katry Says:

      I hope your fire does the trick. I think we’d have to have a conflagration to get rid of winter here.

      Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. Bob Says:

    Thanks for the research on the Easter egg thing. There’s something odd about the Easter bunny delivering eggs. When I was a kid I thought it weird that a rabbit would lay colorful eggs. Why not an Easter chicken? It’s interesting that a roasted egg is displayed on the Sedar table to stand for the burnt offering that was made in the Temple in Jerusalem during Passover. Oh, the last supper was a Passover Sedar even though the Romans tried their best to de-Jewish Jesus after Constantine declared Rome Christian.

    Another beautiful clear warm day. However, rain is coming after midnight to rain on Easter sunrise services. However, we still need the rain. The regular baseball season starts on Monday when every team is in first place until the day is over. 🙂

    Happy Easter and happy Passover.

    • katry Says:

      I was just as curious as you. When I was little, I never questioned the rabbit laying eggs let alone colored and chocolate eggs.

      I knew the Last Supper was a Seder. That was explained to us in school. I have attended only one Seder. I read where the White House has one every year. It started with one of President Obama’s interns when the President was campaigning. That intern is now a state senator in his home state but he goes to the White House every year for the Seder.

      We had the rain today. Tomorrow will be cool so all those pretty Easter dresses will be covered with coats.

      Baseball means spring is official.

      Happy Passover and Happy Easter.

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