“No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on the proper occasions.”

Yesterday was the longest day. I left home at 8:50 and arrived back at 4:30. I more than doubled the week’s mileage on my car. The festival was fun and time passed quickly. The day started with a parade of flags marching in a line from one building to another. Our destination was the stage where we took turns at the microphone introducing our countries. The best part of the parade was the dragon the Chinese dancers carried. After the introductions, we marched back to the main hall to man our tables. Lots of people stopped at the Peace Corps table, some with questions and others to get a sticker in their passports. Every little kid, and a few adults, carried a passport, and every table provided a sticker for the passport and wrote the name of the table below it, think of it as a visa, and there were prizes at the end of the event for the most stickers. It is a neat idea, the passports, as kids get to visit the different countries’ exhibits and the tables get traffic. My favorite was the Chinese stamp as the table’s name was written in characters. Germany had its own sticker in gold. My favorite table was from India. It had a great elephant lamp with the most colorful shade shaped like an umbrella. The men at the table wore Indian clothes, and I loved the colors. Upstairs was the bazaar, and I bought a few things including cardamom bread from the Finnish table, cheese from Italy and a couple pf stocking stuffers from China. It was, all in all, a good day.

Last night at 9:50 the electricity died. First thing I did was look out the window, and it was the whole neighborhood. Luckily my lantern was right beside the couch. It has been that sort of a winter when keeping a lantern close is a good idea. I turned off the lights, and we all went upstairs to stay warm under the comforters. I had my Smithsonian and my iPad so I was content. I turned on the light above me so I’d be awakened when the electricity came back and then I got cozy and fell asleep. Around 12:30 the light woke me up. Normalcy had been restored so I went back to sleep. This morning I found the TV on as I had forgotten all about it. My phone was blinking because there was a message from the electric company saying it was faulty equipment as if that explained anything.

On the front page of the Globe are two pictures side by side. One is of an Anchorage street with no snow at all and the other is of a street in Boston with mounds of snow along its sides measured in feet and so much snow on the street you’d have to guess what it is. If I could write a sigh you could hear, I would, but I can’t so just imagine a long and loud sigh as you read the next line: snow is coming starting this evening. The prediction is 3-6 inches, a small snow storm as snow storms go, but none of us can’t think of it that way. It is the proverbial last straw. It is the last drop. I’m going to scream, a horrible scream, a frightening scream as if my sanity has left me.

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14 Comments on ““No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on the proper occasions.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    So it’s the same in Anchorage as here, sort of fits since we live almost as far north here 🙂 It is raining and snowing with strong winds here but it is still above 32 and it will stay that way.

    Sounds like You had fun yesterday 🙂 No Swedish table? I’ve never heard of finnish cardamom bread, they are more known for their really dark rye breads, few make those better than the Finns!

    I’mjust waiting for the power to die here, these srong winds, soft ground and trees being heavy with rain sort of is a given to loose power 🙂 I never wake up because of the lights shining though and I don’t think my tv starts again like that.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      We have everyone’s snow and would be more than happy to share!

      I don’t think there was a Swedish table but there was a combined table which may have had stuff from Sweden. The bread is absolutely delicious.

      I didn’t think the TV would start either. I figured the cable would but not the TV itself so I was surprised. Everything else I had turned off except the heat wasn’t lowered. I figured it would have to be at 68˚ to warm the house.

      Great Day? I’m not so sure.

      You enjoy your walk and your lack of snow!!

  2. Bob Says:

    You have been very lucky to have had only one power outage this miserable winter. I’m amazed that all the electric companies haven’t buried all the power lines underground to prevent ice laden trees from taking down those lines. I guess burying power lines would just give the power companies an excuse to jack up the rates. 🙁

    Your description reminded me of those multicultural activity days when I was in school in Dallas during the 1950s. We each researched a different country and gave a little speech about their culture and displayed their flag. Thinking back to those days, I wonder if the segregated black schools did the same thing separately but equally. 🙂

    As we say goodbye to February and black history month I am amazed how much progress we have made in race relations in the last 50 years since Selma Alabama. My kids don’t see race, nationality or ethnicity but just people. We worked hard at teaching our kids that people are all the same. We haven’t gone completely color blind here but things are better. Hopefully, March will bring less snow to the North East along with warmer temperatures. I can’t wait for August so that I can complain about how hot it is here in Texas while Kat is basking in moderate 80 degree high temperatures.

    • katry Says:

      We have been lucky that the storms with the most snow had fluffy snow. My lines are underground but they connect someplace with older lines above ground. I swear I heard a transformer blow last night.

      The tables were manned by people wearing traditional clothing and showing articles from their countries. I did a walk around and saw all the tables. It was a great festival, larger than it had been last year.

      It is the same here with race. Kids mostly just see people.

      We aren”t ever too often in the high 80’s, usually the low. August, though, does get humid.

      March can get snowy too. I’m beginning to think the whole year will have snow. This is too much!!

      • Bob Says:

        Ops, I ment to say a high temperature of 80 degrees. Yes, humid but not too hot. You live on a peninsula of course it would be humid in summer.

      • katry Says:

        I think a good portion of the state is humid. My sister lives inland and she complains about it in the summer.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Your festival sounded like a lot of interesting fun was had by all. I love those kinds of things where you get to see (and taste) all the different cultures. I think I covet that elephant lamp.

    At this point I have adjusted my idea of snow just as I have adjusted my idea of what constitutes cold. Three to six inches is hardly worth bothering about. I may not even shovel it. 🙂

    Right now it’s dull grey outside. It’s warmish at 25ºF but it was a lot colder earlier this morning. 3ºF. I waited to take the dogs out until it warmed up to 11F.
    Today looks to be a lazy day for me. No sun so no incentive to go outside. I could play with my new bread machine that came yesterday. Nah. I’ll read instead.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      It was fun yesterday. You and I would fight it out for that lamp.

      I agree about 6 inches-a snow shower and that’s about it.

      Dull grey here and snowing already. It is warm as well with no breeze. Gracie is out longer than she has been. I did do my errands but rewarded myself with my favorite sandwich and a half moon. I like to treat myself well.

      You also enjoy a lazy day!

  4. Birgit Says:

    Double sigh. One from the Cape and one from London, Tottenham – Chelsea just ended.

  5. Coleen Says:

    You gotta do something to break up the winter blahs, I figure. I went to see the great Mavis Staples (Staples Singers, back in the day) last week. Naturally it was snowing, and she wouldn’t cancel…I got there plenty early, and in a conversation I discovered the box office people were upset that she didn’t…

    Several of my friends owe me lunch or dinner, but the weather has been so crappy that we may have to push it all back to spring…now THAT’S something to look forward to… 🙂

    Sick of waving from a snowbank, (willya melt, for cryin’ out loud???),


    • katry Says:

      I was doing just fine until it started snowing so heavily tonight. I did the festival yesterday, and that was fun, but tonight it is just ugly.

      I did go to my friends’ house for games tonight, and that was fun. It was good to get out again.

      That snowbank won’t melt until May!!

      Weaving from inside my warm house!!

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