“I have not yet lost a feeling of wonder, and of delight, that the delicate motion should reside in all the things around us, revealing itself only to him who looks for it.”

It’s raining, and that’s the only sound I can hear now. Earlier it was the sound of the chain saw cutting down dead branches from the giant pine trees in my front yard. Now the lawn is covered in spindly dead branches. Gracie and I watched for a while. I got bored. She didn’t.

The first of my movies has arrived, actually two movies have arrived, both on a single disc. The descriptions on the covers are perfectly wonderful, so bad you have to laugh. The first, The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant, says, “One a Hillbilly Half-Wit, the Other a Psycho-Killer! They were headed for trouble.” The other movie, The Thing with Two Heads, says,”They share the same body but hate each other’s guts!” The premiers, though, will have to wait until next week as this week’s movie night is postponed due to rain.

When I was a kid, I could see the face of the man in the moon. Some nights he looked happy while other nights he looked surprised, his mouth wide open. I weighed in on the controversy and voiced my opinion that the moon was not made of cheese. I guessed maybe rocks and sand though cheese would have been more fun but less durable. I knew there were aliens somewhere on a far off planet who probably didn’t look like us, but I had no idea exactly how they looked or if they’d discreetly visited. For some reason I figured they’d have really bad taste in fashion, and that’s how we’d find them. I’m thinking checkered coats and bowler hats. They’d speak in stilted English and not understand idioms or slang. I haven’t found one yet but bad taste in fashion abounds so I’ll keep looking.

I got to grow up in an age of wonder when trips to the moon were science fiction, and computers were background props in space ships so big people stood upright, ate at a table and slept in state rooms. The porthole windows showed stars and meteoroids which never moved, special effects being what they were back then. I never minded. I had learned early on to suspend disbelief. It made movies so much more fun.

Some of my friends can’t believe the creature features I watch. They talk about the bad special effects, the B actors and the unbelievable creatures. What they don’t know is I can still see the man in the moon and my suspension of disbelief is finely honed after all these years. I know wonder can be found even in a B movie.

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6 Comments on ““I have not yet lost a feeling of wonder, and of delight, that the delicate motion should reside in all the things around us, revealing itself only to him who looks for it.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I used to see the Man in the Moon but then one night I saw a cave drawing of a Bison and that’s what I see all the time now. Well, except on those rare nights that I see the Rabbit. 🙂

    To keep that feeling of wonder and delight in the world you have keep noticing the world around you. So many adults stop doing that and never get it back. Too busy thinking about where they have to be to notice where they are now.

    Those two movies sound hideous. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when they pitched those scripts. 🙂
    I have seen the old movie that your photo comes from. It’s funny. The poor moon gets it in the eye. 🙂

    It’s thinking about raining up here. It has dribbled a bit but nothing more. It’s murky, damp and rather cool. I doubt it made it out of the 60’s. An excellent day for paying bills. 😛

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I usually just see the man-no critters. I’ll have to look and see if I can see anything else.

      I have always considered myself lucky that I still see such wonder. Maybe it is because I have traveled where everything is new and you need to pay attention or you’ll miss it. I always feel sort of bad for people who miss the stuff around them.

      I once posted the moon with the rocket in the eye so I decided to post this other photo. I too have seen the movie. I think hideous makes them all the more appealing.

      It is still raining and has all day. Right now I’m watching the Sox but switching back and forth to Sharkopus. Yup, just like it sounds.

      Have a wonderful evening!

  2. olof1 Says:

    I can still see the man in the moon but it works best if it’s slightly cloudy 🙂 But I have always been more intyerested in the stars. Of course I knew there were aliens out there and I also knew they all spoke English. I was sort of glad for that because we did learn English in school. So if I ever met one I would be able to ask if I could follow it in the space ship 🙂

    I was pretty sure that if they didn’t live on Mars they sure did live on Venus. The clouds there were just something they had to keep snoopy eyes away from them 🙂 I sort of got rather disappointed when I learned it’s so hot there that they have lakes of melted led 🙂

    Those movies are the best and I so wish I could see them with You, it’s rare to find someone with the same great taste in movies 🙂 🙂 🙂 The important thing is to block the part of the brain that demands logic in movies 🙂

    A rather nice day here and tomorrow will be mostlky about rain and thunder storms they say.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      I always think the moon is prettiest with a small cloud in the front and the stars behind. I figure it is a bit egotistical to think we are the only ones in all the universe. They’ll have communicators in their heads so they can get an instant translation.

      I think something probably did live on Mars at some point. There are so many galaxies there must be a habited planet there.

      That’s my suspension of disbelief-ignoring the logic part of your brain. These movies are meant to be fun. I’d pop corn and we could enjoy them together. My sister too would like them.

      Rain here again tomorrow.

      Have a wonderful evening!

      • olof1 Says:

        Yes of course there must be something more out there and I do hope they’re smarter than us and take care of their worlds in contrary to us that rather quickly destroys ours 🙂

        I’m still hoping for Mars but any life there is most probably on bacteria size. We do have the moons around Jupiter and Saturn to hope for in our own system too.
        I’s 5am here right now and the thunder has just started, some distance away but I can hear it clearly.

      • katry Says:

        I figure if they can get to us, they must be smarter than we are. More aliens in the movies seem bent on human destruction than peaceful coexistence. I have hopes of all ET’s but the odds don’t look good.

        The rain has finally stopped.

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