“Rain clouds come floating in, not to muddy my days ahead, but to make me calm, happy and hopeful.”

I woke up at eight but stayed lolling in bed for 45 more minutes. I just didn’t want to move, and neither did the animals: both Gracie and Fern stayed with me on the bed while Maddie dropped by for some pats. You can blame it all on the rain. It is falling lightly, gently, the sort of rain which holds me thrall, and I stop often to sit and listen. I watch the drops fall from the overhang above the window. The house is in cozy darkness. I’m still wearing comfy bed-clothes, and I think I might just do that all day. I have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

We always walked to school. Almost everyone did. The weather didn’t matter. We walked on the coldest mornings and in the heaviest rain. The school was our refuge, and we hurried to get there. On rainy days we didn’t have to wait outside for the bell, the nuns or the lines. We could go right to the cloakrooms, get out of our wet coats and boots and then go into our classrooms. I remember how quiet everything in the classroom seemed on a rainy day. It was as if the rain had blanketed all sounds except its own. Each the classroom had long windows on two sides, and the raindrops tapped the windows. I was a reluctant learner on those rainy days. I wanted just to hear the rain.

When I arrived in Ghana for Peace Corps training, it was the rainy season. Our first stop was on the coast in a town called Winneba where we stayed for two weeks. I remember sitting on the top step of a classroom block watching the rain. I can still see it all so clearly even after all these years. The steps were concrete and they and the building behind me were painted white. The top step was out of the rain, under an overhang. The rain was steady but misty and blurred the buildings as if they were a painting maybe by Monet. I had my travel umbrella with me but I hadn’t opened it. When my left my step, I forgot the umbrella. When I went back, it was gone. I didn’t really care. Nobody in Ghana used umbrellas in the rain.

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14 Comments on ““Rain clouds come floating in, not to muddy my days ahead, but to make me calm, happy and hopeful.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    “From your own correspondent”

    Mark Oliver Everett wandered on to the stage, sat down at the piano and began with “Where I am at” and so the dark portion of the show began. He stood at the center microphone and sang “When you wish upon a star” (think Pinocchio) and for the next few songs the darkness was interspersed with humor…..”this song isn’t such a bummer, well actually its an even bigger bummer”….E sang “It’s a M********* ” and announced he was feeling better and the Eels changed gear.

    The upright bass thumped, the Chet drove a rhythm guitar and we moved in to “Daisies through the concrete” and “I like birds” Towards the end, E left the stage and circled the audience exchanging hugs before “Blinking Lights” “Last Stop” “Cant help Falling in love” and “Turn on your radio”

    I am not unbiased, I never have been about Mr Everett or his band. It was a fabulous show and if they are coming anywhere near your town, pay the $35, go and see them

    Kat, I understand “Cautionary Tales” much better now, its just part of the journey with E.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      $35.00 is a small price to pay should they come this way. You have made me an Eels fan, and I am grateful.

      I haven’t heard them sing “When You Wish Upon a Star” but I’ll find it as I love that song.

      My journey with them has just begun.

      • Hedley Says:

        Kat, I am so glad.

        The Eels are one of those bands that will never achieve fame despite an extraordinary body of work. In my spinning world much of my music is transitory, played a couple of times and then frisbeed into the closet for ever….but not Mark Oliver Everett.

        My nephew is home from Chicago this weekend. I started him with Daisies, we went out together to get our copies of Shootenanny when it released. Tomorrow night we will have a beer, listen to Cautionary Tales and hang out.

      • katry Says:

        The first song you hand fed me sold me. You were wise. The first album I bought was Daisies. Your nephew is walking the journey right behind me.

    • Okay, Hedley, I’m getting curious now. You’ve talked me into leaving my cozy little vintage enclave to check out the Eels.

      • Hedley Says:


        You need a starting point and I would recommend the following
        1. Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
        2. Electro Shock Blues
        3. Daisies of the Galaxy

        The band self release live material often to coincide with a tour, but not this time. I hope that those three discs provide an introduction that you enjoy and cause you to explore further

        From the amazing brilliant Blinking Lights, this is the final song and goodness knows I can relate

  2. olof1 Says:

    It has been raining on and off here too most parts of the day, a sort of misty drizzle most of the time. But my dogs weren’t wet or muddy when I came home so I guess it was better here in the village.

    I always get sleepy when it rains and since I always sat by the windows in school close to the radiators it did happen that I feel asleep 🙂 I’m much the same still 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      The rain got real heavy for a while but now has stopped. I am glad for the rain as we needed it. My floor got washed today by my cleaning people so Gracie will be leaving muddy paw prints.

      I too got sleepy on a rainy day sitting at my desk. A nap would have been nice. I may even take one today.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I woke up at 5 AM after having a dream that my bathroom was infested with guinea pigs. No idea where that one came from. They were kind of cute, though.
    Anyway, I was in my pj’s until about an hour ago but then I got myself together. It’s been a lazy sort of day. The laundry went into the washing machine yesterday and it’s still there.
    The rain was falling gently but steadily up until a short time ago. Now it is coming down harder and faster. No dog walking today.

    I have umbrellas. I usually forget to bring them so they are relatively unused.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I haven’t gotten dressed and probably won’t. The couple who clean for me are here so my house will be cleaned this afternoon. I had friends over for dinner last night so I all have to do is run the dish washer.

      The rain did the same thing here but has since stopped.

      I keep an umbrella in the car and one here at home. I don’t usually think to use them.

      Have a great afternoon!

  4. Kat,
    You mean somebody actually absconded with your umbrella as soon as you’d turned your back?

    • katry Says:

      I left it so somebody took it. I believe it was a while before I remembered to go back. It was no big deal to me. It could have been people from the village, workers, kitchen staff, a volunteer or any number of other people.

  5. Birgit Says:

    It’s unfair. Complaint. I just looked up Eels’ tour dates, he tours central Europe in summer, but not one date is near my home. The nearest venue is Eindhoven/NL, wrong date and too far away without a car. I want my money back. Oh, sorry, I didn’t pay anything yet, not even for the Eels CDs I lend from the library.
    Well, actually I can’t complain, the annual vocal concert series in the neighboring city has begun. Today medieval vocal music in a church:
    Choir festival on Saturday downtown open-air, I hope it won’t rain.

    • katry Says:

      I just checked, and, sadly, they came to Boston, and I didn’t know. I am so bummed.

      That music is just so lovely, and I envy you the opportunity though with summer coming they’ll be more music on the cape.

      I hope the day is just perfect.

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