Odo Me, Me Sum Do No: Kwaa Mensah

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9 Comments on “Odo Me, Me Sum Do No: Kwaa Mensah”

  1. Spaceman Says:

    Good stuff.

    Afrikan music and Bond, hard to get better

  2. Spaceman Says:

    Afrikan music is pretty neat though I don’t know very much about.

    The vid is not actually Bond though certainly it sounds like it should be. Glad you enjoyed……

  3. Spaceman Says:

    To mix in some diversity. Botswana metal

    • katry Says:

      It seems strange to hear metal from Africa. I am used to traditional music and am definitely behind the times.


  4. Spaceman Says:

    Some metal is OK. There is a lot of it (and successor genres) still being made, which has a smallish, but active following. There are even Christian bands that play that style. About the only stuff I absolutely won’t listen to is lead singers that growl (and call it singing).

    • katry Says:

      I couldn’t name a metal band if my life depended on it. I am just not attracted to the music I’ve heard.

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