Obi Abayiwa: Roadmaster & Agyemang

This has been Peace Corps week, a yearly event which celebrates the contributions of the Peace Corps community both at home and abroad. On Sunday, one day later than the actual anniversary of President Kennedy’s establishment of the Peace Corps, I will have lunch with some of the Cape’s returned volunteers. This afternoon I’m heading down cape for an African meal. I couldn’t drum up any company, but I’m just fine going by myself.

Today you get Ghanaian music in memory of my Peace Corps days in Bolgatanga and in celebration of my former students who are now only a phone call away.

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9 Comments on “Obi Abayiwa: Roadmaster & Agyemang”

  1. Birgit Says:

    Hot music for cold days. Nice picture. Enjoy your meal!

  2. Coleen Burnett Says:

    Thank you for your effort to bridge the gap between cultures, Kat. It’s soooo important, and people tend to forget that…

    Waving from a small snowbank that will apparently become bigger this weekend…


    • katry Says:

      It is always fun for me to post Ghanaian music. I heard it everywhere: in chop bars (hole in the wall places to eat), lorry parks and from radios in the market. High life was the min music when I was there, and I still love it.

      Waving from the window!

  3. Bill S. Says:

    Back from Florida and 85 degree weather, to 22 degrees and a coming storm. Global warming, where are you?? I have to go out an unfurl my Peace Corps flag, which is all wrapped around the pole from the wind.

    Nice picture of you. I think you gave me a copy last year. I recognize Francisca, but didn’t recognize Grace.

    We sent Grace an atm by regular mail (Fedex wanted $90.08 ???? for sending). This was the best and cheapest way to send her money for baskets. Now she emailed us and said in talking with Francesca, that Moneygram or Western Union is better. Don’t ask me why. They charge $10 per transaction, whereas the atm card is free.

    Stay out of the hot sun. Today is the first day of meteorlogical spring.

    • katry Says:

      I was going to call you so you could tell me how hot you were and how you had to put on sunscreen!

      My flag is out and blowing in the wind. There is an international festival today I might hit. Last year I set up the PC table but wasn’t ask this year so I don’t know if there is one.

      Lillian is to the right of Grace in that picture. I find it difficult to believe I was that young.

      Grace told me the same thing about sending money by Moneygram which I think you can get at CVS. I’m sending her money for the cloth she has already sent and for more cloth to be made into napkins for Christmas presents.

      Yup, snow on Monday. I am going to open my door and scream!!

      Glad you two had such a good time!

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