Everything Is Broken: Dylan

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5 Comments on “Everything Is Broken: Dylan”

  1. Marchbanks Says:

    This is the national anthem of every technical support agent ever. (If something gets to tech support, it is by definition broken. NOBODY ever calls tech support to tell us their whatever is working fine.)

    I think I may like Tim Rice’s version of this song better, ‘cos I like his stop-chorus arrangement.

    • katry Says:

      Happy you dropped by!

      I figure the very name Tech Support implies needing help. If everything is going well I can’t figure you’d be needing support, “Great job! That-a-boy,” seems unlikely.

      I haven’t heard the Tim Rice cover, but I’ll go hunting-thanks!

  2. scott04073 Says:

    I absolutely love the groove on this one. So un-Dylan like. 😉

  3. katry Says:

    I can even tell you the last time I heard this. I was surprised as soon as it started.

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