“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”

The day is actually in the 70’s, and there is a cooling north breeze, but it is still dark and cloudy with a bit of humidity when the breeze dies for a bit. This morning was my monthly breakfast with a fluctuating number of women whom I worked with for years and who are now all retired. Today there were ten of us. I have nothing else planned for the day. My friend is coming to take my trash to the dump, and I’m thinking of moving the laundry from the hall to the cellar with a simple toss down the stairs. The laundry is getting closer and closer to the washing machine every day.

My friend used to say that once July 4th is over so is the summer. I actually saw a back to school ad the other night. Now I’m waiting for a Halloween or Christmas ad. Summer Santa was on the cape yesterday doing a six month naughty or nice check. He was wearing summer Santa gear and Boston Red Sox socks. The paper showed a little girl on his lap who was mesmerized by being with Santa.

When I was little, I was filled with wonder and made new discoveries all the time. The world was still fresh and unfamiliar. I got older and the mysteries disappeared but not the wonder. I love to sit on my deck in the evening and watch the fireflies in the backyard flit among the trees like fairies taken to wing. The male gold finches are so bright and beautiful they take my breath away. I remember the hummingbird at my feeder. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. A starry night is another wonder, a night so bright you can read by the light from the heavens. The summer meteor showers in August are so amazing I say things like, “Wow,” out loud but never figure anyone hears me as all the other houses are usually dark. Thunder and lightning and a heavy rain are favorites of mine. I watch from the window and see the sides of the street flooded and filled with swirling rain. Sometimes the rain is light enough that I can sit outside under the umbrella and not get wet. The rain hits the umbrella and that is among the best of sounds.

Getting older doesn’t ever mean losing our sense of wonder. The beauties of the world are still here. We just have to remember to look.

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13 Comments on ““The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I’m older but the mysteries still abound.
    Most of my mysteries begin with “I wonder why…”, so perhaps it is all wonder.

    There are quite a few fireflies (AKA lightening bugs) flitting about my yard these evenings. The county hasn’t sprayed for mosquitoes yet. There is quite a variety of interesting bugs flying around at the moment.
    The chimney swifts and bats are very happy and very full.:)

    It was actually almost cold this morning. The sun is trying to show itself. Until it does, my feet might actually require socks or a warm dog to sleep upon them.
    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I think there are mysteries which are never solved so we can wonder.

      When I was a kid, we did call them lightning bugs, and they were all over the field below my house. That was a wondrous field filled with grasshoppers and the sounds of so many different bugs.

      I saw a bat in my back yard the other night.

      The window behind me has a chilly breeze so I’ve lowered it. It is only in the low 70’s which is taunting in a way as another heat wave is coming.

      I shall have a lazy day, thank you!!

  2. Birgit Says:

    A summer Santa? Funny idea! At least on the northern hemisphere.
    Summer can’t be over, it just takes a break, our summer school holidays (6 weeks) start in 10 days. These pupils need a little bit of summer too.
    Now back to the festival, it’s a good opportunity to buy 2nd-hand records.

    • katry Says:

      There are a few places called The North Pole. One is in Colorado, and you get to see Santa in his off-season. I suppose it can be a reminder that naughty children get coal in their stockings. There are rides for little kids and shops, lots of shops.

      The summer holidays here are, at the least, 8 weeks, and at the most 10 depending upon whether there were no school days because of snow which have to be made up and when Labor Day is. Sometimes it is early and other years around the 7th or 8th. School here in Massachusetts starts after Labor Day.

      Have fun at the festival!

  3. olof1 Says:

    I still make dsicoveries out in the forest almost every day and like You I love looking up in the sky looking at meteors but I can’t see any during summer, it’s just too much light during the night 🙂 I’ve only seen fireflies once in my life and I was so young I really can’t remember it.

    really cold here last night, only 38,3 as coldest. A bit too earely to have it that cold during night, we shouldn’t have frost until the first week in September. But the rest of the day has been just wonderful and I took a few photographs when I went to Skara today, I think You’ll like them. More will come tomorrow and on Sunday.

    Summer Santa 🙂 No such thing up here in the north, no schoolads either. I think that any comapny doing that now would loose all their customers, Summer’s so short that we don’t need any remainder of what’s comming 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      My backyard is as natural as when I bought the house: filled with trees. The fireflies are easy to spot in the darkness, and I love to watch it as it flies.

      I used to take Maggie and Shauna into the woods as they could be off leash and never run away or be bothered when they’d see another dog. Gracie is a totally different dog. She runs away off leash and only liked one other dog. She always barks when she sees others be walked on her street.

      The Santa was at any store but sitting on the town green. There was no advertising, and he was dressed for summer. I think it might have been fun to see Santa in summer clothes.

      Have a great evening!!

  4. Bob Says:

    Every day I try to find something new to learn or new to see. Otherwise what’s the point.

    For me summer is over when the kids go back to school. They used to go back the first week in August in the Plano Independent School District and then have a one week of fall break in October. This was a wonderful schedule because going on vacation in October you had lower prices, less crowds and less heat. Our wonderful governor, Rick (with the pompadour hairdo) Perry killed that school calendar so that all the kids in Texas go back to school the last week in August. I call it the Six Flags Law. All politics is a function of the golden rule. Which golden rule you ask, the one that says, “He who has the gold, rules”. Perry announced on Monday that he was not going to run again for governor of Texas. His majesty will probably announce that he will run again for the presidency. He makes the last guy, I think it was Romney, look like a progressive.

    I actually got see some rain last evening. It wasn’t much considering all the thunder, but it was wet. Another scorcher today with a very slight chance of a pop up shower somewhere.

    • katry Says:

      I don’t learn something new every day on purpose. I sort of fall into that, but I wasn’t meaning new things I was talking about the things we thought of mysteries when we were kids like why does it rain or snow, why are trees green, how come the dog sheds in the summer: those sort of mysteries.

      I heard about him not running on the radio. They did speculate that he would make another run for the presidency.

      School here in this district begins the week after Labor Day. The reason is that summer places don’t want to lose all their help before the season is over. School officials have tried to start it in August but the teachers vote it down. My nephew’s son in Colorado starts August 2nd, but he gets out of school in May.

      We have a cool day, but the scorchers will be back.

      Hope you stay cool!!

  5. hedley Says:

    And so we bid a very fond farewell to Alan Whicker. Travel journalist, interviewer or the rich and richer, eccentric, colorful, ludicrous, he brought us stories from the most exotic of locations and was duly honored by Monty Python.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I am, of course, a huge Monty Python fan and have been for years. It used to appear on our PBS channel every early evening, and I seldom missed it.

      This one is a delight and is now a wonderful tribute.

  6. Hi Kat,

    I was chatting with my mother this morning and she was telling me about a wild cat named Taz that you brought back from Africa, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk about him. Maybe you could blog a story about him/her some time?


    • katry Says:

      Taz had been a gift from my students and I did bring him back. He was an amazing cat. I definitely will chat about him-thanks for reminding me. The only time I’ve mentioned him was when I told the story, a long time back, of when I found half a lizard in my house. I saw the legs and tail and grabbed it thinking I’d caught the lizard that lived in the high ceiling vents. Well, Taz had already eaten the head and front feet so that was one easy lizard to catch. .

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