“The grocery store is the great equalizer where mankind comes to grips with the facts of life like toilet tissue”

I don’t think I have ever heard such thunder in my whole life. It roared overhead as if a jet were flying low to the ground and passing over my house. Gracie and I were both jolted from sleep, no waking up and stretching to the morning. We sat up and looked at the ceiling as if we could see the sound. When the thunder finally faded away, we both went back to sleep only to be jolted again by as loud a clap as the first. The ceiling gave us no hint this time either. Gracie and I admitted defeat and got out of bed. I showered. She laid down and waited.

Last night’s heavy rain left a damp, dark day, the same sort of day as yesterday’s when we never did see the sun though Fenway Park had sun for the Sox game last night. Maybe it was sun or just maybe it was the god of baseball shining on the home team.

My Peapod order is due sometime between now and 3 o’clock. I took the wide window to save a couple of dollars. That made me chuckle. I am not generally the save a few bucks sort of shopper. I never check weight against price or buy something simply because it’s on sale. I don’t know what prompted me to choose the crazy time, but I did feel a bit proud and certainly quite parsimonious.

I started going through the recipes I’ve torn or cut out from newspapers and magazines. I made several piles like appies, dessert, chicken, beef, pasta, foreign, potatoes, salads and on and on and on. My piles got out of hand, I ran out of space and I got bored. I decided to redo the piles so I went to appies, sides, meats and desserts. I got about a third of the way through my cuttings and decided I’d had enough. I put everything together in one pile and put it away. I’m just about back where I started. I don’t care because when I’m old and bed-ridden, this will give me something to do.

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14 Comments on ““The grocery store is the great equalizer where mankind comes to grips with the facts of life like toilet tissue””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I saw that storm cell going over you on the morning weather radar. It looked fearsome. There was nothing up here but dullness.

    Rocky and I went off to the lake for a small walk.
    I forgot it was Farmer’s Market Day and they set up in the park where we walk. It was crowded already. Lots of people and dogs. Rocky was ecstatic.
    After our walk, I shopped. All those fresh veggies locally grown and what do I buy? An individual homemade apple pie baked this morning, sea scallops caught early this morning, some sweet Italian sausages and some kind of Lebanese bread like Lahmajun only not.
    I’ve already eaten the pie. Apple pie for breakfast is an old New England tradition. 😉

    It tried to rain but failed. The sun is trying to shine but is only partly successful. It could go either way.

    I do the supersaver Peapod time, too, because why not?

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      The sun came out for about 3 minutes then disappeared again. I fear the world will stay cloudy and damp.

      I love all the farmer’s markets. I try and hit the Thursday morning one each week then another in the afternoon. They are the ones closest to where I live. I’m with you on the bread. I am a sucker for fresh bread of any kind. Apple pie is great for any meal!!

      Peapod has come and gone. I love to see that truck arrive and watch as all the heavy stuff is brought into the house.

      Have a great evening!!

  2. olof1 Says:

    The day started beautiful and it looks as if it will end the same way. But it rained all the time in between. I managed to mow the lawn mostly between showers but not entirely 🙂 It’s a bit chilly so I started the radiator in the bath room, I hate going in there early mornings if it’s cold.

    We have that kind of service here too, like the Peapod but from what I understand one can’t pick special items, they put together something for what ever ammount of money You want to spend. Strange really, if I’m willing to pay for groceries and pay for a delivery too I really should be able to get exactly what I want, not something they want to get rid off 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      It is sticky humid and uncomfortable. The temperature isn’t too bad but the humidity chokes.

      Here you go through the list of everything the store has to offer and choose what and how many you want. They tell you what items you’ve bought before are on sale as well as the other sale items. You can browse the aisles just as if you were in the store. I haven’t ever heard of one that gives you what they want. This is my grocery order, everything I want.

      Enjoy the rest of the day.

  3. john Says:

    Parsimonious – whew! Been awhile since I’ve seen that one.

  4. john Says:

    ‘cuse me,,,, ” a while”.

  5. john Says:

    We’ve got more than enough rain lately with little or no thunder and lightening. More’s the pity. I love ’em both and feel cheated if we only get the rain.
    Yesterday’s trip to the Farmer’s Market brought us some nice peas, the first decent looking sweet corn of the year, and of course,,, a small loaf of banana bread. Sandy picked up another plant to add to the garden in case the gypsies come by in the night and steal the dozens she’s all ready planted.
    Our Cash Box Kings concert up north got rained out half way through the evening in that we got there late and had to sit on the patio rather than in the pavilion. Tonight’s show here in town, Mike Mangione & The Union, may be iffy. Rain’s become the fashion lately.

    • katry Says:

      We had the whole words last night, but I missed the lightning and only heard the thunder and the tremendous rainstorm. You would have loved it.

      There is sun right now, but it isn’t supposed to last. I can hear a couple of lawnmowers so the break is being used to catch up on yard work.

      I love farmer’s markets. Haha, I loved the Sandy comment. I can just hear you saying that to her. I have to admit I am never done buying plants. I say I am then I buy more. The Gypsies are on the prowl down here too.

      I think we’re supposed to have rain all week. At least my grass will be green, and I don’t have to water all the plants on the deck. I guess that’s my silver lining.

  6. Bob Says:

    If there is thunder there is lighting. They occur simultaneously but light travels faster than sound so you see the lighting in the distance first before hearing the thunder.

    You are lucky to have rain in the summer. Here in North Texas we are entering the really dry season. Around here watering the foundation is critical since our soil is mostly black clay and our homes are on slab foundations. The soil at the edge of the house will dry out and contract and the soil under the middle will remain moist. The result is a cracked slab and a huge pay day for the foundation repair folks. Unfortunately, the draught continues and we are under watering restrictions. Yesterday afternoon we officially hit 103 degrees.

    • katry Says:

      I knew there had to have been lightning but I kissed it. The thunder woke me up.

      We have rain all year long. Summer rain has always been my favorite as it is the fiercest or the gentlest depending upon the storm. We used to run in the rain and splash in the puddles beside the sidewalks when I was a kid. It was always the most fun.

      I keep reading about the horrible heat in the southwest. It is in the news every night here. I hope it ends soon.

  7. Lori Kossowsky Says:

    We are having a hot spell here..no I’m staying inside. In some of the places it will reach about 90, which is very warm for here. I’ve never heard of Peapod. I stayed up far too late, going to bed around 6am. I’m too old for that sort of thing. You do sound like you are on the mend, and I am glad for that.

    Last night while at the Y, I had just showered and changed from my suit to my clothes, when the fire alarm went off. For those with mobility problems, I didn’t know there is a side entrance ramp, which will take one out of the side entrance of the building. I do think the ramp should be made of something besides wood. I followed a friend who is in a motorized wheelchair who was barely dressed. She became hysterical, but I helped calm her down with the EMT and lifeguard. I believe a child did this as a prank.

    Time to read, rest and see if Simone wants her food.


    • katry Says:

      Peapod is a part of Stop and Shop. I don’t know if you have that grocery chain out there. I love they come and deliver the groceries right to the kitchen.

      I used to stay up until the early morning, but I realized it screwed up my whole week to do that so I haven’t done it in a long time. Now I stay up late every now and then but it ruins my sleep cycle so I try not to do that.

      The ramp maybe an old one built a while back. Was she hysterical because of the alarm? The kid should be arrested and fined big bucks he has to work off at the Y.

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