“It’s okay to be crazy and scared and brave at the same time!”

The day is so beautiful that Gracie just came inside for her morning nap. It’s quite late as the cats are already well into theirs. Fern, of course, grabbed all the morning sunlight streaming through the front door so Maddie is on the afghan. Gracie hit the couch.

Last night around 11:30 I noticed the back sensor lights were on. They were keyed to Gracie when she was younger and around 25-30 pounds so a possum or skunk wouldn’t trigger them. I was curious to know if something was in the yard so I went out to check. I saw nothing, and a few minutes later the lights went out. I had to laugh when I thought about the whole thing. If I were watching me do that in one of those B science fiction movies I love, I’d be sitting on the couch saying what an idiot that character is to go outside like that. Then when a rabid wild beast or a homicidal maniac with an axe or an alien hungry for human flesh got me, the me on the couch would not be surprised. Characters who follow blood trails or weird sounds in the woods always end up dead. The lights being on could have been a tip-off, but I went out anyway. Watching those movies, I’ve always wondered why the blood on the stairs wasn’t enough of a warning to make those characters run as fast as they could in the opposite direction, not upstairs, but I really knew it was one of those suspension of disbelief moments, a necessary plot detail, as no real person would ignore the blood. Because I always get into those movies, I often yell out loud, “Run!” as if I could save the character walking upstairs to his doom. Last night, though, I found out it isn’t only in movies. Even in real life people ignore the warning signs and walk blithely into the possibility of mayhem or impending doom. After my having ventured out to the deck, I’m going to re-evaluate calling those characters idiots. Maybe I’ll use curious or even brave.

The brave woman holding the kitchen knife in her hand followed the blood trail up the stairs.

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12 Comments on ““It’s okay to be crazy and scared and brave at the same time!””

  1. olof1 Says:

    I would have done the same 🙂 and if I saw blood I would most probably check what animal might be hurt. None of us would survib´ve for any longer period if we were in a movie 🙂 I always think they’r idiots when they already have found one body and still do all those crazy things 🙂 I saw the Scary Movie the other day and was thinking about what You wrote some time ago 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Sunny but a bit cold and once again windy here today, but I don’t mind because spring will last longer this way 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Kat Says:

      Knowing all my animals were in the house, I probably would have grabbed a flashlight to look from the deck into the darker parts of the yard if I saw blood. I wouldn’t go into the yard. If I saw something, I’d call the police as it would be a wild animal. I really don’t think big ones can into the yard unless they dig as the 6ft fence is all around the yard.

      Today is sunny and warm and will be the same through the weekend.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Birgit Says:

    Why do I have to think of the proverb “Curiosity kills the Kat”? 😉
    Sunny peaceful spring day today, not a single human flesh eating alien in sight.

    • Kat Says:

      Very funny with the Kat!! Oh, no, how boring, not a single flesh eating alien. None here either. I wonder where they’re keeping themselves.

  3. Vintage Spins Says:

    Writing about your reactions when a film or book’s character strolls into danger made me laugh out loud, because what immediately came to mind when you said that you went outside to check your yard was:

    “Kat, DON’T DO IT! (you big dummy!) 😉 🙂

    Then, I started remembering those times when I’ve done the same thing myself!


    • Kat Says:

      It’s true with the films on TV-I yell out loud. Gracie is so used to my outbreaks she doesn’t even move.

      I’m telling you I swear if that were one of my B movies. I’d be a goner now!

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    The difference is that in movies you know the curious person is going to get killed in some unpleasant way whereas, in real life, you know you are never going to be killed in any way whatsoever so it’s perfectly safe for you to follow blood trails and strange lights. 🙂

    I have no outside lights and no fence so things wander through my yard at will and without being detected. My neighbors’ lights go on and off all night long. It’s skunks, raccoons or possums nosing around the trash barrels my neighbors keep at their back doors right under the sensors. Or it’s deer or coyotes walking down the roadway and setting off their front lights because the sensors are angled too far out. Sometimes it’s the yellow cat up the street. The fox is too smart and she never sets them off but I see her hunting in the hedges anyway because she’s under the street light. 🙂

    It was sunny and warm here earlier. I had to put the AC on in the jeep. The clouds have moved in and a cool breeze has come up so it’s back down to normal spring.
    Enjoy the evening.

    • Kat Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I’m not so sure I’d follow a blood trail anywhere. I’d love to see strange lights, a UFO. That would be cool.

      My yard is all fenced in so animals that climb are the only ones which can get in, and the lights are set off by a heavier weight than skunks and small animals. Gracie has been skunked but won’t be any more. I haven’t seen the coyote in a long while and there are rabbits so I’m thinking the coyote has moved on.

      It was a beautiful day, but it is supposed to be a really cool night.

      Have a wonderful evening.

  5. Bob Says:

    Why did we humans want to go to the moon? We knew there were no green aliens there or that it was made of green cheese. We went because we humans want to know everything even if it’s bad. Why do people rubber neck on the highway when there is a pile up of cars on the other side? Why do we venture into a dark cave expecting looking to find bad things like bats or bottomless pits? It’s in or DNA to want to know everything in our environment and to dominate it if possible. The films and books we enjoy are just extensions of our human curiosity. We like it even if it kills or injures us. The dog or cat could care less as long as they have food, water and us to pet them.

    This morning the wind was blowing from the north at a brisk pace and the temperature was 49 degrees Fahrenheit. I think it’s May but someone forgot to tell that to the weather.

    • Kat Says:

      Seeing it in the night sky every night, people wondered about the moon so it was almost destiny that we get there. I agree about the rubbernecking. Other times I am sometimes crawling in traffic on the highway when all of a sudden we can travel at regular speeds. That one always amazes me: no crash on either side, no car on the side of the road. It’s a mystery.

      People love to explore caves. I don’t think they’re looking for bad things: sometimes it is just pure wonder which prompts the spelunking.

      I can’t think of anything I like to do which injures or could possibly kill me. No one chooses either one of those. Mountain climbers start out on small then work their way higher. It’s the same with skiiers and snowboarders. Nobody gets on skis for the first time and goes to the expert slopes.

      Dogs and cats also need some fun. They hate to be bored. Gracie will bring me a toy to throw down the hall or into the yard when we’re outside. The cats too will play with strings and toys.

      Warm beautiful day today but it will be chilly tonight.

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