“While he lives, he must think; while he thinks, he must dream.”

My bedroom window was open all night. It was finally warm enough. The room was filled with the smell of nighttime and of cool fresh air. I could hear the birds, and I heard when it started to rain, one of my favorite sounds in the whole world. I heard the drops fall from the roof to the deck, and I thought maybe I heard a rumble of thunder but then again maybe not. There I was comfy in bed, reading my iPad and surrounded by Fern and Gracie, both asleep and both deeply breathing, more sounds I love. I was totally content.

The top of my Cape Times was wet though it was in two plastic bags. The Globe was dry. I took my time reading the papers and drinking my coffee. Days like today invite leisure, a slow savoring of the morning. The rain stopped a short while back. Out my window I can see the pine trees, and I can’t remember the last time their branches were so still. I can hear birds singing and very now and then a bright yellow goldfinch flies by my window. Their color is in such contrast to the gray branches of the pine trees that I can see every one of these small bright birds who are sitting on branches waiting their turns at the feeders.

If I could change my life, I don’t think I would. Well, one thing maybe: a bit more money so I could travel more often. I imagine my doorbell ringing, and, there, standing on the steps, is a burly man dressed in a suit holding his fedora. He introduces himself as Michael Anthony, the executive secretary of John Beresford Tipton, Jr. In his hand is a cashier’s check for one million dollars made out to me, taxes already paid. I sign what we’d now call a non-disclosure agreement and the check is mine. I remember when I was young I’d watch that show, The Millionaire, and dream about what I’d do with the money. I don’t think I understood the magnitude of a million dollars, and I suspect my dreams back then would have been fairly inexpensive to fulfill. I do remember, though, that one of them was to travel around the world. Sometimes dreams stay with us forever.

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13 Comments on ““While he lives, he must think; while he thinks, he must dream.””

  1. im6 Says:

    Today’s Coffee Juke Box is just about perfect!

  2. olof1 Says:

    We had the biggest lottery winning ever here in Sweden today, 234 000 000 give or take a few thousands (divide it by seven and You have it more or less anyway in US Dollars). I missed it again! I think I deserv a winning like that now so I wouldn’t have to go up at 4:30 in the morning on working days 🙂

    We’ve had a wonderful day here even if it started a bit too cold, 24,8F. But the rest of the day has been warm and nice. I’ve finally started the pond pump and I’ve realised that Sune is a thief 🙂 Old Viran was a formidable thief and I do hope he never will become as good as she was 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Kat Says:

      I never buy a ticket and I don’t know why. I think I might just start. You never know when Lady Luck might just give me a break.

      No one should get up at 4:30; I used to get up at 5:15 and I thought that was ridiculous.

      What has Sune been stealing?

      We haven’t yet seen the sun!

  3. Vintage Spins Says:


    I like the Chiffons song – it has somewhat of a Beach Boys feel, too. Have you heard the original version of ‘Sh-Boom’ by The Chords? Their crossover from the R&B charts (#2) to the Hot 100 Pop was more or less hijacked by the Crewcuts’ cover version. If you want to hear it, just let me know.


    • im6 Says:

      Hey, Marie… I know it’s the case for me (and I think Kat is in the same boat)… can’t get into your blog. Got the first invite, but think I need another one. Please?!

      • Vintage Spins Says:

        Hi im6,

        Three people seem to have had problems getting into my blog so I’ve cancelled the account and am opening up at a new address. I should be ready to send out invites sometime on Monday.


      • im6 Says:

        Marie… Waiting with excitement to hear from you. I hope you still have my email address. If not, you can get it from Kat. Good look with the reboot!

    • Kat Says:

      Hi Marie,
      Am I glad to hear from you. As im6 wrote, neither one of us can get into your blog. I tried again today and was told it no longer existed. Help!!

      I thought it sounded familiar so I checked my backup driver for my PC (my now dead PC), and I do have it. Thanks, though, for the offer!

      I like it!!

  4. Bob Says:

    I am glad that someone else remember’s the old TV show “The Millionaire”. John Beresford Tipton, Jr. always gave the money to someone or some family in need or a person that the money would change their life for either good or bad depending on what they did. In the 1950s a million dollars was an unbelievable sum of money, today it’s the minimum amount required to live to 90 at just above the poverty level after retiring at 66. I am still waiting for Michael Anthony to knock on my front door because even today a million is nothing to sneeze at 🙂

    When I left Toronto this afternoon the weather was windy, partly cloudy and the temperature was about 4 or 5 degrees Celsius. It was cold on any scale. When we landed at about six this evening the sky was clear, with windy conditions and the temperature about 70 degrees.

    • Kat Says:

      I watched it every week though I only saw John Beresford Tipton, Jr’s arm when he handed the check to his secretary. I said the same thing-I’m hoping he’ll stop at my door. You’re right a million dollars is still nothing to sneeze at.

      Tonight we are expecting frost!

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