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  1. Dan Rather quote

  2. Bob Says:

    The little car in the middle was a German import called an Isetta. It had a two stroke motorcycle engine behind the two seats and the door was the front of the car. The two rear wheels were closer together than the front ones.

    • Bob,
      I thought that some sort of a of a Volkswagen so at least I had the country right. What an odd codification!

      • MT C Says:

        The gentleman who ran the bowling alley in the next town, Shelburne Falls, had one of these. It sounded exactly like a popcorn popper, which my father always mentioned when Pick came down the mountain on the way to work. Funny he came our way as it was much longer, but Pick claimed in excess of 50 mpg and he had to get the gas through it before it got stale and gummy. Which was a problem in the mid-50’s. But I think there might have been a bit of bragging going on.

        He always took route 2 home though after he closed up the alley at 2am. Must have had a different outlook for that trip. There are still a few of those around in the Philippines. Not too good for the mountain cities like Baguio, but the traffic is slow and they manage.


  3. Carl,
    I know Shelburne Falls. My roommate came from there: Francie Woods. She had an older brother Bill and an older sister Althea. Their house was on a hill which faced the main street.

    That is one of the strangest looking cars I’ve ever seen. I’ve never herd about the gummy gas problem. 50 isn’t all that bad for such a little car.

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