“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people’s legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.”

The morning had a bit of promise when I woke up around 9. The sun was shining, and it was cold but bearable. I put the coffee on and went out to get yesterday’s mail and the newspapers. I noticed much of the ice had melted yesterday, but, true to form, I still managed to find one icy patch and down I went. The mail scattered, and I whacked my elbow enough to make me yell; of course, no one saw or heard me. I stayed there a minute or two then slid over to the street where there was no ice so I could get up without falling again. I managed to get up, grabbed my mail and papers and went inside. My elbow was killing me so I sat on the stairs, held onto it and moaned a bit. Gracie came over and put her head in my lap. That’s just what I needed, a bit of sympathy. The elbow has a huge lump, and I’m sure it will be black and blue, but no bones were broken so it was a good fall. I’d give it an 8.

Snow is coming in what the paper has called historical proportions. Blizzard warnings are in effect in most of the state except here where we have a winter storm warning. It’s a nor’easter which could bring up to two feet or even more, up to 30 inches, of snow. The exact amount is still fluid as the weather pattern could change. Down here on the cape, we’ll have, for a time, a mixture of rain and snow so they’re only predicting about 9 inches for us. The snow will become heavy tomorrow afternoon and evening with 2 or 3 inches an hour falling. I have all my groceries, but I don’t have sustaining weather food: some chocolate or some ice cream (ironic food for a snow storm) or even cookies. Gracie and I are going to the dump later so we’ll stop and pick up a few things.

No mice in the last three days so I’ll have to check the trap to see if I set it right. If the peanut butter is gone, it means the mouse dined without being caught. The trap has to be set exactly right to work, and it takes me a while to do that. I find it frustrating though I can’t argue with the results.

The sun is back as is the blue sky. Mother Nature is giving us a bit of treat before the wallop. She does have an ironic sense of humor!

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34 Comments on ““Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people’s legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.””

  1. Beto Says:

    When I was born we lived in Bangor. My Dad was stationed at Dow AFB. One of my first memories is walking into a snow cave my brothers dug into the drift on the windward side of the house. They had to crawl but I walked upright into the amazing whiteness of the snow. I’ll always have that magic moment.

    • katry Says:

      I think of snow as magical. I turn on my back light so I can watch the falling flakes. When I was a kid, I’d watch out the picture window and see the snow falling under the streetlight. I’ll never forget that.

      • Beto Ochoa Says:

        Falling snow ‘neath the old street light
        Wonders dancing on a winter’s night
        Jack frost in the corner panes
        Crystal paint in glassy frames

        Bundled warm with the purring cat
        Dog on the couch for a evenings nap
        Cocoa steams in the painted crock
        Twig and stone, pop and talk

        Only here for this little time
        The little things, God’s great sublime.

      • katry Says:

        That poem is winter for me. I well remember the glassy frames where I used to scrape my name, and all the animals will snuggle with me tonight i bed.

        “Wonders dancing on a winter’s night,” is my favorite line! Thank you!!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    All of my greater than 5 falls have been off horses going at speed so you did good! 🙂 Hope the elbow does not complain too much. Put some ice 🙂 on it. Or frozen peas.

    I don’t have any chocolate for the storm, either. I have a big jar of Nutella which might do. I have pizza, soda, 3 jugs of snow melt crystals and some bird food.
    The French Toast alert is severe. I have all those things so I’m good.
    I don’t have poles for the cross country skis but I hope I will not be required to shush out of my street for any reason. Little Rocky would not be a good ski-joring dog. Too short. He’d be lost in the snowy depths. 🙂
    The sun up here goes from pale to bright and back again. The sky was a lovely pearlescent color this morning. At dawn it was red. Stay warm and enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Now my upper arm has joined the elbow in pain but only if i raise my arm.

      I bought some chocolate chip cookies at the bakery, some clam chowder from the fish store and some biscuits for the dog. I have to go out tomorrow for breakfast with friends and I’ll then go buy some seed so I can fill the feeders before the storm starts.

      My back steps are pretty step and Gracie hesitates when they’re covered in snow. My plower/shoveler will do those stairs too.

      Stay warm!

  3. olof1 Says:

    I do hope Your elbow wont hurt too much! We have gotten around 6 inches of snow now so I was prepared when I went out this morning and managed to avoid the slippery parts beneath the snow. I haven’t had a fall that high on the scale for quite some time thankfully 🙂

    Yes You really need to buy some snow food 🙂 Plain milk chocvolate is my favorite or some cookies with hazel nut cream 🙂 I rarely have ice cream at home because it melts on my way home fropm the store.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      I haven’t had a fall like that in a long time either so I guess I was due. 6 inches is almost more snow than we’ve had all winter. This new storm will change that.

      I got some great cookies at the bakery and a Mounds bar-I love coconut!

      I’m ready for the storm!!

      Be careful yourself!!

  4. Hedley Says:

    I have a relatively poor history of falling on ice but hey that was two years ago !

    Is there anything more boring than weather posts on your blog ? (Its August and its hot same as yesterday same as tomorrow, really ??) We will get the prequel to your event tonight which should nicely interfere with my morning meeting activities and the fact that Mrs MDH has some 50 guests coming to the house tomorrow night. I see all sorts of crash and burns on my driveway.

    I decided I would head for Columbus so the issue is will I actually meet Pete and Rog ? I will be taking my Super Deluxe Edition of Quadrophenia for them to sign – hopefully I get lucky. I can also bore the heck out of them by describing what it was like to be on the field at the Oval in 1971 (dangerous) and the countless number of times that i have seen the band. Last time I saw Roger was an elevator at the Ritz Carlton in Toronto – he had no escape

    Maggie and I tango’d with a couple of random deer this morning but fortunately she did not attempt the Great Escape – I still have not recovered from the last chase.

    • olof1 Says:

      Do You know that there are no people that loves talking about the weather more than swedes and chinese’s? I don’t know how they meassured that but I think it’s true. So any blog post with a weather report is interresting for us 🙂

      • katry Says:

        Thank you, Christer

        I feel better!

      • Hedley Says:

        Christer, It can be interesting with an extraordinary event – like a hurricane just blew through Sweden and took out my lake. I was watching football at the time and the TV didnt go out

        . I will be interested to see if Kat gets nailed by this Monster Blizzard – we are just the warm up act 🙂

        Looks like you had a fun game yesterday with Argentina. I was quite pleased with England’s win over Brazil.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Oh! No! Weather is boring on my blog? Even when there is a huge storm coming? 50 guests is a wow number to me. I did hve 30+ at a cocktail party a few summers go, but I had it on the deck. That many people would have nowhere to stand in my house.

      Good for you-I would never miss an opportunity to meet and talk with singers on my top 10 list.

      Gracie would be difficult to hold if she saw a deer. Boxers are pure muscle and Gracie is a prime example of that. She’d be dragging me behind her!

      • Hedley Says:

        A good storm, totally cool, I am hoping you get drilled by the blizzard and we hear all the details.

        Some buffoon posts Its August and it is hot Oh really, I am so surprised.

        Your blog rules,weather is interesting outside the routine. Right I could use a little more caffeine to finish the day

      • katry Says:

        Thank you, MDH, though I’m not sure hoping I get drilled is quite what I want.

        You will hear all the gory details though if I lived near Boston you would be hearing about 24 to 30 inches of snow.

    • Birgit Says:

      if you want to walk down memory lane:
      is on http://tela.sugarmegs.org/alpha/w.html
      (But the sound is so distorted, it can expel 50 guests easily.)

      • Hedley Says:

        Birgit – Thank you

        It had been an all day event starting with Mott the Hoople and Rod and The Faces were the act before The Who. There was a very long delay and The Who didnt come on until…well very late. I was dependent on the last train home and left the Oval before The Who were done but had been there long enough to see the rough stuff in the crowd.
        I was aware of audience recordings of the concert which are of very poor quality, I have never heard a soundboard and I dont think that one exists. In his biography Pete mentions that he destroyed a bunch of live recordings of other shows while they were preparing for Live at Leeds. LAL probably captures the power and excitement that The Who generated. I have seen them so many times even without Keith and John.

  5. Not much consolation, Kat . . . but at least you don’t have to expose yourself to a radiation-laden bone scan test to find out you DON’T have osteoporosis. Seriously though, I hope the pain has eased up.

    We’re getting a few flurries here in the great white north, but I imagine your storm will find its way up to us in its own good time. Marie

    • katry Says:

      Thanks on the pain, and you are right about the radiation, but at least you did find out no osteoporosis which probably made the whole experience worth it.

      Enjoy your flurries! I do hope the storm we’re getting peters out before it hits you!

  6. Birgit Says:

    Ice cream and chocolate is essential food. I just bought it today, though biking to the grocery shop on snowy days is no fun. Survive!
    J. Kutchma – I’ll Survive:

    • katry Says:

      We are not expecting the start of the storm until noon time. I’m supposed to meet people for breakfast in the morning, which I will, but I expect the conversation will be the snow. I need to buy some more seed as my feeders are low.

  7. Bill S. Says:

    Did you look around to see if you had been seen falling. or were you looking for help getting up? Or maybe both? Put ice on it for 24 hours, then heat. It is possible you broke your elbow (from one who knows).

    This will be our first major storm this winter, and we are overdue. Feb. can be a very snowy month; after the storm comes bright sunny weather and blue skies–something to look forward to.

    Our reunion last weekend saw 17 people. One couple drove 8 hours from PA, so they got to stay in the Presidential Suite. Another couple came from Franconia, so they got Joe Biden’s room. We had a lot of food, mostly Mexican, and wine leftover. You would have enjoyed it.

    • katry Says:

      I looked around and saw no one. The house beside mine is empty as is the one across the street from it. My neighbors across the street are usually in the back of the house in their sunroom for breakfast. I was on my own.

      No, it isn’t broken. The pain is only if I put the elbow down on something, rest it, because of the giant bump. My shoulder is really painful as it took the brunt of the fall. I can lift stuff so no break.

      You’re right about being way overdue. We’ve had about 3 or 4 inches of snow in total down here. I really do enjoy the world covered in snow, at first at least. It is beautiful.

      I’m glad you had a great weekend. If you had told me Mexican food, I’d have been in even though you’d given my suite away!!

  8. Bob Says:

    If I have to be snowed in for a couple of days there is nothing better than chocolate and chocolate ice cream. I am sorry to hear that you fell on your elbow. I don’t know why when I was a kid we called the elbow the “funny bone”. Hitting it is not very funny. When ice storms occur I stay inside so as not to injur myself. I am a klutz.

    Weather reports are a nice touch. I normally don’t check on the weather in other parts of the world. One of the nice things about your blog is that each of us can imagine what the others are being exposed to on a daily basis. I can understand that 40 days of continuous 100 degree plus weather gets boring to read, but imagine how miserable it is to live in almost total air conditioning during those 40 days. It’s almost as boring as reading about some British soccer team’s success or lack thereof every day.

    I hope you don’t lose power or Internet during the blizzard.

    • katry Says:

      Absolutely! Chocolate and chocolate ice cream make any storm pleasant. You’re right about it being the funny bone because we called it the same thing, but hurting it was always way too painful. I too am a klutz!

      The news had the governor’s press conference about the schools closing and people out of the city by noontime. We down here may have hurricane force winds, and the news says we on the coast are in for a pounding. The storm should last a day and a half.

      The schools in and around Boston are closed all day but the ones down here are closing at noon.

      National Grid claims it is ready for the storm! We’ll see!!

  9. Really sorry about your fall, ice related injuries are quite the norm where I live and people drive like lunatics at the mere thought of snow. I think that we are all ready for Spring. I think the groundhog needs to explain himself.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks! It has been a while since my last fall so maybe I should feel blessed in a strange way.

      I agree about that groundhog!!

  10. MT C Says:

    On your falling scale, which I assume is 1 to 10. Is falling in feathers a one and death a ten?


    • katry Says:

      I figure death would be a 10, knocked unconscious (happened twice) an 8 and the other day is only a 2 or 3. I fall a lot, always have.

  11. Bert van Lokhorst Says:

    Rain and snow; a sure sign of further slippery adventures. You don’t write about strewing(?) salt or sand. This helps over here, but I admit that we seldom see 30 inches of snow.
    I also have thingies to bind under my shoes for in case of black ice, though I never used them, even when that would’ve been advisable.
    An eventual fall therefore seems inevitable. Hoping for a low score.

    • katry Says:

      I put safe paws on my steps and walkway to the car so they don’t freeze or hurt the dog. I think that’s all I need.

      I should get those thingies you mention as I know exactly what you mean, but knowing me, I’d figure I didn’t need them.

      I too am hoping for a low score. If i fall in snow, it’s just getting snowy, not worth a score. Hitting the street or falling off the steps rate higher numbers!

  12. splendid Says:

    So convienent that you got over your terrible flu just in time for a bad fall. Life is so strange sometimes, Yes I agree Christer, the weather is the topic that everyone can muse on. We just missed the snow here in the oHIo valley. Hope you got all the necessary supplies in Kat! I hate the cold more each year, and dream of moving to a place where the temp is moderate all year round (is there such a place?) We actually had sun here yesterday, so every car wash was packed. It was wonderful to see a bright sunny day! You will be on my mind today Kat, I have to keep reminding myself that this weather is the cost for your wonderful weather there on the cape! at least you don’t have tornadoes.lol Take care and as always all you coffee groupies brighten my days Thank you!

    • katry Says:

      I’m still taking the couch medicine but I am mostly well. When I worked, I got bronchitis every fall, but this is my first bout since I retired.

      I have everything I need and the only thing left to do is fill the bird feeders. The snow is getting a bit thicker but is still very wet. The two storms haven’t merged yet so we’re still being spared for a bit but the cold is coming which will mean the snow will start to pile up.

      I’ll be fine as long as we have electricity. I’m thinking a fire this afternoon might be nice!

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