Do Lord, Remember Me: Mississippi John Hurt

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3 Comments on “Do Lord, Remember Me: Mississippi John Hurt”

  1. MT C Says:

    MJH is one of my old time favorites. I remember my mother’s mother singing this in her home on Lafayett St. in Springfield, MA. And it makes me wonder, and I have to ask, who was it that decided that 3 minutes was the perfect length for a song. This one could have certainly been less, and my grandmother stretched on for seemingly hours at a stretch.

    Kat, the mind is a strange thing and I’m sure that is not real news for you. I just now connected that both of my grandmothers were named Eva. I wonder at the odds and also what effect that might have had on me. Of course to me they were always grandma and never Eva. Familiarity without due respect would never have been allowed. And even though we visited both of them regularly, I find myself without much knowledge of either. Hmmm… it might be time to break the silence with my sister, she is currently not speaking and is our routine, it must be I to break the silence. And I might as well as it is the only way I will ever know what I did to deserve the ‘treatment’. And I will hear about it frequently for two or three months, after which there will be a few months of apparent joyful reunion until I get the treatment again. LOL! I wonder if I should endure the cycle yet one more time.


    • katry Says:

      I’m with you there on his also being a favorite of mine.

      That is a great question. I look at songs to post which are 6 minutes long and wonder if I should post a song that long. I think with the old songs if you sing all the verses the songs get really long. Maybe it was a way to pass the time when traveling on the covered wagon or working at butter churning or at the loom.

      Families are weird. The dynamics defy description. My brother doesn’t speak to my sisters or me, hasn’t in 4 years. After our mother died, I only heard from him twice, both times wanting the money from the sale of her house. He is angry with one of my sisters so he just put us all in the same place. At first I missed him, but I don’t any more. My nephew and his girl friend have been together a few years and are quite serious. My sister wondered if we would get invited to the wedding when there is one. I said yes-my nephew would demand it. I see him and his brother as much as I can.

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