“Home is everything you can walk to.”

Okay, I’ve been up since before 5 o’clock. I think that’s about when the cough medicine stopped working, and once I start coughing, going back to sleep is out of the question. Another mouse found its way into my trap last night so it and I will take a ride later as I have to go out anyway. For some strange reason the cats want to eat every day, and I gave them their last can this morning. I should have trained them better. My trunk is filled with trash, but I hesitate going to the dump as even on pleasant days it’s cold. I’m not telling Gracie.

Stuck in the house is boring. Ordinarily I’d never mind staying home but being forced to stay inside changes the whole perspective. Chosen sloth days are gifts. Sick sloth days are not. I am stooping to watch the Military Channel about Okinawa as nothing else is on. The news at 5:30 is the same as the news at 5 o’clock which will then be repeated at 6.

I watched The Brink’s Job a few weeks back because my town has a scene. The film was made in 1978, and they chose Stoneham Square because it looked just like a town from the 1950’s, as if time had stood still. The police box was in the middle of the square, and Finnegan’s Men’s Store was still there. The thieves went inside the store and bought themselves some new duds. In those days up-town was a vibrant place filled with stores. In time, the stores closed. The police box got hit by a car and was destroyed. A replica of it was build but was erected off the road, more as a memorial than anything. Finnegan’s is a liquor store or was the last time I noticed.

Up-town has become a destination again. Part of it is revitalized. The movie theater is now live theater, an Indian restaurant graces the spot where the Children’s Corner used to stand, and Felicia’s, a great restaurant, is where the fish market stood. The deli is still on the corner and still makes great subs. I like to drive through the square when I visit my sister then I take the same route I used to when I was a kid: pass the fire station, the town hall, the church, my elementary school then all the way to my old house. I notice what has changed and remember what used to be. It’s nostalgic, not sad.


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16 Comments on ““Home is everything you can walk to.””

  1. Beto Says:

    I feel poetry coming…

    I was just passing through my childhood hometown
    And noticed the old school was razed to the ground.

    The path I had trod from my home to its doors
    Was paved over
    And painted
    And not there anymore.

    Nostalgic, I followed the now missing path
    In hopes it would take me someplace in my past.

    A place where the sky rang with laughter and shouts
    And we chased one another in mystical bouts.

    Bouts of wonder and fancy, of Kings and their pawns
    But the path to that moment was paved over and gone.

    And there in its place were realities pains.
    The sum of existence in losses and gains.

    And the anguish rose up in my throat in a rush
    As my sum was the balance of dreams that were crushed.

    I stood on that path now paved over and gone
    And my tears stained its paint as I wrote down this poem.

    • Hedley Says:

      Beto – Excellent but you ain’t no Birgit !!!!!!!

    • katry Says:

      That was so beautiful but so sad. To think all of your memories are what’s left, the physical places gone, is like a sort of old age. The connections are gone. The memories, luckily, will linger-those you hold on to!

      Thank you!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I, too, was up way before 5. My throat is scratchy and I’m sniffling and blowing my nose a lot. Doesn’t look good.

    Maybe if you stopped feeding the cats, they would be more enthusiastic about following their natural instincts and catch more mice. 🙂
    The police box in Stoneham Square was always an annoyance. I was never really sure what I was supposed to do if I wanted to take a left there. Go by it and then take the left or turn left in front of it.

    I don’t want to go out today. I’ve been to the door to let Rocky out and it’s way too cold. Even he didn’t hang about out there. I was out yesterday afternoon for a few hours. Two days in a row is too much. I shall stay on the couch, nursing my sniffles and sore throat.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      My hope is that you do not have this mega-cold. It could be a Saturday syfy movie. The scratchy throat started the whole thing. I still feel exhausted and now grumpy.

      We used to run across the street to talk to the officer in the box. It was cool for us. Left in front of it of course if you mean to Franklin Street.

      I just got back from my jaunt. I’m so tired you’d think I’d been shopping up and dow the cape. I did get coffee at Dunkin’ and a sandwich as I hadn’t eaten and the larder is boring.

      I hope you feel better!!

      Rest and drink liquids!!

  3. olof1 Says:

    They only show commercials here that time in the morning, the Wonder bra is showed very often that early 🙂 Sometimes it’s some kind of work out machine or make up things. Do they really beliveve that many people are up watching commersials that time of day? 🙂 🙂

    I hate it when I cough all night! Never really getting any sleep but still dozing of all the time all day. I do hope You’ll get rid of it soon!

    My old neighborhood looks very much the same but almost al small grocery stores and vegetable stores are gone. When I grew up it was called the slum of Gothenburg 🙂 Now days only rich people can afford living there 🙂 🙂 Times do change 🙂

    Take care!

    • katry Says:

      The three main channels out of Boston all have news, the eyeopener news starting at 4:30, and the cable channels still have programming but the airwaves are also filled with those commercials you mention. I always wonder how many people buy stuff.

      Last night the coughing was awful. Even sitting up didn’t work so I had no choice but to get out of bed. I am so tired of this cold.

      Muy neighborhood looks the same and the old buildings from up-town are there but are all different businesses. I go to the theater there every year then to dinner. It’s fu going up town still!

  4. Birgit Says:

    Just for nostalgia (and to satisfy my curiosity): Square, police box, Children’s Corner 1950s (+3 more 1958 photo links in the comments)
    Speaking of TV and childhood memories, Grimm starts next month over here. I’m curious about it, I’ve read Grimms’ Fairy Tales as a kid. The tales were still very common when I was young, but I’m not sure about today’s children. Probably too much violence and cruelty.

    • katry Says:

      That’s it!! You found Stoneham Square though it doesn’t look as good in black and white. The huge building in the center dates from the 1800’s and is still there. The Indian restaurant is where The Children’s Corner was. I used to buy my 49 cent books there like Trixie Belden and Donna Parker but mostly it sold children’s clothes, rattles and stuff like that. I have a couple of pictures of that exact spot but with horses and wagons instead of car. Great job

      • Caryn Says:

        I was wondering where the Indian restaurant was. Now I know.

        I think it still looks wrong to take a left in front of the police box. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        You went by the box with it on your left to go straight, down the street where the fire station and town hall are. The road on the right was before the box, at the street light. It is Franklin Street.

        I don’t think I’m all that sure what you mean by a left at the box. There wasn’t a reason to go left at the box. You went straight down Main Street with the box on your right or took the road on the right I mentioned. You could also go behind the box to park.

    • katry Says:

      It is violent, but I really like Grimm. The lead is great and so is the premise of Grimms through time chasing down the monsters. This Grimm, though, is a good guy and only chases the bad guys.

    • kay Says:

      Thanks for the link! I’m from the Midwest and had never seen a police box.

      • katry Says:

        That is the exact police box from my town where I grew up.

        I don’t know if there are any more around with everything electronic. The officer used to man the lights on three corners from that box.

  5. Caryn Says:

    I would have been coming toward the camera. My inclination was always to go past the box and then take a left onto Franklin. There was no policeman by then and I don’t remember if there were even traffic lights. There must have been. It’s Stoneham. My California Uncle’s favorite souvenir from here was a bumper sticker that said, “I survived Stoneham’s traffic lights.” He was from Reading so he really shouldn’t have gloated. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      I’ve never heard of that bumper sticker before-funny! You’re right-those traffic lights one after the other in Reading Square are crazy.

      I think you did what most people did in making that turn.

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