Song for a Winter’s Night: Sarah McLachlan

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3 Comments on “Song for a Winter’s Night: Sarah McLachlan”

  1. MT C Says:

    Every time I hear Sarah’s voice I quiver. Must be love. LOL!! There are a few, very few that do that for me. I have been a fan since nearly the first note of her’s I heard.

    This morning I am getting my tax stuff together to send to my tax guy. And as usually I am playing some of my most all time favorite tunes. And that would be just about everything that the Pink crew from down under has done. It hard for me to realize these guys have been at it since… well, since a long time ago, AND they are still at it. They have a real following, almost every social site has a PF group. They must be in demand as even their old stuff is priced as new.

    I understand that things have been chilling out there in the homeland. I don’t envy you your illness. I don’t like that stuff and it is pretty bad here too as almost no one get the flu shots and the junk will get passed around in several variations until the warm weather hits again in May. Winter here is not quite as taxing as you have. Highs are in the low 70’s and lows in the upper 50’s, so its reasonable. Except for the sand storms. We had one this week where visibility was listed at 1/8th mile and it was difficult to see across the street at times. I wonder why all the cars here have not be sandblasted down to bare metal. Few have garages, but most all have open sheltered parking to shade from the sun. I don’t suppose garages would be much good really as the sand gets into everything that is not sealed tight. Even our window seals must be cleaned after a storm or the next one through will push it right under the seal.

    Well, that probably enough music and weather for the time being. Get over your ‘stuff’, and you might toss that mouse out in the yard to see if you get a mid air freeze or a two bouncer.


    • katry Says:

      Taxes, yikes! that is so far from my mind right now. I have everything in one place but I still put it off as I find it painful. When I worked, I used to get a lot back but now either very little or I pay so I let them wait if I have to pay. They’re not keeping my money!

      It is freezing. It was 4˚ when I woke up but has not gotten warmer: 10˚. I don’t have the flu though I wish I did. It has a shorter life span than this cold. The news announced another sort of flu has just started, a stomach one which is horrible. The first flu fly-by I missed so I hope I miss the new one. I get a flu shot every year.

      We had tiny sand storms with the harmattan which left sand on every surface, but I never shut the windows. It wasn’t worth the heat.

      On the news last night someone on Mount Washington threw boiling water into the air and it froze right away. I figure the mouse will take longer.

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