“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.”

All is well here. Sandy left a mess of pine needles, leaves and branches but no damage. Even the lights stayed on, a phenomenon in these parts, though they did flicker a bit to give us pause. During the day I went out a couple of times to pick blown covers off the deck and put them back over the furniture. A light rain was falling so I had to be careful walking on the slick leaves covering the deck. The backyard has the most fallen branches. Half of the front lawn has disappeared under a sea of brown pine needles. Sort of pretty in its own way.

It was near the water where Sandy was the most devastating. The ocean was mighty with huge, fierce white-capped waves, and they, combined with Sandy’s wind and the high tide, dragged buildings into the sea and flooded roads. The paper this morning is filled with pictures of beached boats, damaged buildings and fallen trees. For the second day in a row, there is no school.

I went down my friends’ house last night for dinner and games. Mine was the only car on the road. I took the long way around and circled the neighborhood to check it out but saw nothing. Later, as my friends and I were sitting at the table, we heard the rain. The drizzle of the day had given way to a heavy rain. I got soaked just going to and from the houses and the car.

I awoke this morning to sun, but it has gone. The day has darkened, and the sky is filled with clouds. Rain is in the forecast. I’m okay with that as I have nowhere I need to be and nothing I need to do.

Yesterday I battened down the hatches and on the deck took down or put away anything which the wind could carry. The breakable bird feeders were the first taken down. The covered umbrella was leaned against the rail so the wind wouldn’t smash it to the deck. Later, I saw the bird feeders which hang off the trees swaying high back and forth so I went outside and took them down. This morning all of them were hung back on the tree branches.

The one thing I most worried most about was my palm tree. It is tall at 6 feet and too awkward to move so bringing it inside was not a possibility. Yesterday was dark enough to trigger the timer so the palm tree was lit all day and well into the night. Before the storm hit, I got a bungee cord and nailed one end to the deck then wrapped the other end around the thin, metal trunk of the palm tree. I checked the tree several times, and it swayed but never fell. My palm tree has survived a hurricane.

We were lucky yesterday.

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12 Comments on ““There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.””

  1. greg mpls Says:

    glad all is well!

  2. olof1 Says:

    I’m so glad it wasn’t worse!
    New York was hit bad and I think that was the only thing they reported about all day on the internet newspapers. Nothing else so I had no idea what happened where You live.

    We had black ice on the roads this morning and I’ve never seen so many cars on thatv road before. A lorry had driven down into a ditch and the trailer blocked the entire road. I sat there for over an hour before I could drive to work 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Katry@comcast.net Says:

      I saw where New York was flooded in places The stock exchange was closed for a second day, the first time that has happened since the late 1800’s.

      I hate black ice. When I was going to work around 6:20 I had to be really careful all winter. Sitting there for an hour would have driven me crazy!!

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    We lost power here around 5PM but it’s back, now. I went up to Derry as is usual for Tuesdays. My therapist had no power and no phone so he couldn’t call to tell me not to come. No problem. Rocky got to play with his dogs for a few minutes while we talked. I went off to the yarn shop. I figured if they had no power, I wouldn’t be able to spend any money because I didn’t have any real money. They had power. I spent money. 🙂
    The birds and the spawns of Satan never stopped visiting my feeders all day yesterday. I saw one chickadee sitting on a slender branch that was whipping up and down in the wind so fast I don’t know how he stayed on. The gang of male grackles sat on another feeder that was spinning around like a maddened carousel. They didn’t care. In fact, they looked like they enjoyed it. Must be teenage male grackles. 🙂
    The sun just left here, too. It was quite nice for a while. I’m going to spend the afternoon knitting. Isn’t that novel?
    Enjoy the day.

    • Katry@comcast.net Says:

      Nothing worse than having money and shopping. At the start of the month I always feel rich and do a bit of shopping then I’m no longer rich!

      I’m amazed you went out in the storm. I think I would have tried to call and when I got no answer just decided not to go, but then again you had a great backup plan!

      I’m glad the lights came back on, good thing it wasn’t cold.

      I did see one chickadee on a swaying branch, and there were some feeders still there for munching, the ones hooked off the deck, but that was the only bird. I saw a spawn in a tree and it started chattering at me. I ignored it and went back inside.

      That sounds like a great afternoon. I was going to clean out a cabinet but I’ve decided to read instead. I’ll tackle the cabinet tomorrow.

      Have a wonderful afternoon!

    • im6 Says:

      “I figured if they had no power, I wouldn’t be able to spend any money because I didn’t have any real money. They had power. I spent money.”

      Isn’t that ALWAYS the way it is? There always seems to be a work around everything but willpower or self-restraint!

  4. Caryn Says:

    Besides, im6, I needed to console myself for not getting the massage that I usually get on Tuesdays. 🙂

  5. flyboybob Says:

    You guys in New England dodged a bullet with this storm. The storm surge reached over 13 feet in lower Manhattan and flooded the Subway and the streets knocking out power for thousands. This one did a lot of damage for a category one storm because of the confluences of a winter storm to the West, high tide and a full moon.

    I am glad to hear that Kat and the pets didn’t get blown away into the ocean. I am always amazed at the stupid decisions people make even when they have all the information. Why would anyone not evacuate the costal barrier islands such as Cape May and Atlantic City? Why did the Captain of the replica ship HMS Bounty try to go around a 1,000 mile wide hurricane? Luckily only one crew member died and the Captain is still missing and probably dead. He lost his ship and not only endangered the lives of his crew but also the lives of the Coast Guard rescue team.

    • Katry@comcast.net Says:

      We really did dodge that bullet. A short turn and we’d have borne the brunt. Long Island, New York and coastal New Jersey will take days to clean up the mess of water in subway tunnels, on city streets and in towns along the coast.

      I also don’t get it when people ignore all the experts and put themselves and others in harms way. The loss of the people was horrible and the loss of the ship was tragic.

      People who were dow the beach during the storm were quoted as saying the wind whipping the sand at them made them feel as if they were being sandblasted yet there they stood!

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