He was a Friend of Mine: Bob Dylan

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11 Comments on “He was a Friend of Mine: Bob Dylan”

  1. Hedley Says:

    And so Bob Dylan has produced a new album, “Tempest”. Its reflective of the life of a man who is now 71 and thoughful of the journey ahead. It is dark, devoid of choruses, lyrically complex and often cutting.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Okay, okay, it’s on my list of things to buy when I have money again!

      • Hedley Says:

        KatMah, start saving there are a stream on goodies coming soon including new discs from Van Morrison, Donald Fagen and Muse. Madness are also launching “Oui Oui, Si Si, ja ja, da,da” but it looks like UK only

        Mrs MDH and I are seeing Los Lonely Boys (and Lynyrd Skyryd) on Friday night at DTE and then we have the arrival of Mr Peter Gabriel next Wednesday for the “Back to Front, So Live” tour – there is also a super deluxe boxset of So, which has been much criticised.

  2. Birgit Says:

    If a second opinion helps, Dylans “Tempest” is worth buying.
    You can save money if you hear the Beach Boys on npr for free 😉
    An hour of highlights from the Beach Boys 50th anniversary tour.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Birgit!
      A second opinion never hurts, and I have been a Dylan fan since the beginning.

      The music is pretty good. I think I was expecting less. It was a nice surprise.

    • Hedley Says:

      Birgit, I think this was live at QVC. This might be construed as shameless pandering to im6
      Glad you also liked the Dylan

      • katry Says:

        My Dear Hedley,
        I find pandering isn’t always a bad thing!!

      • Birgit Says:

        as Kat wrote, Dylans Tempest was a real surprise for me too, I didn’t expect any more masterpieces after his christmas joke in 2009.
        But as a fan of Iggy Pop+Stooges I shouldn’t underestimate old men 😉
        (Unsuccessful pandering to punkrock lovers on this blog…)

      • Hedley Says:

        Anything involving im6 and The Beach Boys, is, by definition “shameless pandering”.
        Not a huge Igg fan, but do like “Lust for Life” . I am more that happy to do the 70s thing with you going back to Eddie and the Hot Rods and the very wonderful “Life on the Line” . London Calling is maybe my favorite album of all time

  3. katry Says:

    My Dear Hedley,
    You and Mrs. Hedley are quite the lucky pair with those concerts! Enjoy yourself. I admit to being just a bit jealous.

    Yup, a fund for new music is in order.

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