If I knew You Were Coming I’d have Baked a Cake: Eileen Barton

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5 Comments on “If I knew You Were Coming I’d have Baked a Cake: Eileen Barton”

  1. im6 Says:

    I hate to confess this, but… I remember this song from my very early childhood and it sounds just as fun today as it did then. Don’t think I ever knew who sang it (surely there were multiple recordings of this one) and I haven’t heard it in hmmm hmmm years, so today’s pick was a special treat for me. It sure has a Betty Boop feel to it (but THAT is a little bit before my time — few things are!). A perfect kids song. Thanks for prying his relic loose from my memory bank. Now I’m hungry for a piece of cake.

    • Kat Says:

      That is amazing as I too found the rhythm great fun, and I totally get the Betty Boop feel.

      The music too is great with its New Orleans sound. It made me want a beignet!

      You are always very welcome!!

  2. MT C Says:

    Good Grief! I have not even thought of this one in years, much less heard it. Just had to sing along And when I did, visions of my grandfather and my uncle (the crazy one) performing this number with a mandolin and a harpsichord. It was great fun for us grandkids and we thought they enjoyed it too. Thanks for the reminder.


    • Kat Says:

      You are most welcome, and I’m glad you and the grandkids enjoyed it.

      That song came right to mind when I was thinking about baking and I too hadn’t heard it in years.

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