Sweet Violets: Mitch Miller

Today is about the strangest music day I’ve ever had.  It’s my mood, I think, which has made me a bit giddy.

Mitch Miller was a TV staple in our house. My parents always watched him, and for some reason he and The Yellow Rose of Texas are forever joined in my memory. This one, however, isn’t, but it’s a fun sort of song and perfect for my mood.

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6 Comments on “Sweet Violets: Mitch Miller”

  1. Birgit Says:

    Yup. Strange. It’s german radio in the 60/70s 😉
    Helmut Zacharias, “Tulpen aus Amsterdam” and big hit:
    Have a nice and sunny deck day!

    • katry Says:

      I have no idea where Helmut’s music came from, but I really like it. This song is a delight in German as well!

  2. Morpfy Says:

    G.M.T.A. (great minds think alike) KAT. In my house growing up Mitch was also a staple alontg with Lawerence Welk.
    But I mostly preffered Mith.
    —now follow the bouncing ball—-

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