Love to Love You Baby: Donna Summer

I have never been a disco fan, didn’t even like Saturday Night Fever, but I believe that the Queen of Disco ought to be acknowledged. Donna Summer passed away yesterday at the age of 63.

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3 Comments on “Love to Love You Baby: Donna Summer”

  1. Birgit Says:

    While rehearsing (christmas-)songs for choir, I just thought:
    How would a choir-version ( 35 women on stage)
    of that song sound like? A mass orgy?
    By the way, you posted “Crazy” (Patsy Cline) in february,
    if you are interested, our version is now online (link in name).

    • katry Says:

      That song sounds so lovely as you all sing it. Your voices give the song a whole new identity. I love it.

      I also love the shirts!

      If you do sing this song, don’t forget to give me the link!

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