Titanic (Pride of the White Star Line): David Archibald

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5 Comments on “Titanic (Pride of the White Star Line): David Archibald”

  1. Bob Says:

    The great lesson of the Titanic applies today. Stupid arrogance and over reliance that technology will cure all of our ills.

    Where was Capt. Smith when the ship hit the iceberg? He was sleeping in his cabin.

    Why was the captain sleeping while the ship was traveling in an area of known ice bergs at high speed? He believed the ship was unsinkable and was quoted to say that in his 40 year career he had never had an accident or incident because modern ship building had gone beyond that.

    Today we should all remember that over reliance on technology along with stupid arrogance can kill people.

    A more recent example is Air France flight 447 that fell into the South Atlantic in February 2009. The captain was sleeping in the bunk area while the airplane’s autopilot was being monitored by two lesser experienced pilots in an area of huge thunderstorms. Iced up airspeed sensors along with failure of the crew to revert to basic flying caused the accident. Sound familiar?
    See the following for more info:

    • katry Says:

      No question it was over-reliance. After all, the ship was unsinkable!

      I read a great deal of the transcript and couldn’t find where they said the captain was sleeping. Most of it sounded like pure guess work as they had no real evidence as to what happened except the plane landed in one piece.

  2. lilydark Says:

    When I saw Peggy Seeger she told us she was commissioned to do a song about the Titanic, and almost refused ( because she doesn’t like to write horror songs ) until they told her how much they would pay her. She also told us a few stories before she sang. There was quite a lot of songs and
    stories on the FB yesterday. The American version that I always believed was wrong in many ways: They were not racing to get to to the shore, and the
    gentleman who was crew and went in a boat did so because no one else was on deck, or he was ordered to do so. Peggy spoke about the widows of Belfast, and a few other interesting tidbits before singing her song. It was arrogant to not include enough life boats and many more items. I was never really fascinated by the story but now I am curious now about many more “facts”. Here is her version:

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