The Titanic: Leadbelly

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7 Comments on “The Titanic: Leadbelly”

  1. Mary Barnes Says:

    Thank you…this will be an interesting listen, as well as the others you’ve passed on re: Titanic. But, as always I love what you write each morning, more so!

    • katry Says:

      You are welcome, Mary. I actually had these songs already in my files just waiting for today.

      I appreciare the comments about my writing!

  2. Fred C. Says:

    A friend who’s a librarian (and, as it happens, a folkie), prepared this website that shows the influence of passengers’ shipboard status on actual survivorship:

    • katry Says:

      That was intriguing. What happened to women and children first? There were so many sailors on the lifeboats I wonder if they just pushed the passengers out of the way.

      Thanks for that site!

  3. Mark Anderson Says:

    Check out Tom Russell’s song: Jack Johnson and the verse about the Titanic, as well as his reference to Leadbelly!

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