Can’t Take My Eyes Off You: Nancy Wilson

Today you get a lagniappe. Fred suggested we recognize the birthdays of singers as I had done with Carole King. I think it’s a good idea, and it will be the third song on some days.

I was sad to read in the paper that folk, blues and jazz aren’t popular with this generation and, for them, these genres have little meaning. Just think of all they’re missing.

Happy Birthday, Nancy Wilson

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9 Comments on “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You: Nancy Wilson”

  1. Birgit Says:

    Agree on folk, blues and jazz, but maybe same the other way:
    just think of all WE are missing by not following every new
    music-style. Too much good music around to discover everything
    and I’m pretty optimistic, that a revival and renewal will come.
    Just think of all the new rising country-bands
    since countrymusic was so old-fashioned decades ago.
    We probably have to be patient…

    • katry Says:

      I do give the radio stations a twirl but don’t often find music I’d want to hear a second time. It just seems so loud sometimes.

      I am not a country fan, but I surprised myself by being a rockabilly fan. I love the sound.

      I guess you’re right about being patient.

  2. sprite Says:

    I find there’s a certain amount of overlap in indie rock and folk rock, so it may be that it’s merely the label that is passe, rather than the music itself.

    • katry Says:

      I think jazz and blues are getting more lost in the shuffle.That would be horrible as both are truly American music.

      Folk, though, as you mentioned, has changed with the times.

  3. Rick Oztown Says:

    What year would these folks have been born to be in what you call “this generation”?
    My kids (and one’s husband) both like jazz. I don’t think they like folk, as I don’t recall either of them mentioning anything about it. They both like blues a LOT.

    • Kat Says:

      It was an article I was quoting which discussed 20 somethings and teens.

      My mother introduced me to the music she grew up with, and my sister introduced her kids to Credence et all but not to jazz, folk or blues as she never listened to any of them so her kids have know little or nothing of those other genres.

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