Seasons in the Sun: Terry Jacks 1974

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3 Comments on “Seasons in the Sun: Terry Jacks 1974”

  1. Carl Says:

    I’ve been fortunate my whole life to work and be around younger folks. I think it has help to keep me young and to at least have heard about this artist and that. I’ve never taken enough nice though to actually associate this artist with that song or vv.

    This one though I find myself singing in my head in late winter to early spring. Really enjoy it and now that you’ve made me think of it again, it will be stuck in there until maybe late May or early June.

    MT C

  2. katry Says:

    I hate it when a song, even one I like, sticks in my head. It nearly drives me insane.

    When I worked in a high school, I knew a few songs as I’d hear them when I’d have to chaperone a dance, but that was the only time. I think I’d need a rental kid for a while to tutor me in today’s music.

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