Christmas Time with You: David Ian with Andre Miguel Mayo

This is from David’s album Vintage Christmas.

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11 Comments on “Christmas Time with You: David Ian with Andre Miguel Mayo”

  1. Bubba Says:

    never heard of this singing group before

  2. Bubba Says:

    Andre’s cousin could band could be “Frank Ferter & the Buns”
    or Colonel Mustard & the Catsup Gals

  3. Bubba Says:

    Or even that German group named ” Sour Krauts”

  4. Bubba Says:

    Ah yes….

    • Kat Says:

      I really loved that. None were from my visits to the drive-in but they could have been with the same food, the over-the-top descriptions and the minutes to go. One of them, the no affection one, I hadn’t ever seen before. I remember when I was little all the cars in the back row had steamy windows.

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