“There’s no purer feeling in the world than being scared.”

It’s raining, loudly right now. It will rain all day, but the storm clouds are lighter than I expected. It is also warmer than I expected at 51°. My deck and lawn are covered with leaves. When I look out the back window, I can see the leaves being tapped by the rain. I can hear the rain on my window.

My sister in Colorado has a foot of snow, and it is still snowing. It is freezing at 31°. She said she had expected snow but not enough to see her entire world buried. She is happy to be home, warm and cozy.

The new water heater will be installed tomorrow. There was a leak in the back which caused the flooding. The plumber emptied the heater before he left, no hot water until Monday. I suppose I could always heat water and take a bucket bath. I am proficient at bucket baths, even with half full buckets. That was one of the unexpected talents I brought back with me from Ghana.

I’m going to get ready for Tuesday. I have chocolate bars and Halloween pencils. I’m going to tape a pencil onto each candy bar, a double treat.

On Halloween I’ll be glued to TCM. The schedule of films is amazing. It includes all of the classics starting with The Mummy at 10am and ending at 5am with The Bride of Frankenstein. Looks like an all nighter, a right night.

When I was a kid, I never saw a ghost or a goblin, but I believed they existed, and Halloween was their special night. Walking home in the dark after a long night of trick or treating I was alert, just in case. A loud noise or even worse, footsteps, would have sent me running. I would not have looked back but would have kept running at breakneck speed while protecting my candy bag the whole way.

I do remember being scared one night but not on Halloween. My parents had gone grocery shopping. We, my brother and I, were home alone with each other. I was watching television in the living room when I heard a noise, a rapping at the window. I looked out and saw nothing, but I heard more rapping a short time later. Thoughts of the man with the hook ran through my mind. I was scared. I locked the door and we hid. Next we heard knocking at the front door then we heard the door being opened. The lock had been breached. We thought death and mutilation were imminent. We didn’t dare move. The next sound we heard was my father laughing. He had been the intruder. He thought it was funny. We didn’t see the humor.

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