“Nowhere can I think so happily as in a train.”

We are still enjoying the most amazing weather. It is already 70°. The sky is partly cloudy, but every now and then the sun owns the sky and highlights all the leaves and trees. I am going to the dump today, to Agway to buy some cat food and one more stop for a few groceries, boring errands at best.

Last night Henry came inside but Nala didn’t. I was a bit worried as I still have Gracie and her jumping the fence in mind so with flashlight in hand, I went Nala hunting. She didn’t come when I called. I flashed the light all over the yard and finally saw her in the dark the back. I could also see something in her mouth and saw it was a possum. I didn’t chase her but kept approaching her. She dropped it, and I dragged her into the house. Later I went outside and moved the possum to the driveway out of the yard. I thought I saw it move but I wasn’t sure. This morning it was gone. I hope it was on its own feet and not in the mouth of a predator.

My socks, when I was a kid, usually lost the elastic on the top. I’d wear them anyway, but I had to endure the socks slipping into my shoes. I’d stop to pull them back up but gravity and no elasticity won every time. I walked on the lump in my shoes.

I knew how to button my clothes, but sometimes I mismatched the button to the hole. At the bottom of my jacket one side was longer than the other. I didn’t really care. I just figured buttoned is buttoned. It was sort of the same with zippers. I’d try to get one side into the other but sometimes failed without realizing it. I’d zip it up but the zipper would only go up one side. It took a bit patience to get the zipper right.

I am watching a video from a train ride in Ghana on African Walk Videos. It is as if were sitting there looking out the train window. I have always loved trains, even subway trains. Whenever I can, I have ridden trains when I travel. I look out the window and see everyday life. I am not a part of it but immersed in it.

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8 Comments on ““Nowhere can I think so happily as in a train.””

  1. hedley Says:

    Many years ago I wandered in to KTCC under the pseudonym Berbatov and began a very long term association with the group.
    Among the herd I met was IM6 aka Larry who became my friend both on and off this blog.
    Today is his Birthday – I wish him so many good things for the year to come and thank him for his continued friendship


    • katry Says:

      I didn’t know about your pseudonym. It is indeed a long association.

      Larry and I figured it was probably close to 20 years of our friendship. I sent him a card wishing him the best of days! I hope he has it!

    • Larry Keller Says:

      Well thanks, Hedley. It’s just a miracle I saw this since I read “Coffee” before this was posted. I just happened to be checking in again today (the day after my b’day) and what do I see but your message. At my advanced (and rapidly advancING) age, I’ll gladly take every good wish I can get. I haven’t made many good friends in these so-called golden years they talk about, but the ones with you and Kat are rare and treasured. And for the record, I’m not trading in my surfboard anytime soon! Cheers and thanks for remembering my big day. Larry / im6

      (Now if I can only get this to post since there’s some sort of log in system that’s new to me. It’s always something!)

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was sunny and we got to 90°. However another cold front is on top of us right now and will bring our temperature down to 55° in the early morning hours and a high of 70°. Last weekend was the end of the pool season.

    Tomorrow I plan on enjoying the nice weather and watch the Texas Rangers take on the Baltimore Orioles in the first game of the divisional playoffs. Last year the Rangers lost over 90 games. So, there’s hope for any team who replaces the GM, the field manager, and picked up a couple of pitchers right before the trade deadline. Oh, the owners also opened up their wallets. There is hope for your Red Sox next year. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Wow! 55° is really cold down there in the land of heat. 70 too is a pleasant temperature. I’m betting you probably won’t miss the pool.

      I hope the Rangers do well. I love comeback teams. The Sox did fire their GM, but they kept the manager. I’m fine with that. They do need pitching badly. It is part of every New Englanders psyche that for the Sox, next year will be a better year

  3. Lori Rhea Says:

    A happy Birthday to Larry. I can wish him a happy birthday on Facebook.
    When I lived in New England, we would take the train to Southern NJ. At that time, They had a dining car with drinks, and other food one could order.
    ” Driving that train..
    I hope the possum made it–one way or another.
    Take Care,
    Lori and Cookie

    • katry Says:

      Hi Lori,
      I took the train to Washington DC once in the 70’s. The ride was awful. I flew back. I do want to take a train across the country, a sleeper. It is on my bucket list.

      I also hope that possum was merely playing dead.

      You also take care of yourself!!
      Kat and the Critters

    • Larry Keller Says:

      Thanks, Lori, my fellow insomniac!

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