“Rain, books and coffee allow us to express ourselves freely.” 

Hunker down and stay safe is the advice. We have had an extended thunder storm and a tornado warning. Already nearly 2 inches of rain have fallen. The wind is blowing over 40 mph. On the local news channels, the cape’s weather is usually an after thought. Today it is the news. I’m thinking because we haven’t had rain in a while, this storm is the Rain God having his way.

I have to go out later. The dogs expect to eat today. They need both wet and dry food and even biscuits. I have uke practice tonight. We practice outside so I hope the sun comes out of hiding. Our music this week is from the color book. This is our only practice, but we have played this book before. My uke calendar is short this week: last night’s concert, practice today and a lesson tomorrow.

When I was a kid, the kitchen always had a junk drawer. In it was a strange assortment. Some things, like buttons, just landed there having no other place to go. Small tools, like a screw driver, were there in case of a kitchen emergency. Elastics, pencil stubs, glue bottles, mostly dry, band-aids and loose paper clips also called the junk drawer home.

I have a junk drawer, but it is in the living room, in an old table, one of the first pieces of furniture I ever bought. Sometimes the drawer is difficult to open. That is the main characteristics of a really good junk drawer.

I keep all the orphan socks. The law of socks dictates you never throw an orphan away because, after you do, the other sock magically appears. Besides, I figure if I wear my high tops, no one will notice two different socks. I might even start a fashion trend.

I love my house when it is raining, especially during the fiercest of storms. It seems to hug me. When the rain is beating the roof and sides of the house, I am safe and dry inside. The lights cast a comforting glow. The rain is the only sound.

The rain has stopped. The sky is lighter. The day is looking promising.

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4 Comments on ““Rain, books and coffee allow us to express ourselves freely.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Please, send some of that rain down here. 🙂 Today is just another day of very few clouds and lots of heat. Although the high temperature will only reach 102°, that’s because the humidity is back.

    Everyone has a junk drawer, if they have any drawers at all. Those drawers become the repository of anything that doesn’t have its own logical place and fits inside. This is where I go to find things such as scissors, measuring tape, black electrical tape, and small tools which would be lost in the garage. Unfortunately, most of the time they are difficult to open because something has changed position and jammed the drawer halfway open. 🙁

    My personal junk drawer is located in the top drawer of a short filing cabinet. The filing cabinet used to reside under a white, composite, European style desk that I once put together many years ago. Since then I don’t put furniture together. That day my kids heard words they never heard before. 🙂 That drawer contains things such as floppy discs, which only God knows what’s on them, saved since 1985 when computers had only floppy discs. I haven’t opened that drawer in a long time. There are also, reels of 8mm digital video tape which can only be played back on a digital 8mm video camera or player. That’s if I can find one somewhere that still works.

    All my orphan socks go in the top drawer of my dresser. I only wear two kind of socks, black ones with gold toes, and white crew length Socks. Therefore, my life in the morning is easy. If it’s a workday I get a pair of black ones, and on the weekends white ones. I have one pair of running socks which I haven’t worn in over 20 years since I gave up running. It was really just slow jogging. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Im sorry, but I’m keeping the rain. We have had very little in the last few weeks so this was really necessary. Right now the humidity is much less, and we’re down to 73°.

      The first year I owned this house I bought an old kitchen table at an auction for about $20. It has two silverware drawers and a leaf. Years later I priced the table at an auction house for close to $300. One drawer is the junk drawer while the other holds directions and manuals for things like my fridge and stove. Both are handy drawers.

      In my junk drawer are also small tools, duct tape, screws, nails, zip ties and christmas ornament holders.

      I used to buy gold toe socks for my brother-in-law for one of his Christmas presents. They were his favorite socks for under his boots.

      My socks match the colors I’m wearing.

      • Bob Says:

        I also have a drawer for all or most of the manuals for all our appliances and toys. I’ve never figured out why matching is important to woman. I kind of like contrasting colors.

      • katry Says:

        Matching doesn’t just mean the same color. It also means complementary colors, even bright complementary colors. It does mean no stripes mixed with plaids.

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