“All of us are busy but how about doing nothing for a while and listening to everything that has been longing to speak to us.” 

The morning is warm at 78°. It will only get as high as 80°. Today will be a sunny day. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy.

The concert on the beach was perfect. We were under a canopy close to the shore. There were eight of us. We played Beach Boys’ music. I parked across the street and trudged through sand to get to my seat. I had to go back to my car as I had forgotten something. Today, my back remembers the trudging. I look like a question mark.

Sunday is different than any other day. It lends itself to quiet. Nothing was open when I was kid. I wish now it was the same. We all need a day of rest, a day to enjoy just for the sake of it. That is my plan for today.

Saturday has always been chore day. That dates back to when I was a kid. My father went up town to the Chinese laundry to pick up and leave his white shirts. I remember those white shirts with starched collars and Windsor knotted ties. My father would get his hair trimmed and visit his buddies, especially Pullo at his pharmacy. At home, he’d mow and rake the lawn. He always used a hand mower and a rake with wooden teeth. I still remember the sounds, the clicking of the mower and the scraping of the rake.

My mornings are spent with cups of coffee and two newspapers. Today I added a bagel. It got a little too brown as I watered my plants while it was toasting. The dogs got the brownest part. They do not have discerning taste.

When I worked, Sunday was laundry and dump day, but those chores no longer have a designated day. I’m thinking Monday for both if I am in the mood. My dance card has three events for the week: our usual uke concert in Hyannis tomorrow, practice Tuesday and my lesson on Wednesday. I doubt I’d leave the house if I didn’t have my uke. Last week I had 5 events in six days. My inner sloth was exhausted.

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One Comment on ““All of us are busy but how about doing nothing for a while and listening to everything that has been longing to speak to us.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I agree that Sundays are for total leisure. This morning I had my two cups of coffee along with a couple of frozen waffles smothered in fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries, and syrup.

    Today will be a hotter version of yesterday. You know it’s hot when your approximately 20,000 gallon swimming pool feels like a warm bath. Yesterday we set a high temperature record for the date, 107°F or 41.7°C. I will forgo a dip in the pool. Yesterday it was totally not refreshing.

    When I was a kid, nothing was open on Sundays and the grocery stores were prohibited from selling certain items. My brother-in-law owned a head shop and complained that the state of Florida had no right to tell him he couldn’t open on Sunday. Today, you can buy anything in Texas on Sunday except an automobile. Either the car dealer’s didn’t want to work on Sunday or the Southern Baptists we’re thrown a bone by the state legislature. 🙂 Although I don’t patronize them for many political reasons, Chick-FI’ll-A closes all their restaurants on Sunday.

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