“Fashion as we knew it is over; people wear now exactly what they feel like wearing.” 

Jack, the dogs and I are behind closed doors. They are both sleeping on the couch after their strenuous morning of going out twice, having their biscuits and a bit of coffee. The air conditioner is blasting away. The weather for the week will be in the low to mid 80s. It is 83° right now.

My dance card is uke heavy. Last night we had a concert, practice tonight and both a lesson and a concert tomorrow. Also on my dance card is a trip to the dump, always a highlight.

Today’s Coffee is a stream of consciousness.

I notice that women on TV cover their mouths when they eat and sometimes even when they smile. I don’t. I guess I didn’t get the memo.

Late night commercials are geared to older people. I guess maybe the powers that be figure we’re a captive audience at single digit times of the morning. According to the commercials, pills are available to cure most common ailments. I should keep a list just in case.

Most nights I watch the Red Sox and a movie or two. I read before I go to sleep, sometimes for as long as an hour. I generally turn off the light around 2:30.

I have been eating out of my freezer. Some stuff has to have been in there for centuries (tongue in cheek here). A eureka moment was when I found hot dogs, two packs.

Quick is my best choice for dinner; hence, hot dogs. I also keep tortillas, cheese, jalapeños and guac for another quick dinner. I am in a catch as catch can mode for dining.

The best days are when I can stay in my cozies, loll around and do nothing. I become the quintessential sloth. I’m thinking I should be on a poster advocating the easy life, maybe one highlighting my napping skills.

I have more pairs of shoes than I have ever had, not to match any particular outfit as matching shoes with my outfits is out of my realm of experience. In Ghana, I was friendly with and enjoyed the Popps, Suzanne and Ken. She had matching dresses, bags and shoes. One time they were chosen by Gibley’s Gin as models for a full page ad. They were sitting at a table clinking glasses. It was a great ad. They were both wonderful volunteers with decidedly different experiences.

Today I will wear my khaki pants and my pink shirt with sandals.

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8 Comments on ““Fashion as we knew it is over; people wear now exactly what they feel like wearing.” ”

  1. Peter B Says:

    Copy that!

  2. katry Says:


  3. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Another dog day of summer.without a cloud in the sky and a high of 103°. My air conditioners, I have one unit for upstairs and one for downstairs, run almost continuously during the afternoon.

    I have been watching the Texas Rangers games because they are leading the AL west division by two games. Tonight they are playing there in state rivals the Astros, in Houston. The Astros trail the Rangers in the same division. They also play indoors, in a retractable roof ballpark, all summer. When Houston was first awarded an expansion franchise in 1962, they played in an outdoor minor league park until their previous home, the Astrodome was built. One pitcher said that when pitching in that old stadium at night, a fastball would kill at least a hundred mosquitos on the way to home plate. 🙂 Houston is about 210 miles closer to the Gulf of Mexico and is just as hot but much more humid. They also get an occasional hurricane. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      My house has central air but I also have a window air conditioner in my bedroom. Upstairs is a third floor because of the walk in cellar so it doesn’t cool well. I put the window one on at night and turn down the full house conditioner.

      It was raining in Boston so there was a long rain delay. They are only in the second inning now. We, of course, got no rain. The Sox have a far better second half than the first half. They may be a wild card for the post-season. At least every game is interesting. It does get really hot in Fenway unless you are under the overhead. I will only sit in the bleachers at night. The Sox will never have a dome as they will never leave Fenway.

      • Bob Says:

        My AC is also central air conditioning. One unit cools the second floor through its own digital thermostat. And the other central air conditioner cools the first floor and has its own separate digital thermostat. Air conditioning here is a necessity. Both the Cowboys stadium and the Ranger’s stadium have retractable roofs. And, both are located in the same area in Arlington Texas which is about halfway between Dallas and Ft. Worth.

      • katry Says:

        At one point the new owners (now the long time owners) toyed with building a new ballpark; instead, they upgraded Fenway adding the green monster, refurbishing seats and the concourse. Every year renovations are happening. This year there are newly renovated clubhouses. The problem with Fenway is the number of seats. It is the second-smallest by total capacity, and one of eight parks that cannot accommodate at least 40,000 fans. The tickets are expensive.

      • Bob Says:

        Fenway is not just a ballpark, but it and Wrigley Field are baseball Cathedrals. All the others are just stadiums. In a stadium I want a retractable roof for no rain and for air conditioning.

      • katry Says:

        I agree with you !!

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